Streamline Your Storm, Bold And 8900!

By Bla1ze on 3 Mar 2009 06:33 am EST
Streamline Theme!

Ohhh yeahh! I have been looking for the perfect theme for my Storm, nothing to flashy, just a nice, organized, functional theme to set the device off. And Boom, Jason Calhoun reaches out to me to let me know he has made Streamline available for Storm, Bold and 8900 series devices so I loaded each version on to their aforementioned models and had a look, instant love for this theme all around.

The clean and organized interface allows for easy access to all of the things I need and the familiar icons from one of my other favorite themes offered by Jason being H7 are easily recognizable to what their functionality is, Streamline is right at home on my Storm and really set's it off just like I was hoping for.

Now for the best part. Much like CrackBerry, Jason is currently celebrating his anniversary for where he has been creating awesome works of art in the form of BlackBerry themes for 2 years now and as a show of appreciation to all those who have shown their support for Jason's work, Jason has dropped the price of all his themes in the CrackBerry App Store (on your BlackBerry only, Download the launcher) and is also giving away a FREE THEME of your choosing when you purchase any other theme created by him up until March 9th. So there ya have it folks, pay $6 for one wicked theme email Jason with the second theme you want, get the it for free!! Thanks Jason and here's to many more years to come, keep up the great work!!

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Streamline Your Storm, Bold And 8900!


It looks like he has just the one theme for the Storm, so a free one wouldn't do me much good. Thanks, anyway. Looks good.

I too wanna know how a beta theme is "for sale". How do I know it will work in my 8900 and how is he selling these when Plazmic has not been released from beta yet?

Alrighty. I am an avid user of themes, have the latest leaked OS, and customize my BBerry like crazy. Though a novice to crackberry, I know my BBerry (Storm) pretty damn well by now. So about this theme... Well, the great thing! is that the interface is streamlined. I like having the contacts, calendar, and message info right there, with 4 links to my most commonly used apps right on the front. Some things though that I would look out for, is latency. Yes, I understand... make sure to give it some time before you comment about lag, because I know the theme has to be loaded into memory once you access each section. I've had the theme now since 8am or so. I've browsed to all sections, my commonly used programs, and even did a memory clean with a couple battery pulls along the way. The only thing I can really say is, though this theme may be streamlined, it doesn't match it's title as one would assume it's quick and fast based on the title Streamlined. Does anyone else get this impression? Now Jason, you did a great job, don't get me wrong, and I'm still using the theme now, but being it your first Storm theme, I'll be awaiting for some updates to speed this little guy up because I'm wondering if it was really worth 6$. Just my $.02. Anyone else?

I purchased this theme and never recieved the email web link to download it. My credit card of course was charged instantly. My email to support has not been answered yet...

Does this theme show a couple of the the most recent messages and a couple of the upcoming calendar entries like the TODAY themes do? That with providing buttons that don't have keyboard shortcuts would make an awesome theme.

I will honor all purchases during my giveaway period.

If you purchase the Storm version, you will be able to select 1 FREE future Storm theme that I release.

Has anyone tried the theme(s) on the 8900? I bought H7 a week or so ago and it a) slowed down my blackberry b) the fonts in the menu and message screens (alarm, etc) were unreadable. There was little to know support and no information about receiving free updates, so I just asked for a refund.

I wouldn't purchase a storm theme right now. Beta plazmic is sketchy and performance on these themes leaves much to be desired. I am using the free CB Birthday theme and it is okay but not as quick as the native theme.

I thought it was only fair that I updated my previous post. I did finally receive the download link. I installed the theme and LOVE IT!!! Thanks.

No offense, but I don't really like the theme at all. Not worth $6 at all. When in the facebook app you cannot see any options in the menu since the background is gray and the text is white. Also, as stated previously you are made to think you get to pick another theme for free....well obviously there is only one available for the storm.

no way am I going to pay for a theme from a beta / leaked plazmic. kinda against the TOS anyway.. kinda wondering by crackbery went ahead and posted this. can we now post links to movies we want to share that we've converted via our storms? i mean, scouts honor everyone already has it on DVD and just needs the converted file.

Hey Ninja I don't kno if you're serious and I don't wanna upset any moderators or Kevin or nething but I would def. Be interested in DVD conversions. There is a few DVDs I own that I would like 2 put on my Storm I jus dobt kbo how. I am new to BB as well as CB but do have common sense and can follow instructions. I'm currently running v.109. Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like the theme may look better on the Storm but it looks nice and clean for the BOLD too....

Unsure if i should purchase..mmmm ..any other feedbacks?

I'm currently running Appleberry and am xtremely happy with it. I don't know about other people but I don't switch my profiles back and forth on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong I do like a nice change evry once and awhile, I guess what I'm trying to say is can anyone tell me why I should pay for this deal when I AM happy with looks so pretty tho!!!

Was about to purchase this theme for my Storm when I saw the "Hope" theme for the 8900. Gag! I'll spend my money elsewhere.