Students in Waterloo declare war against Android

By Bla1ze on 11 Jul 2011 12:46 pm EDT
Fight Android

Looks like Kevin's timing for a trip to Waterloo couldn't have been better. Aside from attending Research in Motion's annual shareholder's conference, Kevin is walking right into rallies today and Tuesday put on by students from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Their cause? "to galvanize Waterloo as a community to fight Android." and take Android down from the inside:

It's WAR! RIM and Waterloo are under attack by Android. You can counterattack. Help build an ad directory that will destroy the Google ad model, which funds Android.

They've even gone ahead and set up a website for the fight -- rather, mission control at We here at CrackBerry certainly support their efforts energy so we're going to see if we can send Kevin on over to one of the rallies to find out more since, it seems a little misguided. He has a long standing history of attacking Android but only when it's good cause -- a start-up causing a fuss isn't a good cause.

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Students in Waterloo declare war against Android


Well that's just dumb, especially considering that the new operating system will run Android apps. The reality of it is, that RIM's biggest problems have been created internally and not from competitors.

Agreed. When a smartphone company is unable to launch new smartphones in a year, and has TWO CEO's that make fools of themselves on camera on multiple occasions (and are incompetent to boot), along with horrible business practices and a near internal mutiny, the competition just has to sit back and laugh. Not to mention that RIM is unable to get any kind of meaningful developer support in comparison to the competition, so they're actually going to just use android apps. Kind of ironic, isn't it!?

How dare Android and iOS continue to set the bar higher in the smartphone market! Don't they realize, like RIM, that mediocre is good enough!

Lets hope it doesn't get out of hand. I really don't want to read the next blog you post about something going horribly wrong and it turning into "Tazer-Fest 2011".

Their energy would be better spent coming up with ways to improve blackberry, not bash Android... And why single out Android, RIM must be bleeding users to iPhone as well?


If they were able to help RIM develop, produce, and market a better product, then no bashing would be necessary.

It's an interesting attempt at generating buzz for the sponsor.

Of course RIM's issues are partly due to competitors.

For example. Android uses Java as does BlackBerry.

But RIM has to pay a license fee to Oracle for Java, whereas my understanding is that not only does Google not license Java, but has also violated Java patents with impunity.

Oracle is suing Google, but by the time the lawsuit is over Android will have 90% of the market. I imagine when Oracle wins (which they will), the cost to Google and their respective manufacturers could be immense.

In the meantime however, RIM must cope with Googles uncompetitive practices.

Essentially Google is using "open source" to destroy its competition. Though I'd say Apple is in more danger than RIM.

(By the way, RIM isn't really bleeding customers to Apple or Android - what is happening is that the growing smartphone market is choosing cheap Android phones - RIM's sales are still excellent).

Great point!

(By the way, RIM isn't really bleeding customers to Apple or Android - what is happening is that the growing smartphone market is choosing cheap Android phones - RIM's sales are still excellent).

In the all important US market they are bleeding customers. They are making up for it globally but with less revenue. They really have to fix what they do internally and stop looking at everyone else as the culprit. If you write apps and have for years you now have a few issues - Focus on OS5- (still a lot of devices out there), focus on OS6 or maybe OS7 or maybe wait for QNX on all devices. If you develop a java app for anything it will only be on phones not the playbook for now and even when support is on the playbook it is in a runtime environment. Almost every developer of BB apps I know went te Java route and if the apps need to be redeveloped they are looking at other platforms.

Forget the value of apps and any platform will fail. Time to get that moving.

What?! RIM isn't losing customers to the iPhone and Android OS devices? Really? My bet is the reason RIM did so well in the EMEA markets is because of cheap BB's like the Curve.

RIM is absolutely bleeding customers to Android...I'm one of them. I've been one of the biggest proponents of BlackBerry, but they have to deliver. I got tired of the "it will do that soon" and not delivering. I personally know at least 10 people who have switched from BB to Android in the last 6 months. I got a PlayBook as soon as it came out 3 months ago because of the promise it will run Android apps...still waiting and it sits on the table with just a few decent apps to choose from.

My "cheap" Android cost me more than my Storm1 or my Storm2, but I was willing to pay because it actually works! So many apps won't work on (or aren't even available for) my Storm2 because there is no memory available. The first game (Need For Speed) I used on the Android had to download 100MB of data...impossible on the Storm2 and most of the newer BBs too without choking it down to a crawl.

Btw, it's not Android's "uncompetitive practices" that got me to switch. It was my 2 daughters, my son-in-law, his brother and my friends who all had switched from BBs that kept talking about how much they love their Androids. You can only hear "oh, your phone can't do that" for so long. I was starting to feel like an iPhone user (how pathetic is that?).

In my first week of ownership, I have 3X the number of apps on my Android (including Angry Birds and Words With Friends that don't work on BB) without having to delete others so the new app would fit. I haven't run across a single site I can't view because it's flash or has some other code that's not compatible with the Storm.

