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Subscribe not to Talk Mobile via RSS, YouTube, and iTunes!
By Rene Ritchie on 3 Jun 2013 08:05 pm EDT

In addition to being available right here on CrackBerry, now you can also catch up on all the Talk Mobile roundtable videos via your subscription services!

The roundtable videos are the ones where Phil Nickinson of Android Central, Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, and yours truly, Rene Ritchie of iMore get together and, moderated by Cali Lewis and John P. of GeekBeat.TV, start the conversation about the issues in mobile that matter the most.

The videos will enter the feeds shortly after they go up in flashy new super features. Of course, we'd love for you to watch them right then, on the page and in proper context, along with all the supporting articles and videos. But, if you're on the go and need your quick fix, or at home with your feet up looking for a stream, we want you to have that option too!

So here they are! Subscribe now and leave a rating, it'll help us get featured and that means we'll all have the chance to continue the conversations with more awesome people just like you!


Brian Persaud

I want to be the FIRST to subscribe to that t.

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what is this some sort of first post/relevant post hybrid? probably only the SECOND time I have seen that before.

Brian Persaud

Yes. It is actually.

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Who's the hottie on the left?!

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El Platanero

Hahaha that's what I was going to say.

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Twitter or nothing!!!

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For those looking for an awesome native RSS client, try out "RSS Savvy".

It's as good as (perhaps better than) the RSS from social feeds on bb7.

And it's free!

(the ONLY negative is that it requires the precise RSS address... you can't put in a website and have it search the site for feeds for you to choose from)

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El Platanero

Nobex is awesome for this stuff.

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Good stuff and who's the chicky

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There should be a Talk Mobile app. Something very basic, through the Mippin App Generator.

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So I guess I'm never getting the audio Crackberry podcast again? :(

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Kevin Michaluk

Coming again soon... some good announcements to make *soon* on the podcasting side of things. :)

Detective M Downs

Do I feel a re-branding coming?


Will there be a BBM channel for Talk Mobile? Since BBM is going cross platform and stuff, might as well create it now right? if not, I understand!


There already is a BBM channel for Talk Mobile. I don't have it handy but if I see it ill post it here.


That photo. Rene looks like he has huge long arms. ;)

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I'd watch an HBO show with these characters. damn straight.


She looks like a hot carer with a load of day release wrong uns.... sorry

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No audio only feed? Watching people look at webcam's isn't necessary for me, audio will work fine.


Follow The Group Ride @ C00055B7C for cycling racing news, pics & bike related shenanigans.

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