Stressed at work? You may want to try Whack Your Boss for BlackBerry 10

Whack Your Boss for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 11 Jul 2013 03:20 am EDT

I was initially going to do a quick video for this BlackBerry 10 application but after playing it I'll be honest and say it is the most bloody and gruesome game I've played on any mobile platform and we don't like scaring the kids!

The concept here is that if you are at work and your boss is being a pain in the rear end you can take out your frustrations by using the game. Basically - there are 24 ways to beat the living hell out of him! So as 'the boss' comes into your office and starts moaning you can tap on various items (24) in total to assault him. I'm not sure I should be endorsing this but I suppose it's no different to the combat games we have become so familiar with.

In terms of animations it's pretty sweet and it would be as it was created by Tom Winkler, a former Simpsons animator. If you fancy relieving some stress at work then go and grab Whack Your Boss, but be prepared for some serious violence!

The good news though is that the app supports all BlackBerry 10 devices currently released.

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Stressed at work? You may want to try Whack Your Boss for BlackBerry 10


BB World is currently still in maintenance, what's the price?
I've seen this a couple of times around the web

So Kevin ... next time you walk in and James picks up his Z10 you know he's playing this game!

By far one of the best wack your boss games, very funny, and actually for me a good way to release some stress at work. I remember playing this game a while back on the Web. Glad to see it as an app now.

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So just pointing this out, if you just go to th website, double tap to make it full screen, you can play the game as much as you want for free on the browser...just saying.

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I know that there is a flash version... but this is priceless... lmao

Btw, I am a boss... luckily no one else from my team owns a BlackBerry 10 device ;)

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If you were a BOSS like Rick Ross No one would ever think of messing with you even if they had ten Z10's.


(whoops). How about one for bosses who have to deal with dysfunctional employees that don't give a crap?

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Oh wow I remember this from long time ago,but it was a website instead. Too funny they brought this up as a

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Seriously just go to the website and play for free on your sense in paying a buck for it...

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