I may go back to a BB in the future if they catch up with Android on the hardware and apps, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

I made the switch with the original droid , people told me i was crazy. since the original droid ive owned the incredible , thunderbolt , and now the charge. blackberry is so far behind, attempting a war on android right now would be a joke

No quite. Java VM design is Open source. What is not Open was the java implementation, that has to be licensed. Google wrote their own. Oracle bought Sun for java (read patent troll) and has sued google for using the Java source. (According to a third party source the code is not Oracles and chances of Oracle wining is slim).

If you see Androids growth over the last year each quarter Androids growth was directly proportional to RIM's loss and iPhone has been pretty much steady.

the editors and students are just dumb, instead of wasting all that energy on google/android they should put all that energy towards telling those two retards Mike and Jim to fix up.

Good luck with that! seem this is an interesting way to get some publicity for a new venture. I have to say the GooG is a bit of a Vampire squid themselfs if that how much money they suck out of the system. Thats the game we all play though. There're just winning at the moment.

They better be getting paid to participate in the rally because it would really be a shame if they thought they were fighting for a good cause.

The whole concept is to make $$$$$$ for the parent company (Paybuyer) by brainwashing individuals to believe they are fighting RIM's fight and forcing businesses to advertise with Paybuyer.

Heck, it doesn't even say how/where Android comes into play just that it wants to compete with Google and needs help doing so

RIM's problem is that they think they are doing just fine. I feel strongly that RIM banks on people who are diehard into their blackberry's. However, they forget that as time goes on, users change. And their needs change too. Blackberry needs to actually see those changes and work to them. RIM will never be an android or ios device. So they need to stop trying that venue. If RIM would go back to just a solid performing smartphone, I would still love them today.

I was very dedicated to blackberry for a long time. I then switched to android because blackberry just wasn't offering the same things that were appealing to me. I left android because its too unstable. Every phone is on a different operating system, you do a system update and your phone crashes, apps cause major issues, etc. I went back to blackberry. Then they released 6.0. That is the worst OS I have ever seen. Its laggy. Drains the battery. I used my blackberry for a work phone and the battery could die every 8 hours, with no other apps running. What kind of company makes an OS that crappy and hopes to APPEAL to a business user? And I wasn't even a power user.

I switched to the iphone 4. I'm extremely happy with it. I know some say Apple is far behind on certain things. But what do I love the most on my iphone? Its reliable. My battery is always consistent, regardless of what apps I have on the phone. I don't have to worry about some surprise failure all the time. I've not had to restore it once in 5 months. I don't need to turn it off every so often so it works right. There is no battery to pull.

Android will fall on their own, because their open source, while their big selling point, is also their failure point. I've seen several people I know leave android because every month, they have to restore the phone back to factory new; something crashes, etc.

You are completely spot on. I had BB Storm and Storm2 for almost 3 years combined, and just needed something new. BB didn't have anything new to offer me (the laughable Torch and BB 6 aint gonna cut it). So I went to Android and their Incredible 2 and while I still like it and it's certainly the cream of the crop as far as Android devices go, I can already tell after a month with it that if BB put out a Storm 3 with BB 7/QNX OS then I would hop right on it. I don't want to grab an iPhone as the 4 has been out long enough to where the next iPhone will drop minutes after I get one. However, it is clearly a very stable device and product that I'm beginning to think is for me. Oh well... Only a year and a half until I can upgrade!

This is the type of counter productive effort... Instead of looking at own design and make it better, it's out to destroy others that are probably better.

Why not turn into a team that is able to crack brains thinking about ways to make RIM OS better?

Every phone OS has it's strength and weakness. Study them and incorporate the good features. Avoid pitfalls experienced by and built a solid OS. That should be the way.

A solid is OS will be something that is adaptable to changes, ability to expand in features and functionality and yet stable from version to version.

Google sorta annoys me now, i had an adsense account with about $45USD, i logged in this morning and saw they disabled my account...for NO reason :\
and no i don't click on my own google can go ********************

This isn't a way to win a business show down. This is just a couple of immature students using childish tactics to gain some publicity for their company. Anyone who is even remotely tech savvy knows that it's great products and marketing that make a company prosper; not some silly mud slinging. I hope people in Waterloo aren't swayed by this embarrassing gesture. It's efforts like these that give Android/iOS fans ammunition against BlackBerry supporters.

If you are drowning, try to take the other with you. This is exactly what this stupidity points at. It really is hilarious how blackberry users have resorted to the 'last offense'. RIM can NEVER EVER come shoulder to shoulder with Android, come out of the fairyland and face the facts that Android is going to lead the industry within couple of years and RIM is going to be wiped out by then.

P.S. yes, I am a BIG Android user and a HUGE fan !

You are wrong! Not BB users, bunch of morons who have in common that they are misguided and they use a particular platform. Not all BB users are retarded!!!

