Strangers on a train - A BlackBerry story

By Alicia Erlich on 16 Dec 2013 09:39 am EST

As this is the holiday season, I thought I would recount a chance encounter with a nice individual on my train ride home from work. This is something that actually happened to me and in no way am I sugar coating it or embellishing it. For me I find that BlackBerry owners are more sociable by nature and after perusing through this post let me know if you come to the same conclusion. Nothing wrong with a happy tale every now and again and I thought I would share it with you to spread some holiday BlackBerry cheer.

Striking up conversations with strangers during my daily commute is not something I normally partake in. Usually, that time is reserved for catching up on a good book, spending some quality game time with my Z10, or taking a quick nap.

It began with the gentleman who sat beside me and politely asked if the smartphone I held in my hands was the new BlackBerry. As I am inherently shy by nature, I probably would have acknowledged in the affirmative and returned to my activity. However, as this concerned my favorite subject and my Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 usually garners such attention, I not only responded to his question but struck up an interesting conversation with him. What transpired over the next forty minutes is the perfect example of how BlackBerry keeps people connected. 

When speaking about BlackBerry and the new operating system I used our limited time wisely. I walked him through all of the features, gestures, and applications currently available. Now a little background is necessary for you to understand where he was coming from. His current device, a Torch 9810, is a personal phone for him and not one activated on his corporate network. Truth be told, he was on the fence about remaining with BlackBerry considering all of the recent press and news.

Whether we meet over social networks, BBM, BBM Groups or Channels, or at various functions and events, this is what BlackBerry is all about

The first order of business was demonstrating the ease of the operating systems. Being that he had only seen the Z10 in his carrier's store, he remarked the person he spoke to did not fully explain this to him nor went over the how easy it was to swipe between application or how to exit them for that matter without the presence of a home button. This was not a problem for me as I demonstrated how I could navigate between screens with ease and showed off Active Frames all without having to press a button.

My next stop on the list was BlackBerry Messenger. Warning! No private conversations were shared I assure you! To explain video chat and screen share, I pulled out my Dev C and explained the process by viewing an existing conversation opened on my Z10. No tutorial would be complete without a quick overview and rundown of BBM Channels and how BBM would be cross-platform. 

During this time I had been showing off all of the capabilities of my Z10 (i.e. The large screen, the rocking virtual keyboard, landscape, etc.). He was leaning more towards the keyboard we all know and love. I tried to remain impartial and discussed the merits of both and warned that this one does not feature a trackpad or back button so all the gestures and swipes I discussed would apply as well.

One of the last questions he asked or at least more like I answered before he had a chance to was social networks. As I had previously discussed the Hub, I pointed out the presence of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

What walk-through of BlackBerry 10 would be complete without showing off the CB10 app? I mean I had to show him the Q10 and Z10 in further detail didn’t I? It just so happened one of Adam’s post of the Q10 was on the main page and briefly showing that post also provided him with additional information on the devices. 

After all was said and done it was time for me to leave for my stop. I thought I was helping out a fellow BlackBerry user but realized, it meant more than that. I honestly thought my name would be forgotten by the time he arrived home, but just a few short hours later I received an invitation to connect over LinkedIn thanking me for my time. Being that we were strangers on a train the conversation didn’t end there. We traded a few emails back and forth and the last one I received, to my surprise, indicated his purchase of a brand new Z10 and a request on what accessories to buy. Of course I directed him to ShopCrackBerry and to browse through all of the categories.

This is what I truly enjoy about being part of the BlackBerry family and the CrackBerry team. It's all about the people we meet and the many ways in which we can connect even if it is never in person. Whether we meet over social networks, BBM, BBMs Group or Channels, or at various functions and events, this is what BlackBerry is all about. I'm extremely grateful and proud to be a part of it.

Have any personal stories of your own to share? Sound off in the comments. 

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Strangers on a train - A BlackBerry story


Awesome story!!!

I think all of BlackBerry's sales are from existing users such as myself or word of mouth from seeing it in person from a personal friend or a stranger.

