I won't be going shopping without this app - Check out Stuff I Need for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 24 Mar 2013 05:17 am EDT

Stuff I Need is possibly one of the most simple apps I have had the chance to use on BlackBerry 10 - However it is also one that I will be using on an ongoing basis when I go grocery shopping. With BlackBerry 10 we have the native Remember app which will do the same job but I absolutely love the simplistic user interface and the choice of colors the developer has chosen to use.

Essentially Stuff I Need is a check list app. So for example: through the week I will use it to add items that I need I know that I have to buy in the supermarket. Once shopping all I then have to do it tick off the items as I get them and it will fall to the bottom of the list. Once your shopping is complete you can perform a long hold on the item which will give you the option to delete it.

The back interface is my kind of thing, and probably kinder on the battery. You can alter the colors of the check boxes too which is a nice option although I'm loving blue that comes as default.

And that's it - short and sweet.

Stuff I Need is a free download so why not give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments?

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I won't be going shopping without this app - Check out Stuff I Need for BlackBerry 10



There is one thing that i think "Remember me" lack of from previous OS7's "Tasks" is the time setting, while in Tasks, you can set the due date and time, Remember Me on have option for Due Date. I hope they added the Due Time in Remember Me.

nice i think i'll be using it,and it will give me another opportunity to show off my FABULOUS Z10 seriously isn't it georgeous SELL LIKE HELL

This app does look pretty cool.
If anyone is interested in a similar app for with the ability to sync and many more features, try side loading OurGroceries. I am using version 2.0.5 and it works like a charm.

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+1. Love Our Groceries since it allows me to share my lists across platforms and with others. My wife's iPhone, my iPod, and my Android tablet all stay synced. Sideloaded version works great on Z10 and the functionality is all there. Works very similar to the reviewed app from what I read in the review.

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We use OurGroceries here, too. My wife has a Galaxy SIII, my son has a BB but soon an iPhone. The cross platform sync is pretty essential.

James, does this app allow for that? It looks sweet otherwise, and would grab it for my Q10 when I get it.

Yes, Our Groceries! I used to use the notes feature on my pre BB10 BlackBerries until I discovered Our Groceries. What's great about it is the instant sync between devices. My wife & I both use Our Groceries to know what the household needs. She moved to iPhone & I moved to Z10 so I was at a loss for a but until I found the sideload which works perfectly and of course there is an iPhone version so we are back in sync for our shopping. Would like to official port, or native, version of Our Groceries.

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Do you have the bar file, I'd love to have it, my whole family is using ourgroceries

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I've always used the groups function in my BBM. You can create lists, check things off, sort items, and share lists with others in the group. My wife and I can both work on the grocery list even when we are at different places. I even created a group where I'm the only member for all my personal lists.

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I'm with you on this! I have four BBs in my household, so anyone of us can add items to our Family BBM group's shopping list. It is fantastic! Either my wife or myself can check the list while shopping and check off items as we pick them up. Everyone is automatically notified so we don't both pick up milk on our way home from work. Can't imagine anything more useful than this. It did take me a good 20 minutes to add the basic grocery items to the list to start, but everyone adds stuff they need including stationery, clothing, and other department store items. It is all categorized to make it easy to review the list whole shopping. The lists in BBM groups will also prioritize purchases and allow us to set deadlines, so our cats get food before we run out.

Certainly a feature I would like to see added to BBM Group lists. With long multi-page lists, it is important to have search and sort features. BlackBerry, please add to the list of requirements!

Wow, how could I miss this? I had no idea BBM groups had this functionality!
Just tried it out and it will likely be our new shared list method... and so much more!

Thanks for the reminder/pointer!

Crackberry team: Maybe it's time for another full BBM functionality refresher or 'for dummies' post :)

BBM Groups is an amazing piece of software. It takes BBM beyond just being an instant messaging tool. It is also a tight social networking tool as well. Sharing calendar events, messages, lists, photos! It's incredible the power of BBM Groups. My kids post photos to the groups (we have a three: immediate family, extended family, friends & family) and we get to enjoy them and comment on them too. Better yet, unlike Facebook, we keep ownership of our content!

BBM Groups is probably the most underrated tool on Blackberry PERIOD! But it just shows you how once kids (pop culture) gets a hold of something, the true purposes and functions of it get skewed and neglected. So is the Groups Lists features not available yet on Blackberry 10?

I have gone through all the shopping list apps that I could find (that are free) and so far this one is the best.
However so far i have not found a perfect one yet. I want one that my wife can use easy and has check boxes (just like this one) but if she decides to send me shopping instead she can then share the list with me and remain in tact. There are couple that claim they can send by email/sms but it's just a txt list and lose the check boxes and cant load back into the app on my side. I state "claim" because the email is blank when sent. Still on the hunt.

Have you tried Our Groceries? I have been using it for a while and I think it covers all the features you are looking for.

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I am not allowed to sideload on my device. However i just found the nice BBM GROUPS option mentioned by another poster. Works both for wife and I perfectly.

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Just more proof that Blackberry is so far ahead when it comes to FUNCTIONALITY! It's truly for people that DO! The Apps race is a JOKE. "Keep Moving."

Our Groceries. There is native pre BB10 version, and sideload for z10. Also available on iPhone. Full sync between all platforms /devicess.