RIM's motto should be "RIM: Promising the World, Delivering Nothing".

These "protestors" are utterly misguided in their assertion that it is Android that is destroying RIM. RIM is being destroyed by its two CEO's who have failed to grasp the change in the consumer/business mentality towards technology, smartphones, and tablets. It is these two people, and their arrogance, that is to blame for RIM's spiral downward.

I think the speech from Return of the Jedi is fitting:

The Emperor: If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed!
[shoots RIM's CEOS with Force lightning]

The Emperor: Only now, at the end, do you understand...
[the Emperor shoots RIM's CEOS with more Force lighting]

The Emperor: Now, you will pay the price for your lack of vision!
[shoots more Force lighting]


Should the heading of this article be something like:
"Local start-up attempts to dupe students in Waterloo to declare war against Android in a thinly veiled attempt to market their Google advertising alternative"??

This is just retarded!! It's not Google's fault that RIM is f*cked up! If it wasn't for Android RIM would be still in heavy slumber dismissing millions of sold iphones as a "phase". You should be declaring war on RIM's management...

Well I'm sure some of these students would like to be employed by RIM at some point in the future so I can't blame them for wanting to make sure RIM prospers. However RIM is RIM's own worst enemy right now.

hahaa this is funny! i just switched from a blackberry 9800 to the new sensation 4G and wow! what a machine... before the haters come to eat me lol i have been a loyal bb customer for years but their new products look and feel ancient compared to the android products. i think bb is going to be purchased by google in the next 5 years

Ya that makes about as much sense as the 2 owners! lets piss off the only developer base that's doing or going to be doing anything for that poor of an excuse app world.

Please don't bother following this "group" as it's nothing like your misleading title refers. They're a small start-up at Uwaterloo who's trying to introduce a new web-ad payment system. They have NOTHING to do with RIM, or Android, but using their location and RIM's power in the area to promote themselves.
Kind of a lame approach at marketing if you ask me, and highly doubt that their claims of having a better system are accurate. But they made it here, so I suppose it's working.

In case anyone was wondering. Google has an office in Waterloo!

Googles business practices are anti-competitive.

Simply put, they cheat in order to gain a market advantage. By refusing to pay license fees for technology, they give themselves an advantage over those corporations that do pay the license fee (e.g. RIM).

The US courts will penalize them for breaking Oracles patents after which the Android phones will have to be charged at higher prices, and the playing field will become more competitive.

However in the meantime Google has an unfair competitive advantage, and mostly Korean manufacturers are dumping product into the US market.

Samsung and LG lost enormous market share pre-Android, but post Android have now pretty well regained their original position.

Samsung and LG and others are dumping devices into the US market at low prices in order to gain back share. Once they've killed off the competition (and that includes RIM and Apple), they'll increase the prices.

Unless Apple can wow everyone with iPhone 5 (unlikely) they'll have to reduce prices to compete just as happened with RIM.

Wow Bla1ze-- somehow you let open the trolling gates with this article. lol Don't worry- they will wander away eventually!!!!!

I don't really support this war. Competition? Yes! Android apps are supposed to be coming to the PlayBook & I'm sure most PlayBook owners are looking forward to it.

The (united) Mobile Nation should prevent this war.

yes, without the possibility of running android apps, QNX would be a total joke, and not just a 'well maybe, lets see'

Well, at least these are University of Waterloo students... arguably the best software engineers in the world...

Have you guys actually visited the site? Their reasoning is that they are going to create a disruptive competitor to Adsense, Google's ad platform. Android is all about increasing the amount of eyeballs that Google has for its ad platform. Everything Google does translates directly to their ad platform.

Google gives away for cheap or free almost all of its products and services so that they can data mine you, all to feed their search and ad platform. The same way that Windows and Office funds the majority of MS products that don't make money, AdSense funds android and all their other services. Google does not make any money directly from most of their products.

Think of it this way, they are not attacking the vehicle, Android, they are attacking the driver, Adsense.

Whether or not, it works is besides the point. The point of this is they are going after the heart of Google, the same way android is going after RIM's main business. And the sweet irony is that they are using Google search to do it.

really!? really!? ... give it up, Google gonna buy RIM is better for the busniess, plus BlackBerry RIM is slowing dieing, stupid student... you gonna make a cheap robot stepping on an ANDROID again really!?...

These students need 2 chill out. I was a Storm 1 & 2 owner & got tired of not having flash, lagging, no apps, & random reboots! Got the HTC Thunderbolt & fell in love! Blackberry users are like a cult! I still log on here 2 check out the competition. What am I saying RIM is no competition 4 Android! Lol!

True that, I still have the BB S2 -_- soon as the DROID Bionic comes bye bye BlackBerry more like "WackBerry"

I'm very disappointed CrackBerry has posted an article like this. It's just some rogue group with no clout. Stick to the business at hand.

I would hardly call there students "dumb". The University of Waterloo is like the MIT of Canada.