Stream live TV from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone with FilmOn Live TV

By DJ Reyes on 27 Oct 2013 01:40 pm EDT

There are a handful of TV streaming apps to be found in BlackBerry World with TV network joining in too, like CBS and ABC. Being in the U.K., I can't try those apps but I have tried other ones but they have never really appealed to me, mainly as they don't always work well or I just don't like the UI. That is, until now. After checking out the FilmOn Live TV app, I think I may have found my live streaming app.

With the FilmOn Live TV app you can stream local TV shows for free. When you launch the app it requests your location so that it can push the TV channels available for you. There are over 200 TV channels available worldwide that can be watch in Standard Definition. FilmOn Live TV also offers HD streaming but this comes at a price. You also have the ability to record shows to watch on demand. Again this comes at a price.

There are also subscriptions available to get more channels. The channels you get depend on your location. Since I'm in the U.K. it offers me an EU Channels subscription pack. On top of that you can add a subscription to have the ability to record shows. The subscription price depends on how many hours of record time you want.

If you were just looking for one or two or may three extra channels to watch then you can just subscribe a la carte on a monthly basis.

The app itself is pretty smooth. Once you tap in to a channel, whatever show is on at that time will play. It automatically goes into full screen mode once it gets going. The navigation gets a bit funny when you want to go back to the Home page. It still shows up with a Back button but it doesn't do anything if you're already on the Home page. Apart from that there are no issues once you get streaming, at least whenever I use it.

FilmOn Live TV is free to download and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices from BlackBerry World. You can check out the video above for a quick hands on with the app.

Learn more / download FilmOn Live TV from BlackBerry World

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Stream live TV from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone with FilmOn Live TV


We get it. We really do. Now, either side load it or let it go.

This article is not about! #*;+?! Instagram.

Posted via CB10

Who cares about Instagram. Stop whinging away for an app that won't be native. why would anyone cry about an app that clearly the developer doesn't wish to make native to BlackBerry. I don't ever support that. Netflix is no different. I love Crackle.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Uff.. Why no Italian channels at all! (almost).. I understand and like english but, come on! Waiting for Sky Go to become available for BB10 ;)

Posted via CB10

Sadly Italy is rather irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, that said so is the United States of America. Only commonwealth countries really matter in the end :). We are after all spread out worldwide. From the United Kingdom to Australia to Canada to everywhere globally. We matter the most. Wait what was the point of this anyway?

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Really? I hope you're just trying to stir things up. Every potential customer in any market that finds a reason to buy a Berry matters. Full stop.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Canuck actually. But I was thinking more about BlackBerry marketing. Anyone who for any reason finds it preferable to choose a BlackBerry over other possible choices is important. That was my angle. In my opinion there really is no alternative to providing as complete an ecosystem experience in as many places around the world to make a BlackBerry as top of mind a choice for as many people as possible. If that's 1million a month so be it, but they HAVE to keep pushing out and fight for share. Be that In Italy, Nigeria or San Francisco.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Valid points :). Sadly the American don't feel that way. Not providing access to others for the ABC and CBS apps. Wouldn't really feel loss if we had Canadian centric apps like that. Too bad CBC didn't learn they gave yanks full access. Pity. We just aren't as mean as them :)

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I don't get this app. Can't find any of my TV shows nor do I see live channel to.

Also, don't have the canadian channels group like shown in the pic


I have to say. The response is swift. I sent a query about Canadian channel groups not there. Service ticket created and already have service following up with me right now. Impressive

Only a fool thinks they know me.

They been back and forth. They Suggest its there. Told them its not and I'm not only one complaining even allowed app to find my location. Still no go. Shame. If not fixed I will end up deleting this.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

This App never worked well for me,before it showed up in app world , i converted the apk file to bar file and ran it on my phone and it only plays a few seconds at a time always buffering, i am using an 8mb speed internet, have anyone else experienced it , i deleted the version i had and got this one but nothing has changed.

Stumbled upon this app a few days ago and I have go say I'm really impressed. Yes, It could do with a bif of polishing ,bit hopefully these will come with future updates. Worth a download for FREE!

CB10 on my Z10

To watch channels you can't access on your home service, or on the hotel service if you travel. Very common scenarios.