Definitely NOT from BlackBerry's marketing which is quite sad.

Sadly so true. Don't even mention retailers. They just suggest other devices

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I know, my dad recently bought a new phone and they recommended all the other phones, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, didn't even mention blackberry until my dad asked about it, but even then, they went on about the app store limitations, he bought a Samsung in the end

Posted via CB10

Congrats :) but watch for quicksilver he's a big meanie!!! Lol sorry quicksilver lol bit very nice story I actually do that all the time on the TTC subway in Toronto with my Z30

Posted via CB10

Well the story was great.. i
The most common thing i got from people that aren't using BlackBerry z10 is

"how do i go back to the home screen?"

After i slide my finger from bottom to top they were all impressed :D

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We all know BlackBerry is far from a marketing machine. I continue to believe that it's users are it's best marketing tool and they should be utilized by them to push BlackBerry 10. Great story!!

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I am known as a tekky in my group, so people usually ask me for advice when they want to buy new electronics.I have convinced 2 people to switch to BB10. One from a 9900 and another from iPhone. But I can assure you that I could have convinced at least 15 people to switch to BB10 if it wasn't for Blackberry 10's handicaps. Most people are convinced that BB10 OS is better, but they cannot bring themselves to buy a phone that does not have one of their favorite apps. A few people mention Netflix, other ask for Instagram or Viber or an app to control their car. Etc. Most People who Are using IOS or Android have at least one app that they are using that is not available on BB10. And that is Blackberry's major issue.

Play Starcraft? Join our Channel: C001242DE

No, it's not blackberry's major issue, it's those developers who refused to make their application available to blackberry 10.

Posted via CB10

Alicia, I'm gonna be honest with you: you and I, and perhaps a handful of people here on CB, are among the last of the faithful. You did BlackBerry a solid and upheld the legacy. You didn't sell the apps, you sold the experience, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. Outstanding show.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Even more reason for us to be evangelists for BlackBerry. I think we, as BlackBerry users, educate ourselves on what we can do on a BB10 device vs. Android, iOS and WIndows Phone. And because of that, we can offer a unique perspective to non-BlackBerry users.

Every single person I've show my Z10 to (sharing features similar to what Alicia described above) has the individual leaving very impressed with the ease of use and power of the platform. I've personally been involved in helping at least 5 people make a decision to buy a BB10 device.

The product is fantastic - the marketing needs to demonstrate this the way we do.

We are the best marketers of the product and I'm truly proud to be a BlackBerry fan. Always have and always will be :)

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Wondering if there is any additional events after this? Was there also a spark (not the BlackBerry one)? :) Not trying to get too personal, but wondering if there is a "happier" ending. I don't know your respective situations though.

To answer your question it was nothing like that. Just two BB folks on a train and an open dialogue on the new platform.

That's awesome... I got goosebumps reading the story... I too love to show it off to anyone who eyes my Z10.

Your story needs to be canned and sent to magazines, editorials, and heck, they could make a commercial with that scenario.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Very nice. I'm the same way with my z10. Everyone at work has iPhone and it's funny how people only buy the most trendy, regardless of the trouble in use. And I wish any device this easy was out a long time ago! Can't wait for 10.2

Posted via CB10

That's really a job well done! I don't have any stories as such but yes I have shown off the features many times and every time I have got a good positive reply!

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Amazing but sadly so true. BlackBerry as a brand is not getting promoted even though it probably is the best among today's lot.

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You are lucky you had 45 minutes,and BB is lucky to have you on board,literally.I show people the features and tell them about CB and how great it is, to get to know the OS.Many have thanked me,BB should have little cards in the boxes to direct people to CB.Good Job!!