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I like it. Especially it being so basic. I've been looking for something because I always never remember stuff while at the store, other apps or choices seem to have too any steps involved and categories which I don't want to go through sometimes.

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Sideload 'Our Groceries'... great app that syncs lists in real time with whoever you want (great for couples maintaining shopping lists)

I like OI shopping list. It runs a total of what you guess the whole list will cost, and then a second total of what's in the cart as you check it off.

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Thanks for the bbm groups idea.. replaces all list apps at once! No more pining for our groceries to show up! If only those lists would show up in the remember app as folders, no need to open bbm then! :)

This program looks great, but needs a lot of functionality added for it to be truly useful.. mainly deleting the unchecked items all at once, and having longer list items scroll so that you can read the entire thing.

Add to that the ability to share and this app actually will be useful. Otherwise it remains deleted until that time.

Must be a slow news day! ;)

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Its a Sunday. There are always fewer articles posted on the weekends. The CrackBerry team deserves a little break during the week too you know.

Far from slow my friend. The beauty of CrackBerry is that we do not feature apps we would not use ourselves.

Sure, there are other options, including BBM but I fell in love with this one and it suits me just fine.

I'm sure it will be updated with other features in the future but in the meantime I'm going to be using it - and annoying it.

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I did try it, but need the cross platform / device sync that Our Groceries provides. You should give it a try.

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No offence intended James, I tried this app three weeks ago and deleted it when I couldn't delete all the checked off items at once. It is also only useful of you live by yourself or do all of the shopping yourself. :)

I agree it is a beautiful looking app, but it is very lacking in features. When they come it will be a great app, until then it will remain deleted with a reminder to look at it in six months. ;)

For now bbm groups FTW as I am in an all Blackberry household, or OurGroceries, which I sorely miss on my Z10, for those that are cross platform.

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If you like "write on paper" type of app, check out Pure Shopping List. It is as simple as could be and looks reaaaally nice :)

I have downloaded this app and was pretty happy with it. However the bbm group suggestion works awesome! It will be my new way of creating lists in the future!

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As James stated is a very easy and simplistic app, i love if. For those looking for somehow a little more complex, complete should i say, i have "Myshopy" sideloaded and it works perfectly, that sounds be also an alternative : more options.
But personally will use "Stuff i need " more oftenly because it's more user friendly.

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+10 for using BBM groups. My wife and I have been using the list option for the grocery list for almost as long as BBM has had groups.

We sort things into categories, so all the dairy items show up together, and so on. It syncs immediately, so we both see the list updates right away.

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So many apps, so little time. Just as it should be for BB!

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I use BBM group. My wife and I call it interactive shopping. As soon as one of us get something it updates the other blackberry .

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Just wondering about an app called: Groceries Made Easy.

I would like to purchase it because I see this app has ability put prices with them.
Does any other app has this feature?

But, just want to know more about this feature app before I buy it.
I want an app that lets me create a list of items I need, and where I bought it before and for what price.
For ex: I bought milk at store A for $4 last time. so I create an entry milk with store name A and price I bought it for.
And then when I am at store B, I see milk price and compare it to my listed price and can decide to buy or not. Also, I know where I bought it last time.

Can this app do it or any other app do it?

I downloaded it and I like the simplicity of it. I make weekly grocery lists and it would be great if I can date the list and make new ones, by duplicating the old list and editing out items I don't need for the new list.

Until reading these comments, I had no idea what BBM Groups was capable of! I'm about to troll the forums for a BBM Groups thread.

My wife is already rolling her eyes ( I've got her added to my first group)

For the record, I'm a long time BlackBerry user who has only recently discovered this blog as I've been patently waiting for the Z10 and the positiveity of this sight saw me through the 'dark days'. Thanks All!

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@pandapurple - You should try 'Shopping Wiz'. The feature you are looking for isn't quite there yet, but will be soon.

I've used it and it's simple and easy to use for quick lists. What's good for one isn't always good for all. Variety and choice is the spice of life..

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Great app
Simplicity and usefulness at its finest. One of the few apps I will keep using on a daily basis. Thanks for posting this.

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I'm sorry but, did anyone else chuckle a little? He listed "fish and chips"

Thanks for the post James, i like the diversity that you bring.

I hadn't tried OurGroceries, seem like a great app for me and dear Hubby. Right now I'm using OutofMilk, excellent app, but I can't share or sync with hubby.

I downloaded a while ago. Like many others have said, i enjoy the simple look but I would love to be able to multiple select or select all to delete.

I want a good app that can share lists between users (like Wunderlist) and allows you to categorize items (so my grocery list will be in order instead of the items all mixed up together.

I like having my own lists but sharing some with hubby is great, so we can each add to them kids wish lists, the Costco list the vacation packing list but only I have a list of what gifts I picked up for his birthday.

This would be an app I would pay for!!!

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Does anyone actually understand and use Remember Me?? Even with BlackBerry's simplistic tutorial I can't for the life of me figure it out.

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Heck ya I understand and use Remember Me. I hated it at first but after I started using it I like it way batter than notepad.. I love how you can make different folders and actually put a due date and time on it so you get reminders.. Keep playing with it and Im sure you will like it once you figure it out.

One thing I would like added to the Stuff I Need app is the ability to make a second list. Sometimes I go shopping for things other than groceries and would like to have a second list for that. Orrrrr I can continue to use Remember Me..... I like Stuff I Need though just because you can check items off that you bought...