Stream Over 300,000 Sermons to Your BlackBerry With SermonAudio

By ObiGeorge on 28 May 2010 12:45 pm EDT

If your a person of faith but don't have the time to make it to church each Sunday (or would just like to hear more sermons), you may want to check out SermonAudio. The application allows you to stream over 300,000 media files right to your BlackBerry device. Other key features include:

  • Browse, search, and stream Audio/Video sermons
  • Browse through the News in Focus audio commentaries
  • Browse churches by name, location, and denomination
  • Use the Local Church Finder to find a church in your area
  • Search sermons by Bible reference, Book, chapter, or verse
  • Browse by topic, category, staff picks
  • Built in player for fast, easy listening, or play in BlackBerry media player

SermonAudio is free to download and available for all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.3 and up. Pick it up in App World via the link below.

Reader comments

Stream Over 300,000 Sermons to Your BlackBerry With SermonAudio


Im loving the look of this app so far. Runs smooth on Storm 9530. Not sure who all of the preachers are but I will sure be listening to some new ones.

Credit to you, CrackBerry, for including coverage of an app like this. Whilst it's not for everyone, many other sites would have overlooked it because of the 'faith' or 'religion' tag, but you didn't. A credit to you.

This app is fantastic. It streams instantly and the audio quality is superb. Thanks for the heads up CrackBerry.

Respect to Crackberry for reporting this. Very brave in this day and age with the brush Religion has been tarred with.

As others have said, thank you for not overlooking apps like this! This is great for when I am on the road. Thank you CB!

Thanks for posting this, because the Blackberry App World sucks for finding out about new and interesting apps. All I see are the same apps over and over in the "Featured" section whenever I start it up.

I'll have to check it out, but I'm a bit picky in terms of ministers, and prefer those that I can relate to and don't put their own spin on things. Hope this one's good!

Once again. Seriously thank you for covering this, and bringing a great app like this to our knowledge.

I haven't logged in for quite awhile. Just wanted to say this is an awesome app! Been looking for something like this for sometime! Thank you Crackberry! I check this site several times a day and more times than not am rewarded with fresh tips. Thanks for all the hard work!

Excellent app. Sermon prep is always better when you can hear what others are saying. Will definitely download it and check out what some of my colleagues have to say!

As some posters have already said, it's good to see that you covered an app like this. I'm checking it out.

A great app, and quick reply to my request to add two teachers that are not offered on the main site. Perhaps C. Smith and D. Rosales will get involved.. App will come in handy if in Vegas at the airport...

I can catch up on some of my favorite preachers and teachers and not to mention my own pastors sermons easier. I will definately download this one.

This app is truly wonderful and a blessing at the same time, hopeful this well be updated soon with the capability to download audo files to memory card Amen.

Thanks for the post, Crackberry!
On the other hand, I spent about 10 minutes looking through the list of speakers and saw almost no one I recognized, much less wanted to listen to. I'm a Seminarian, and, while not a particularly pretentious one, I would have thought with 300,000 sermons there would have been SOMEONE I wanted to listen to. I didn't see any major theologians, thinkers, etc. I'm sure I missed some, to be fair, but I was definitely dissapointed. On the other hand, if you're willing to dig through the speakers that ARE present (and there are many), I'm sure some gems are in there.

My .02,

elsteve9, you'll study the giants in class. This is an amazing oppourtunity to hear voices "from the trenches". Don't sell them short because they are the ones doing the real work of ministry and will often have insights that the "thinker" don't. Sermons need to speak to real people with real problems in the real world, giving them the Good News that they can't get anywhere else. These are the ones you'll (hopefully) hear with this app. Good luck in your studies.

I have been waiting since December for this. I met the the lead developer from Sermon Audio at a conference in KY and was ragging him hard because there was no BB app. The delay had something to do with the BB OS and their service. It's nice to see they finally got it worked out. Washer, Ravenhill, Baucham - can't wait to enjoy this app. Downloading now!!!

For the casual listener...

I've been in ministry for several years. Please understand that some of the most authentic preachers are ones you probably have never heard of. They don't promise your "best life now" or give you a "purpose driven life", just the only thing that matters, the Gospel.