Styles P writes his debut novel 'Invincible' on his BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 1 Jun 2010 06:12 pm EDT
Styles P writes his debut novel 'Invincible' on his BlackBerry

It's becoming quite common to hear of folks using their BlackBerry Smartphones to harness creativity in ways some of us may not think of. Will.I.Am has been noted to use memopad on his BlackBerry for harboring his thoughts and lyrics to songs. Now, Styles P, a member of the hip hop group The LOX, is getting set to release his debut novel, most of which was written on his BlackBerry. As noted in the MTV interview, the unorthodox method of writing the novel took Mr. Styles P two years to write and finally the effort is seeing fruition. The novel is now available for sale in bookstores and online via his website. But we're still holding out for the zombie novel our friend, @a_silent_song is writing on her BlackBerry considering Kevin has a minor role in it.

Source: MTV

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Styles P writes his debut novel 'Invincible' on his BlackBerry


Makes sense, if he spells anything like me...he went with the BlackBerry cause it has better spell check, lol.

Really, some low life thug ( yes I was one) uses his BB to write down words to describe his "thug life" and this is what you put up! This should be avoided actually, to not promote such "grimey" behavior. I guess its cool to be a "thug" where for every one Styles, Tupac, Biggie, etc....there are millions more young black males in jail or dead for living this lifestyle! Have some respect Crackberry, although the name is "Crack"berry. I thought maybe this was a little more classy website......guess not. Way to keep advertise an ass for free!

sounds like someone got a little hate in their heart lol....this too shall pass

other than that i'd like to say congrats to Styles P. on completing the book via BlackBerry. glad to see a person who "used" to be a "low life thug" doing something "legal" and "positive" with his life, although "someone" thinks he/she is the only one that can change the path of their life.

you sound like someone from the suburbs

1) you obviously don't know who styles P is
2) thugs aren't ashamed of their past, especially when they end up being positive of the future
3) your a noob

Go buy an iphone, you won't be missed at crackberry.

I want my time spent reading your dumbass thought process back too.

Your a real p.o.s. you know that! You wanna have a opinion, fine, but you don't have to be rude about it a-hole! Damn, people are always Mr. E-Toughguy behind the keyboard, cause you and I and the rest of the Crackberry nation know, that your the first person to get shook at the site of a person of different color than you!

Poloman72. Styles is not a thug any longer he is his own boss. With his own business and business endeavors. He obtained a college degree and does a lot to help his old community and not pollute it anymore. He is an influential leader in the rap community. Not in gangbanging. You even said yourself that you USED to be a thug. Why can't you say the same about him? Have respect for people you don't know and get out of that Bill O'Reilly thought process. You aren't so much better than anyone you 'former thug'... Now back to the subject at hand. I write songs, quotes I hear, and plenty of other things that require a quick thought to be jotted down. I even have the memopad icon set as one of my homescreen icons. Its one of the best native apps on the BlackBerry.

Please name things that Styles does to help his community?? If you don't live in Yonkers, New York or know anything about what goes on in the city of Yonkers please don't make dumb comments like this. Thank you very much!And back on topic, I think the book is a great idea if it has a positive message. Too many young minorities look at these rappers and see the cars and chains etc and say hey I want to be a rapper like that guy. But little do most know, 80% of rappers do not make a whole lot of money. Just take a look at rappers from the 90's, the only guys that have really made money and have turned out to be well off are Jay-Z and Puff! Nobody else!! What I hope to see is kids more kids trying to become authors because they see Styles doing it!! That would be great!!!!!

No one said anything about being better back down...YOU don't KNOW ME! I am stating my opinion whether you like it or not "rappa" get real no ones is trying to argue with you so, don't start no sh@t! Maybe you should get YOUR facts straight....judging me...rappa! Go try and "make it" LOL

That's neat... very interesting! I'd have been curious to see a book creation in-progress on a BlackBerry!


I'm halfway through with the second draft! :D Sadly, it's temporarily on hold while I try to pass my NREMT exam; I'm having to force myself to stay away from those particular files until I ace this thing!

I bet if someone wrote a movie script about a drug dealer, it wouldn't be a big deal. But since he's a rapper, there is a problem with it. Goes to show the narrow-mindedness of some people. I just knew someone would have something rather ignorant to say about this...

All that aside it takes a lot to write a book under any circumstance, so I give him props!

I think it's pretty cool. I know I wrote and then edited a 5 page paper and then turned that sucker in on my 8900 before, shoot, that saved my butt! A book is impressive!

*laughs at the hate *

anyways but yeah nice job Styles P

I used to pump his "I Get High" song back in highschool. I still bring it back occassionally for an encore.

Good on him for typing all that out on the BBRY. I do have to say once on a roll while typing on the Berry you kind of get into a groove. I'm sure this happened to him many times.

