Stream Revision3 Shows On Your BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 16 Mar 2009 09:39 am EDT
Stream Revision3 Shows On Your BlackBerry!

After having listened to the CrackBerry Podcast where Craig had mentioned Digg and Diggnation, I though this would be a perfect time to point out one of the great media capabilities of BlackBerry devices and open up the doors to a wide array of streamable media that some of you may not be fully aware of. Revision3 is an internet-based television network out of San Francisco, which caters to a whole slew of individuals with their awesomely wide array of programming, be it with Diggnation's Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht where they discuss the top weekly "diggs" from right up to Tekzilla where hosts Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton deal in all things tech, and yes that includes BlackBerrys!

Best part about all of this programming and really, how it relates to BlackBerry enough that I considered writing about it here, is that the majority of this great (albeit, not always safe for work) programming is available to stream on your BlackBerry provided your device runs on 4.5+ OS. When visiting the mobile version of Revision3 you are given the choice to stream or download the video files in which you wish to watch.

This is a great resource of entertainment on the go and it sure as heck beats some of the stuff you will ever find on YouTube. This is quality material, the programming is great, and the quality of video streams is amazing as well, far exceeding that of the overly compressed versions YouTube likes to call videos. If you haven't checked out Revision3 programming, I say to you What are you waiting for? You're bound to find something you enjoy and again, the best part is you can watch it all on your BlackBerry.

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Stream Revision3 Shows On Your BlackBerry!


For the uninitiated ... def check out the Digg Reel... a quick weekly show with a bunch of the most-dugg internet videos of the week. good stuff.

I download their content every week with a downloader and dump it to my 16GB MicroSD card for later viewing. This would be a nice change

Getting an htp error 413 too large..that's what she said! lol. anyways my curve is running 4.5 any ideas?

Getting an htp error 413 too large..that's what she said! lol. anyways my curve is running 4.5 any ideas?

looks like its only on the bigger videos. I was trying to watch the Totally Rad Channel and it wont work. I can watch shorter clips, though they are very small even when full screen is selected.

Why don't they use RTP, or give the option for download or RTP?

Due to Attachment Server file size limitations, most of these files give the "Request Entity Too Large" error.

FYI: "Request Entity Too Large" error = HTTP Error 413.
This is because the BlackBerry Attachemnt Server is limited to 1MB file downloads over the web by default.

And avoids this by streaming files using RTP, which BlackBerrys and iPhones support.

Get on it Rev3 :)

Seems like there should be a 'Stream' option that is missing on the BlackBerry.
I went to on my desktop, and the Stream option is there. If I send the URL for the Stream to my BB over email, it will play in the browser.

Seems like the Stream option is being hidden by the web servers. I posted about this on the forums. Hope they get back to me. recognized my device fine but that's as good as it got. Even short <2 minute clips would start to play in my Media Player (Storm 9530 OS .109) and then fail. Actually the clip starts to play. Then a message pops up that I can't stream it and I need to download the file ... then my keyboard pops up over the top of that to let me type in a target to save the download file ... only problem is, all this time the clip is PLAYING as a stream in my Media Player and it totally hangs the device. I can't type, can't stop the stream ... no buttons have any effect on what's going on. Tried 3 times. 3 battery pulls later I'd call this a work in progress as far as the Storm is concerned. Bear in mind I have NO trouble streaming live TV to my Storm from my home PC using Orb 2.0. I guess I'd have to just Download anything I want to watch instead of Play it now ... kind of defeats the purpose of streaming though ...

Revision3 shows are pretty good and play fine if saved first to the Media Card. Can even select FullScreen mode on the Storm in portrait mode although the vids are a bit grainy at that resolution. A 5 1/2 minute Brian McCarty Xclr8r clip only took about 20 seconds to download. So I'll keep giving these guys some attention but I hope to see some minor improvements in future.

What about Rev3 is NSFW? When I read this post, I thought maybe they added an adult content channel, but it's the same old Rev3.