Free gaming for all BlackBerry 10 devices with Strike a Can

By James Richardson on 18 Jul 2014 08:12 am EDT

If you are reading this prior to checking out the video you may well be thinking that I've gone mad or am desperate for content as I've featured a game where you toss balls at cans. I've not lost the plot (I don't think) and have three very good reasons for writing about the game.

First up is that the game is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. More often than not we show you games that are not compatible with the Q series but as you'll see in the video the game runs perfectly on my Q10.

Next up is that the game is totally free. Everyone likes a free game right? And finally is just the fact that it's a really good game. It looks great, sounds awesome and is super smooth.

There is one downside though I must add - and that's the fact that it is an Android port so every so often you get an annoying advert pop up on the screen. You can easily get rid of it by tapping the 'x' but it's still a pain in the butt. Everything else though is sweet.

Features include:

  • Simple and fast, swipe your finger over the ball to throw it and strike the cans.

  • Puzzle - Think to find the best way to knock down more cans. Knock down power-up cans for bonus, chili bomb or extra points.

  • Features • Realistic 3D physics puzzle.

  • Challenging game play.

  • Easy-to-use controls.

Give it a try and see what you think. Why not post your highest score in the comments? I've not got a prize for the winner but you can have my respect!

More information/Download Strike a Can for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Free gaming for all BlackBerry 10 devices with Strike a Can


I don't know how you completed your review. The ads are so excessive the game is unplayable. :)

Posted via CB10


The adverts get really annoying, they keep popping up even if you're in the same game you started. Still. It was pretty fun

Posted via CB10

Crappie app, ads and requires file access permissions. You don't get a choice on permissions. Stay away, stay FAR away from this app.

Posted via CB10

Why does this need my device ID and location? Thanks, but no thanks. IF you explain that permissions will be required, and IF you explain why you want them, then I may give them. But not as a blanket requirement without giving reasons.

Posted via CB10

Speaking of games...does anyone remember Tron Deadly Disc for intelllivision? Now that would be awesome if some could make a bb10 or android version.

Posted via CB10

Installed and uninstalled. What a piece of crap! If I wanted to watch ads, I wouldn't record all the television shows I like to watch.

Posted via CB10

What a shame that Crackberry writes a review about such a crappy Android game. Full of adds and it doesn't even work that good! Really sad and disappointed in you guys

Posted via CB10

Disgusting app. Too many ads and not enough game. Total waste of time and data if you are not on wifi. Not one I would have reviewed except to say the above. Avoid.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Too many ads. I deleted after one play. I'll pay for no ads and a native game. That or I'll just download from Snap or Amazon.

Not a brill start to the video with the screen being unresponsive. Android port? Is Android not full of malware? Like 98% of all mobile malware is Android based, and there was me thinking Blackberry was security conscious. I was wrong.

Desperate for content? Nonsense. If you were desperate you'd have reviewed this game separately for each of the Z10, Q10, Z30, Q5, and Z3, every time a new one came out..! :P

Posted via CB10

Thanks, but this program wants far too much access to my information, shared files and location. Why would a game program need this info to function?

Posted via CB10

Not worth the review.
Too many pop up ads and it asks for some sketchy permissions!

Posted via CB10

I'm surprised and disappointed that you pointed us to this game that is effectively adware for our BlackBerry. The full screen ads are beyond annoying!

Posted via CB10

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