Great story. I was at the pub this weekend (shocking) and strike up a conversation with the guy next to us who was rocking a Q10. He was totally #TeamBlackBerry and was thrilled to see us rocking 2 * Z10 and a Z30. Those conversations go a long ways

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You took the words right out of my lips. "It's all about the people we meet and the many ways in which we can connect even if it is never in person.".. thank you. :)

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Similar thing happened to me at a Canucks game but with a twist. I was using my z10 when a 9900 user started asking me questions and I was showing him how the new OS worked and told him my story that I tried going back to iPhone but came back to my Z10 within a week. Well the twist was that a q10 user was sitting behind us and also started to talk and demo his Q10. Had iPhone and Android users listening in. All in all quite the intermission the 9900 bold user was leaving there going to Q10 and his wife who was sporting an iPhone was talking about switching to Z10

Posted via CB10

You deserve some commission!! Lol

Nice story, but it's true... since our devices are relatively unknown, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to grab people's attention for anything more than 30 seconds (and those really only work to reinforce what we already know)... personal, real-live endorsements and demos are very important.

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Well done. I am jealous of your red z10. I guess your action justified the color ;-).

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Unfortunately I had the opposite experience.
I still have and old Bold 9780..waiting "patiently" for my contract to end so I can ugprade to a Z30..and I bumped into a friend rockin' the Q10. Asked him about his experience with it...To my surprise, he didn't like it! He said the standard lack of apps, it's laggy and the browser crashes..etc...etc.. He finally said that BB is dead.
Since I don't know about the Q10 experience I was kinda shocked to hear about his negative experience..I didn't know what to say (except for."wait for 10.2.1 to help with the app situation).
So here was someone I was hoping the feel a bit of BB love...and it was full of negativity. I still believe..but it's getting tougher every day..In February when my contract finally comes up, I'm worried that my desire to get a Z30 may be gone.

Great job Alicia

I hope you have more like this to share..

I find in transit you can get more opportunities like this, trust me I have shown many people about the new software features.

Come on Team, let the conversion start

Change them over from iPhone and Android

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

That's a great story, and I perfectly imagine how it could be translate into an add for Blackberry... With a love story ending of course haha.

ps: Your red Z10 make me jealouse (and your AlphaC too).

Just convinced a friend of mine to go Z, i even suggested the Z30 even though I have a Z10
He wanted to go Samsung galaxy, but he had a terrible experience with it hanging, i had a similar experience with my wife's GS3 so i just showed him how fluid it moves between apps etc etc, he was sold on the idea In minutes .
I did my part, BlackBerry the rest is up to you!!!

Posted via CB10

I got same problem my wife complains constantly about the gs3 sadly BlackBerry 10 wasn't out when she was in for a device. However if a slider is ever release she will drop the gs3 in a heartbeat to come back to BlackBerry.

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I agree with the other comments. You did an awesome job selling the experience. BlackBerry did a really good job of building a nice platform. I just wish they would try to market it properly.

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To tie into this story, I have one of my own.

Just over two weeks ago, a good friend of mine was looking to get a new device. He was also still using a 9810 and held out for so long waiting for his time to be eligible for a hardware upgrade. Being he's not the most tech-savvy, he asked me to help him out and offer suggestions/opinions/advice. He wanted to remain loyal to BlackBerry and was interested in the Q10. So I went along with him to get his new device. I'm a "Z Guy" myself and before he jumped into the Q I laid out the differences between the two (which realistically for someone not so in tune with smartphones meant a difference in keyboard and screen size) and explained it came down to a personal preference. I also explained to him why I went with the Z and just like him, I was weary about going completely touch but haven't regretted that decision since. So we approach the counter at a Rogers store and ask the girl (I say girl because she was in fact a 20-something female) if we could get the Z10. Her initial response without skipping a beat, "Uhhh,,,why would you want that?". And that response is EXACTLY what I've always thought and have explained as being one of the BIGGEST and MAIN problems for the negative BlackBerry view. Retailers/vendors/carriers DO NOT focus and HAVE NOT trained their employees to be knowledgeable on ALL products and in this specific case, non-partial . Instead of employees doing their job as "representatives" of a carrier, they've become individual sales people of particular brands they use. If I wasn't there with my friend who is clueless when it comes to smartphones, he would have easily gone with her recommendation because much like the majority of consumers he is trusting what an "expert" tells him with regards to something where he is a fish out of water. Needless to say, after I gave her "the look", laughed and put her on the spot, he walked away with his new Z10 and to this day thanks me for advising him into making a great decision towards the new phone that he is in love with.

