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By Kevin Hill on 13 Apr 2007 10:08 pm EDT

 large blackberry

This week saw the opening of the ZeGiganticElectonicaDevisenExposition in Dusseldorff Germany at the swanky new UberExibitionHalleundStadiumArenaPlatz.

On hand were all the new shiny devices from the likes of RIM, Palm and Nokia as you'd expect. But an interesting side booth featured historic electronic devices from the former East Germany.

Apparently, before the Berlin Wall came down, East German scientists were working on their own version of the BlackBerry. Called the SchwartzCherry, it looked remarkably similar to the fledgling Canadian device, but a error in the espionage pictures led to a small mistake in the manufacturing of the East German model.

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Strange News


Hello, didn't East Germany cease to exist LONG before RIM was ever reality? How could RIM be a "fledgling device" at any time during history of East Germany? Don't get me wrong, I have a great sense of humor, but the pretty serious historical inaccuracies make this not even remotely funny. LAME!

Research in Motion founded 1984.
East Germany reunited with West Germany 1990.
So which "historical inaccuracies" would you be referring to?