Streaming Video on Your BlackBerry - Enter 'VideoStreams' from QuickPlay Media

By James Falconer on 14 Jan 2008 12:07 pm EST
VideoStreams from QuickPlay
Today, QuickPlay Media has released VideoStreams, the first free video streaming service for the BlackBerry! 

The service includes a solid variety of content from music videos, to extreme sports, comedy and daily horoscopes.

When you start using the app, right away you will notice the effect of the 'streaming' technology. No more waiting for content to download. Simply click to play and voila the video starts playing. Also, because it is a streaming service, you do not need any additional storage space on your Berry. The data streams from another location, saving you valuable space on your device or removable memory card.

For the moment, VideoStreams is only available on the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to subscribers in North America that support EVDO. So if you're on Sprint, Nextel, Bell, Telus or Alltel you're in luck! 

To get started simply visit on your BlackBerry browser. You can download the application OTA and start streaming video right away!

Note: If you are not on an unlimited data plan you might want to check rates before steaming video after video... Data charges could pile up :)

View the press release here.

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Reader comments

Streaming Video on Your BlackBerry - Enter 'VideoStreams' from QuickPlay Media


Actually, that's changed. On their website when they first launched, the download site was

If you read the press release that went out today, they've changed it to as the download site (just did it on my berry to confirm). Contacted the company to confirm as well.

Kind of confusing to have two sites associated with one product - they had a reason for splitting the domains up originally but have sorted that out. So forget the url and you just need to remember the url. They'll be updating it on their site as well.

my vzw 8130 loaded the program OTA and i was able to get onto their system... but as soon as i tried to stream something i just got a blank media screen,.. the timer just reads 0:00 and when i click play or pause nothing happens..

seems like vzw is blocking the stream...

dang it.


Went to the site via my Curve 8320 and it says,"your phone is not supported" and then says that it's for the Pearl.

I have a Pearl 8100. It downloaded but when i try getting into it, a message pops up saying, "Uncaught exception:java.lang.NullPointeeException." Can anyone tell me what that means and what i have to do to get this application to work? If it can atall...

If you took the 30 seconds to read the site, it says it's only for the 8130 because it requires EVDO which (as far as I know) is only only CDMA. CDMA is only supported by the 8130.