Unfortunately you are correct, I've experienced the same from poorly trained sales reps.
On the positive side I've been responsible for seven people switching to BlackBerry 10 phones, five Q10's and two Z10's. My wife is constantly reminding me that I don't work for BlackBerry and that I won't be receiving a commission cheque :)

Great story Alicia especially on a Monday morning. Its amazing on how much people believe the media. Especially the Wall Street media. Honestly once it's in there hands they can't believe why they never switched or upgraded.

Posted via CB10

Remember one.. I live in Bombay in India. Once in bus coming back from work to home, here I told a person, a Samsung Note 1 user who was fed up with typing on touch screen, the experience of using qwerty on a BlackBerry 10 device. Even though I use a Z10 I showed him the ease and speed of OS10 and showed him how q10 looks like.

You won't believe, he got down with me at my stop, paid for the taxi to the nearest mall to assist him on the purchase of his BlackBerry 10 device. He played around with Q10 on display there and finally bought it.. he sold his Samsung Note for 15k in the buy back offer.. and the first thing he did was to add me on BBM and was happy to have me as his first ever BBM friend..

Touching moment it was.. and he was generous enough to drop me home (in taxi) again and on the way I showed him various gestures to work his way around on his new Q10.. and all this while, he didn't whine about having lesser apps but was happy indeed to finally get his spellings right..

Posted via CB10

Great stories. I am Sales manager and show many my Z10. Just setting up my Z30 as we speak. Can't wait. 10.2.1 is great. Can't wait for the official release to see if more features are included.

I get a lot of people staring and asking questions about my z10. I show off the exp and how easy it is to navigate, soon as the apps convo comes up and it always does I show off what is native and the ability to also sideload android apps.

Problem is always sideload requires a little more effort and that's where they pass on the device.

Posted via CB10

If he went for a Z30, he would have gone with a bigger bang! I loved my Z10 but Z30 is definitely some cuts above ;)

Zwiped up from my AndroBerry 30

Great story! Sadly, most store reps aren't knowledgeable enough to sell or even help interested folk give a second look at these great, solid devices. If only we had more Alicia's for the in-store experience BlackBerry would be in more hands throughout the world.

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I stopped by the Verizon store on bradley in el cajon wit my z10 in hand waiting for my kid, cause he wanted to check out the new ipad.

I stumbled upon the z10 on display and started playing with that one too. When a rep, asked me what I owned, i told him a Z10. And he started to badmouth it. How they had to go to a special school because it was so complex to understand... That blackberry had never come out with a "real" phone...

My jaw dropped.... i just couldn't believe this guy... and clearly he could tell I was in shock and he was making me upset, because he stopped and walk away, rapidly.

I felt very insulted after that, so I grabbed my kid and left to never returned.

Being a computer tech, I work a lot with the cell phone phone co. And it's amazing, the lengths they'll go so not to sell a BlackBerry device. Enough that I wonder if BlackBerry will be able to survive this era.

My 2cents.


Posted via CB10

2 quick stories - 1: Guy on my hockey team last winter saw my Z10, asked questions and I showed the OS, gestures, etc. Saw him yesterday sporting a Z10 and he is very happy to have made the change. Says he travels around the world and quickly changes the SIM card when needed and easily changes the battery to recharge.
2: In a Telus store when a customer asked the clerk about the new BB. She could barely answer any questions so I interupted, showed him how it worked and what the benefits were. He wanted to stay with BB but was worried about adapting to the change. What impressed him the most was when I said the virtual keyboard would adapt to him, not the other way around.
Bonus story: Friend of mine is a defense lawyer and sports a Torch. Needs the security of BB and after showing him my Z30 (upgraded recently), discussing the future of BlackBerry, he will be changing next month when his contract is up to a Z30.
My wife says I should get commissions. Not at all, I want BB to succeed and I will promote the product whenever I can.

