Students invited to attend BlackBerry Jam Camp

Students invited to attend BlackBerry Jam Camp
By DJ Reyes on 20 Jun 2013 08:15 am EDT

Are you a student interested in developing apps for the BlackBerry platform? Well, BlackBerry is running a few BlackBerry Jam Camps this summer just for you. It will give you the skills to develop and create Built for BlackBerry apps as well as give you a chance to bag yourself a shiny new BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

The course itself will run over two days, with intense and in-depth sessions and you can choose either the native or web track sessions. You will also continue to get support after camp is over, for eight weeks. To be able to receive either a Z10 or Q10, you must submit an app to BlackBerry World and get Built for BlackBerry approval.

If you managed to get yourself a BlackBerry 10 device, you can then be in for a chance to attend a BlackBerry Jam event near you, flight and accommodation included. This is achieved by pitching your app of a panel of judges who will select the best ones.

Dates and Locations

  • Bandung, Indonesia - July 4 - 5 2013
  • Madrid, Spain - July 8 - 9 2013
  • Waterloo, Ontario - July 16 - 17 2013

While there are only three cities right now, there are plans for more depending on how these camps go. BlackBerry Jam Camp is open to students only and each Jam Camp is limited to 200 students. Applications go through a review process and the selected students for each camp can have their travel and hotel paid for. If you are interested, get applying now.

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Students invited to attend BlackBerry Jam Camp


This is the first time I'm hearing about apple giving something away for free. Especially now a days where everyone is trying to squeeze the most money out of students.

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after doing a google search ,they gave away 9,000 refurbished Ipads to teachers in impoverished states,although i'm sure I heard somewhere about a program that involved 50,000.

When BlackBerry was selling PlayBooks for $99, why didn't they give some of those to schools -- high school and university students would have been encouraged to write apps that would help sell even more PlayBooks to students. Students push their parents to buy them games and other apps on the platform.

It's no wonder students all over want iPads. Apple has a very aggressive campaign dangling iPads in front of students. These students get hooked on the platform and in turn buy iPhones and MacBooks.

The PlayBook was a great tablet but sadly BlackBerry is letting it die instead of looking for markets for it. There are many obvious markets: from schools to police cruisers to business users to inventory, sales or other form-based applications.

now if BlackBerry gave playbooks to only highschool students and universities as a learning tool, people will start to develop for it. for example i remember when i was in highschool learning about python( a programming language), c++ was still the most popular language. i had no knowledge for c++ and only had python, so i only developed through python. now if playbooks were used to teach, students will find this fun and continue to develop for it as i did for python instead of c++

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And to add to that ,refurbished Playbooks would cost much less!!Maybe 50 bucks,this has to be a project that will definitely make a difference.

Did you get a confirmation of some sort after you applied? I got redirected back to the same page.. not sure if that's suppose to happen or not...

Applied to the Waterloo session as well, I have a plethora of GIS knowledge through my program but haven't been able to translate that into the mobile realm, would love to get accepted so that I can do so. Been trying to learn the code on my own but it's been very difficult to say the least.

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Did you get a confirmation of some sort after you applied? I got redirected back to the same page.. not sure if that's suppose to happen or not...

I'D love to but I am unavailable at those dates..
Would it be possible to have Video Podcast (or anything alike) of those course afterward?

Oh man I'm excited for this. Hopefully I get in. Also for people thinking about registering: they can potentially provide travel assistance to get to the camp. Just check off the last box in the form.

I am really looking forward to the stories afterwards! How many will go something like this: "This one time, at Jam Camp....!". Now, having mocked, I think these are a fabulous idea for building the BB10 kamikaze developer community which we need.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

No, it's open to all students anywhere. If selected, travel and hotel will be paid for to the nearest location

Its great that we are getting a sea of new app developers interested in BlackBerry 10. Make some business apps!

Do I have to be a student. I'm a graduate of a few years back, but i would like to attend.

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