Interesting bit of info, Im the one that told him to get a blackberry after his g1 and iphone went to hell ;)

Enough said! rick123whatever "moron" do you know what that means? I would put my "lambskin" up against yours any day buddy! Get educated before you write words you have no clue what they mean...LMAO Moron.. huh? Really that's your comment?
IF your even black ...IF- you would understand black on black crime and issues in the communities these idiots create. Then they somehow make it by writing songs about it. Now they have other people writing books for them and pasting their name on it for profit all while acting like they are helping and giving back to the community they helped too destroy in the first place. Someone said he has got a degree and is giving back, isn't that the very least he should do for his "hood"? Maybe he should have not helped screw it up in the first place! It seems to me all these comments are coming from young immature black males or wanna be rappers defending THEIR thug mentality. Lets see how far it gets YOU!!

If your accusing me of writing off the ignorance of movies like 50 plays in compared to a book, you ASSumed wrong. You need to know your audience before you make such temerarious statements. YOU don't know me, so to utter words that you cogitate I am thinking is clearly naif. So maybe you and rick12345678 should get together and smoke a bowl and hope you make it to the big leagues!! Your both a dolt!

Where's the love people? Can't we all just put our differences aside? Let's keep in mind just who exactly gets hurt here... The advertisers. We're too busy trying to follow the hatefull words of our brothers, and we're missing all the important information about how we could all be saving money on our car insurence or or how if we hit the monkey with a coconut, we could win that iPod. Please people, these are tough times upon us.

wtf ?! if that wasn't the most pointless argument EVER ...

congrats to styles p . takes commitment to type a book on a BB ! my thumbs get tired typing an email !

In the midst of all this pointless bickering and utter ignorance...anybody take the time to look at the site and see that the bloody book is fiction? No! So quick to judge and don't know the full story behind something....hope you all have a good day and never forget ignorance is bliss...ignorant fucks

I've written php coding on my bb before. difficult but it was short and I had the time to spare.

Did YOUR ignorant ass take the time to read the synopsis? Maybe you should read past the words fiction before hopping back on to respond. I do believe you my friend are the "ignorant fuck" Also, if you check out the interview he did he says, "Nikki Turner did a few chapters" THE Nikki Turner.. Tales from the Hood, Forever a hustler's wife, Black Widow...shall I go on! Great literary pieces that build upon young black children self-esteem and what to aspire too be. I think this is a pointless discussion because the people who are responding are just as "grimey" and ignorant as the people behind the whole creation ie... lawyers, ghost writers, etc.

The link says it all, D Block!!! Real pillar of the community, LMAO Don't respond if your IQ is less than 70 Example: rick12345,selASSiei,2words1longday, and last but not least wannaberapproduca. Thanks!

This is what makes young black males aspire to make something of themselves! Your only deluding YOU!!!

Sitting back on his bunk, Jake looked over the envelope he’d just gotten: no return address or name. Not really in the mood for surprises, he ripped the envelope open and read:
Dear J.B. you don’t know me, but I know you or rather I know of you, and you can’t believe how happy I am to see you in this jail. I’m sending you this kite to let you know I am going to fucking kill you. Your best bet is to check into PC you bitch-ass nigga. You violated the wrong nigga many moons ago and what comes around goes around motherfucka. I hope you’re built for war.

Oh and p.s.

Praying in the middle of the night ain’t gonna help a fucking thing.
Sincerely yours,
Real Nigga, Same Dorm

Sample page from book by Styles P courtesy of Barnes and Noble

Polo makes a great point but its funny that for whatever reason a black person is doing something to progress themselves (as stupid or ignorant as it may be) the first person to bring that person down is another black person. Polo I totally agree with you, but how about you don't critisize people whom may be more closer related to who you are and save it for others. On that note, this wasn't even about styles p, it was about how people are using their blackberry's and he was used as an example

I get where polo is coming from in regards to him being what I guess would be a social deviant, but that still doesn't mask the fact that he's being a hater. If you were in the streets, as you claim, then you should be trash talking yourself just as much as you are him. You use words in your comments to make yourself sound intelligent. Probably nothing more than typing in Word and right-clicking for synonyms. I'm a psych major. There are textbook terms for people like you. However, since you're so intelligent you should already know what they are. Styles may have been a "thug" but the man isn't out punching old women, or robbing anyone. He wrote a novel. Relax, stop hating, and maybe take up yoga to help yourself relax because your aggression to styles as a person, forget rapper, thug, whatever, is really uncalled for unless he punched your mother or he's your father and denies you. I don't mean to be rude at all, and I apologize if I come off so, but its been bothering me to see what you have to say. And for the record, I'm black/spanish and I'm no thug. I'm a nerd who loves ninjas, iron man, and wandering around barnes and nobles. The end. (Sorry for the long-winded comment guys) lol.

whats the point in hating and commenting so ferociously on an article that does nothing more than state that someone wrote a book on berry? crackberry isn't advocating the book, rap, or anything along those lines, they're just reporting the interesting piece that someone wrote their book using a berry. whats the harm in that? to go ape-sh*t over it like polo did certainly screams of other issues that need to be addressed, IMO...