This is a great example of being connected. Appreciate this post. I love my Z10 even more!

Posted via CB10

Here is an interesting story that makes me love BlackBerry and its users that much more. Nice one Alicia. What a great story and very well told and written!!

Remember this article from the daily mail?

"BlackBerry owners are higher earners

The survey indicates that owners of BlackBerry devices earn almost £2,500 more than other smartphone users and have an average annual salary of about £27,406. They also work the least number of hours, according to the survey. In addition, they also tend to be busier and send more emails and messages. They also tend to make more calls on their devices than Apple users.

Users of BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) devices also are more likely to be more social, have long-term relationships and have a greater number of friends than users of the other two platforms. In general, those who worked in finance, property or health were more likely to use BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry users also drink the most tea and coffee, are the least punctual and eat out more often than users of both of the other two platforms"

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I always make an effort to acknowledge people using the new BlackBerry 10 phones. I ask them how they like it and sometimes after telling them that I am a user too, they'll ask me questions about things they're struggling with on the phone. They're great conversations too have with people and it's always fun to see people really happy that someone is praising them for using the phone. I even had a guys confidence restored after he told me, "everyone laughs at me for using the phone " when I showed him my BB10 phone.

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I feel like it's my duty to show what BlackBerry 10 is about since BlackBerry isn't taking marketing seriously.

It's mostly polarizing. People will actually be pleasantly surprised and others don't want to give BlackBerry the time of day.

Posted via CB10

Ive got my family to use BlackBerry. Well 2 of them was my previous device. My is now a fan of blackberry ;) she bought 9900 for our engagement and I bought her a Q10 at our nuptial. Life is great. Thanks BlackBerry, connecting people. But Ive find it hard to convice my bestfriend from jumping ship to samsung just because they got big screen. I mean why not bought a tv instead

I showed my sister in law how I use Remember, Story Maker, and the keyboard. She was somewhat sold. I threw in BBM video feature and she was completely sold. She is ordering a Z10.

Posted via CB10

Still trying to convince my wife about taking my z10 so I can pick up a q10 or z30..but she stills wants her iphone. :-(

Posted via CB10

I don't mean to brag but I have successfully managed to convert BBOS and even a few non BlackBerry users to get BlackBerry 10 devices. Some take a while to get use to it others master it in a couple of hours, which is great. There is still the issue with the lack of BIS and the track pad, but once they use it for a while their hooked.

I had a laugh after my boss (an Apple guy) had a look at my Z30 and when he gave the phone back, I laughed when he said "you need a home or back button " then I showed him how to swipe up.

I hated that the Z10's price fell so much in a couple of months, but I can say that it has helped people choose it over more expensive iPhone and Android Devices. In South Africa where I am, the Z10 can be bought cash for around $320 and around $20 per month on contract.

Posted via Z30 STA100-6/

I was at wedding full of S4 and iOS phones , well I made 3 storymaker videos at the wedding average lenght of 1.20 mins to 2.20 mins and all uploaded to my Youtube. I sent them out to 50 wedding guests by 10PM just when the drinks and dancing were in full force...what response by many guests ...." What Phone was that "" even though my Storymaker tiles all said BlackBerry ....I responded with " Its my new BlackBerry Z10 " they responded " thats awesome awesome "

Nice story,am rocking my Z10 but miss the Viber app on my phone. Since I don't understand how to update to OS 10.2 I just have to wait for AT&T to release the update =((

Posted via CB10

loading the leaked is actually a lot easier than i thought it would be... search the forums for threads about it, many people will help you if you are in doubt (this community is awesome)...

Hmmmm....i made a new friend almost in a similar way. It was in church on a Sunday service, I brought out my white Z10 and responded to a massage, unknown to me, it caught the attention of a guy...after the church service, he tapped me on the shoulder & asked if the phone I was using was an iPhone- I proudly told him it was a BlackBerry Z10! To my surprise he brought out a white Z10 as well and said he just bought his and was having problems using it and was seriously contemplating selling it...he had upgraged from Bold 5. I invited him over to my place, put him through on how simple it was to use it, installed BlackBerry Link on his Laptop...he is more than happy with his Z10 now.

