Submit Your Apps for Inclusion in the BlackBerry App Store!!

Submit your Apps to the BlackBerry App Store!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jan 2009 11:59 am EST

Following the BlackBerry Developer Conference back in October, I followed up with an in-depth interview with RIM's VP of Global Alliances Jeff McDowell where we talked RIM's App Center and upcoming App Store (if you're confused between the two be sure to check out this article and press release).

With the BlackBerry app store initially targeted to launch in March, it's nice to see it appears RIM is on track as they have JUST OPENED up a new site allowing BlackBerry Developers to submit their apps for inclusion in the upcoming app store! If you're a BlackBerry Developer, this is your chance to get to the front of the line. Hurry Up! We heard from some of those involved in beta testing the submission process that it's pretty streamlined and smooth, so be sure to report back in the comments and let us know that is in fact the case. 

Update: In case you're wondering what devices will support RIM's new app store, the app store client will be available to all in-market BlackBerry smartphones sporting OS 4.2.1 or greater. Sweeeeet. *

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Submit Your Apps for Inclusion in the BlackBerry App Store!!


I was just wondering because I thought the application centre was defined by the carrier, as in they choose what apps appear in the centre?

Read the article I link to at the top of the blog post. There are to different things here... the BlackBerry Application Center (carrier controlled, what's on the Storm) and the BlackBerry Application Storefront (not yet launched, controlled by RIM, more akin to iPhone style app store).

That article explains it.

We have to wait untill spring for the app store? That stinks I was hoping it would be sooner. I just hope its worth the wait.

This has been covered before (you can check out the links to the press release and interview above).

For paid apps, the premise is that 80% goes back to the developer. 20% goes to RIM/Paypal for administering the store. I assume/hope they're will also be space in there for free apps.

i just hope that it doesn't turn into the AppStore's battle for the bottom, where you only succeed if your app is $.99 or Free.

Usually turns into lower quality apps since developers aren't going to spend too much time if they're selling it for pennies.

Either way....exciting news for the BB world. :)

is this end of shopcrackberry and mobihand network? They are charging 40% vs 20% from the app store.

I think if not all developers will list their apps there. Why pay 40% when appstore is 20% and one place to shop.

Just my 2 cents.

Does anyone know yet how this will compare to the App Store for the iPhone? I have a touch, and if I could get something even remotely close to that for my Storm, I would be in heaven. . . No matter how much I hate iPhone fanboys, I have to hand it to the guys in Cupertino. The App Store is revolutionary.

So excited to finally see rim getting back into gear... and showing everyone why the dominate the market!!!

If they can fix the Storm OS before the App store is launched I might buy some apps. If not, I might be shopping for a new phone.

If they open this store and it is anything short of the i-tunes app store or T-mobile's store I am getting rid of this phone. I cannot believe how much they are charging for applications

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