For instance I live in Greece, and it's really cool to be able to able to watch CTV, BBC, and French channels.

The list of free non-Greek channels in Athens:

BBC World News, TV5 Monde, Deutsche Welle, RIK (Cyprus)

On my subscription package (OTE TV):

Euronews, France24, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, Bloomberg, CNBC.

No Canadian channels, available anywhere in Europe AFAIK.

Posted via CB10

Errr...I have a cottage that I don't visit often enough to justify paying for cable, and the broadcast TV reception there is rubbish. So I'm always in the market for apps like this. haven't looked yet, but to the extent I can get live sports, I'd be doing a happy dance.

Posted via CB10

Because many people, like me, we're smart enough to stop paying cable companies for what we get for free via apps and Web browsing anyway.

Why do you think every app is made for you? ;)

Posted via CB from my LE

DJ...I'm in Canada and can't find/get any Canadian channels?. How did you get your Canadian channel grouping like the pic in your posting?

I get US /UK channels. Totally weird.

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure. A commenter above did reach out to the devs, they seem responsive. Perhaps give them a shout.

Posted via CB10

Yep read my comments. I've been in touch with developers. Fast response. They are now looking into why we can't see it

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Just an FYI to those that are using a can just go into your browser and go to and watch tv. We finally have something that allows us to do this as Slingbox will never come to the PlayBook. FilmOn works very well on the PlayBook.

Please note that the app is also available on Android and iSheep.

Great. Thank you. The PlayBook browser is the best for watching live TV in HD.
I do it at Livestation for BBC World News. Much better than this app on both Z10 and PlayBook. But you must pay a monthly fee.
If you want to watch live English soccer league games on Canada you can so so directly on TSN live by going to the TSN website and use your browser either on Z10 or Playbook or Linux Thunderbird.
Canadian TV station just so not want to stream live.

Posted via CB10

This app is extremely good so far. I was able to watch the football game while grocery shopping with the wife.

Posted via CB10

This seems great, I'm from the UK and in Germany at the moment and watching the footy from BBC 1 plugged into big screen tv via HDMI. Sounds good to me nice app

Posted via CB10

Not bad with the free service, but never will pay £150 to subscribe the EU channels (can't see what channels is available in the package).
I might watch 2-4 times a week for no more than 10 mins, so no worth it.

Posted via CB10

I live in Scotland and tried searching for BBC 1 Scotland with no results showing. I assume that BBC 1 Wales (or other regional programming, except Northern Ireland which is supported by default) cannot be found either. I've just used the free version and not signed up for any subscriptions so I can't say if these channels can be obtained via subscription. However as BBC 1 Scotland is a Freeview channel I'd assumed that this could be found by searching for either 'BBC 1 Scotland, 'BBC One Scotland' or 'BBC Scotland. Alas the channel wasn't found. Great application for Northern Irish viewers though.

Lol, noticed a few soft porn channels too but I guess you gotta fork the dough to subscribe to watch the real deals and not the free trailers. Also noticed lack of Canadian channels so not good for me

Almost no US channels, so deleted the app. Crackle is waay better for watching shows - does not ask you to sign up for anything.

Wtf. The trial period for watching sd TV is 5 minutes???!!!! I uninstalled it as of principle. It doesn't matter if it has gold in it. Shitty, shameless developers.

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded this app didn't give it any permissions i.e. BBM & location
And it works like champion although I'm in Saudi Arabia I'm getting more international channels than my STB at home :)
Not many local or middle Eastern channels but who gives a Rat's A** if it's working!!!

STL100-1( on STC

Works fine on the Z30. Watched Marvel's Agents of Shield on UK Channel 4 from Italy. Sweet :)

Posted via CB10

As long as I'm stuck with a Verizon 4 Gig data plan, I'm not streaming TV unless I'm on a wife conne

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

Just downloaded it. Works fine, but the channel lineup is very limited. Hopefully, they'll add more as the app grows in popularity.

My BlackBerry History: 6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

Great app...
Too bad for not having any Canadian channels. Would have been an enjoyable day to get some popcorn and enjoy watching the Senate hoopla today.

I also downloaded today and couldn't find any Canadian TV station, so going to delete it and use crackle

Same here looks great but I'm in Canada and nothing shows up.
I know the devs are working on it.

Posted via CB10