Posted via CB10

I met a very nice gentleman who is successful in his field who actually didn't mind listening to what I had to say and was very patient. 

So many great stories to read here. They relate well with "Christmas spirit " of the moment

Posted via CB10

Soon phones will no more be about specs and fancy apps. People will be looking for phones that will provide optimum security and a productive software. That is when blackberry will reclaim its glory. I like that bb phones are not common like android or iphones, I like to be different that's why I use bb

Great story Alicia! Thanks for sharing!! We all like to think of ourselves as having influenced someone along the way, I'm sure! Yours was a SUPER tale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great story, since I have personally directed 3 people to Z10s and one to a Q10 I get the feeling that the blackberry community, and in large part Crackberry, have done way more to promote BB10 than the marketing team at BlackBerry itself. Wrote with my awesome Z30

Posted via CB10

Alicia, you have done a GREAT job. I aboslutely agree that BlackBerry users are more active on social networking platforms .. u know the reason why? Because, iOS and Android users are too busy with Talking Tom or some random useless application! lol

Anyhow, I really liked the way this tale.. #longliveBlackBerry

I was sitting beside someone the other day who was abusing his Z10, gaming and swiping like there was no tomorrow, never looked away from the screen once. The person on the other side of him said "so how do you like your new BlackBerry?"

To my surprise he replied "Worst phone I've ever used. It has no apps at all, no Instagram. The only good thing it has is BBM, and no one uses that anymore."

And I couldn't resist, I pulled out my Z10 and said, "Funny, I still use it. Also I did manage to find a few apps. Strange you can't find any for yours. "

He looked at my phone, started to say, what phone do you have, saw it was the same as his, said "oh", then surprisingly instead of starting an argument with me he turned to the guy who had asked him the question and started telling him all the things he liked about his Z10.

So that was unexpected. LOL.

Posted via CB10

If someone had asked me a few months ago about my Z10, I would have turned them away. Today, I'm a little less reluctant to say, "don't even think about it", for a couple reasons: 1.) I can now run every Android app I've been wanting for in BB World. 2.) BB just gave me some freebies as well as a few .99 movies. I finally used my Z10 to play a movie on my big screen TV's in HD which include 5.1 to my surprise.

I'm still pissed about my playbook though. So, I won't be buying anymore Blackberry products.


I have a cupboard full of no-longer-supported tech. Yes I was probably an idiot to have bought it, but it happens. In the past I've had the odd bad experience with Samsung, including a laptop that wouldn't upgrade to XP from W2000, but I'm typing this on their Intel Chromebook, and I also have one of their phones as my backup.
Every manufacturer makes mistakes.
If BlackBerry brought out a superior tablet about the time I wanted one, I wouldn't refuse to buy it over the PB just because the PB OS is a bit different from BB10. Especially as my 64G PB is still in regular use as an e-reader, browser, video player, and email machine, by another family member who doesn't know anything about what's fashionable, but gets on well with it.

Hey BlackBerry. Here is the story board for a series of adds each one featuring 2 or 3 features of the OS all in a 40 minute commute. Everybody rushes off the train to get the device that suits them best. Happy ending. Oh Alicia gets the starring role, or at least a camio! DO IT!

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Loved reading all your stories guys! I have been using Blackberry phones for years! 8900. 9800 Torch. Last Upgrade I had the Q 10. My husband - a complete technophobe - could not understand what all the fuss was about! UNTIL Carphone Warehouse started the latest rounds of cuts on the Z10. Then he decided it would be a good idea to have a brand new phone for under £11 per month. Now he is completely hooked on the Z10. Says it is the best phone and easiest one he has Ever used. Just try them folks. You really will fall in love with the New Blackberry Phones!

Posted via CB10

I Laughed, I cried. It became a part of me. Thanks for sharing.

Posted Via my second Z10

I have had many conversations like that also. Unfortunately when people go to buy the phone, the stores sway them in a different direction. My sister went to get a Z10 and the employee refused to sell it to her on 2 occasions and she finally caved in an bought an S4. Unfortunately BlackBerry doesn't have a contact to report this kind of activity to. They should investigate authorized sellers that unsell their product.

Posted via CB10

This highlights an issue I've had with tech press (other than CB of course) . Apart from the random article about the "death of BlackBerry," there is nothing being said about the power and ease of BB10. It drives me crazy to hear folks bemoan some limitation of iOS or Android while dismissing blackberry without knowing anything about it.

So Far I have saved 4 users from moving to apple or android they decided on the Z10 or Z30. But all had to see the features on my phone, nobody saw the ads and said wow that is what I was personal demo and word of mouth.

Posted via CB10

Slap a white back on that and you have the official smartphone of the Canadian Olympic team. Or what about white with a red back?
Come on marketing team....

Posted via CB10

Almost sounds like Crackberry porn. "Dear CB, I didn't think would happen to me until I showed them swiping....."

Posted via CB10

Cool story!

Wish I could show off BB10 to everyone. Unfortunately I don't have a Q10 yet, I'm a bit too cheap and don't want to be under contract. I just have to convey my enthusiasm via words instead

I bought the Z10, and I don't want any other phone (well maybe a Z50 or something), they all just don't work as well, and intuitive. I've been trying to talk to people about it, and I convinced my dad to get one. Personally I recommend BB10 because it's just so awesome.

I believe that would be the best way to share success of the blackberry. Unfortunately, for many they have never seen the device and it's full capabilities.

Posted via CB10

Nice history, I feel so good when people ask me about my Z10 and the face they have after my explanation is so amazing.

Yesterday I saw a men with an Z10 and an iphone 5, and I ask him which one he like it more and he told me "Z10", he think is more faster and of course, super more fun.

Posted via CB10

I grew up seeing people around me using Blackberry Phones and laid my hands on it when my Wife bought her first smart phone Blackberry 9810 (still she is using it). This happened exactly days before our honeymoon trip to Europe which gave me a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time to play with the Phone and decided to go for Blackberry 10. It was a "Love at First Sight" or should I say "Like"? I waited for 1.5 years... after long delays the BB10 was released and I ordered my Z10 phone (my first Blackberry and my second Smart Phone). It was a whole new experience for me to switch from Android and I thoroughly loved it. Also had down moments (with the rebooting issue), but am happy ever after the release of There is no Rebooting episode after the update and am happy that I spent my money on a decent device. Me and my Wife communicate on BBM and frankly speaking I do miss some Apps (not a Appoholic though) but the simplicity of Hub has impressed me a lot. I don't have any plans to change from Blackberry and am looking forward for the update where I could pop in one or two Android Apps. On the end note, me and my Wife are eagerly waiting for Z15 release... (could be her next Xmas gift). I certainly do believe that there are many first time users like me who feel the same way as I do. Good Day to every Blackberry Users and Abusers!

You know, I think BlackBerry is very lucky to have such a loyal fan group. We are the best marketers for BlackBerry. If they were smart they would capitalize on that and provide incentives and really reward their loyal fan base. Just from hearing this story, I'm convinced that if BlackBerry were to turn to its fan base and continually increase it and please it, it could make its turn around. it's not by working from the top down, but from the bottom (us little people) up that they could really pull a comeback. I'm working diligently on convincing her to make her next phone a BB10 device. I know friends that, after they view the simplicity of bb10, are rather impressed. Here here for the loyal fan base of BlackBerry.

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While waiting for the hobbit to start this weekend we were subject to iphone, droids and samsung commercials. All I could think is that Blackberry should be showing the 1 minute commercial they did with the petronas race car driver. That really would drive sales. It is an awesome commercial but nobody gets to see it. Blackberry won't survive if they don't advertise. Its that simple.

I've been convincing a new person to buy a Z10 about once every 2 months since March. My latest conversion (from android) was to a friend from Lithuania in the UK. The deal was so good he bought another one for his mom. Slowly but surely I'm getting more onto BB10.

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cool story... i think most of blackberry sales are from die hards and word of go in a store and they are never turned on...the staff know nothing except don't buy blackberry they are going bankrupt... that's all i ever hear from future shop staff...when ever i have looked there is no power to them, that staff know little to nothing about them...the blackberry counter is not even in the cell area it is around the corner with the accessories.blackberry has a big uphill battle....

Yes, I have had similar experience. My "work" phone is an iPhone 5. Sad, pitiful for business use. Equally sad is the marketing for BlackBerry. Remember VHS vs. Beta? Great product, poor marketing.

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I loved this! Bbm has connected me with people from all over the world. I can call these people friends all because of an app on a phone.

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Great story. I confess that I get a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever I see another BB10 out there. Often I strike up a conversation, but there really is a common feeling within the BB10 family. It reminds me of being a Mac user back in the day, before they became so common. Let's hope that company can pull out of the nosedive and we can keep "Team Blackberry" going for many many years.

That was a great article, and unfortunately it is probably the best way that large spread word of what a great product BlackBerry has, and what an awesome OS the BB10 is, (I wouldn't know, I am using a 9810, so I'm going by all the comments from BB10 users), is getting out. I have been to the AT&T store that I go to for most of my phone purchases, and I can never find anyone that knows anything about the OS. Shame on AT&T for not training their sales reps, or for pushing the product in their ads like they do with other phones. The last time we were there I asked if AT&T was going to carry the Z30 and was told they only have the Z10 to which he added that he hasn't sold a BlackBerry in months. I said it's no surprise because no one here seems to know anything about the OS in order to properly compare it to other phones. Dead silence because he knew it was true. I want to thank curzy for giving me more information in his post stating about the most common thing he gets from non-BlackBerry users: " "how do i go back to the home screen?" After i slide my finger from bottom to top they were all impressed :D ", than I got from anyone at AT&T. All anyone ever said was "Just swipe it", not swipe from bottom to top, just to swipe it. Lame. Unfortunately I have to wait until March of 2015 for my upgrade because the Z10 wasn't available when I could no longer charge the battery in my 9800 .

I commute a lot in my day, and i'm always on my phone, and every time I see a blackberry user, I smile and tend to nod. And if it's a bb10 device I like to give em a thumbs up. I'm not the only one, and I like of the community supports each other

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I think all this negativity surrounding BlackBerry makes us want to stick up for our favored devices.
I go to Verizon stores that don't have BlackBerry products on display. They have them in the back, in storage.

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Great story !
Good job.

A friend of mine had the Bold 9900 and was ready to switch for a Samsung.
He lives abroad, so we were BBMing and I was telling him how great the OS 10 is. He remained kind of skeptical.

So I went of youtube and crackberry app, found great articles and videos so he could see the Z10 at work.
He said he would check all the links.

When I walk up the next morning, I had an email from him, thanking me for the great advices, and in his signature I could read "sent from my blackberry Z10"

It's been a week since he got his Z10 and he enjoys it a lot. We often BBM Video.

Keep spreading Blackberry around you !!!!!!!

In Jamaica where BlackBerry has quite a faithful following I am forever showing people how good the phone is.
I know about 5 people with Z10's and they always ask me what's the latest app and newest thing on it, the last one was the Porsche design clock.
For me the predictive keyboard and multitasking is the best.
Great story!,

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I recently lost my PlayBook (which I was still using every day) . I wracked my brain to remember where I might have left it. One of my stops was the local McDonald's. When I asked at the counter if it had been found there the very nice teenaged girl said "I guess you use that a lot for business..."

That really said it all to me. BlackBerry has an image "problem", which, of course could be viewed as a strength - BlackBerry is serious, uncool and for "business ".

If they want to get back in the game BlackBerry needs to find a new cool niche to impress kids. This game will be renewing itself every four or five years as kids get older and younger ones don't want to identify with older teenagers. The opportunity is gone for the current crop, but certainly exists for the near future.

Yes business is a solid niche, but very uncool. Is there a way to "coolify" it? Maybe. It won't be easy.

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