StoryMasher for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Entertain the kids with interactive stories!

StoryMasher for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 28 May 2011 02:01 pm EDT

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the US, and for a lot of people that means travel and vacation. If you're off on a trip with the kids, whether by car or plane or whatever, you know they will probably have some of those "Are we there yet?" and "I'm bored!!" moments. I found a fun app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that's not only entertaining, but will keep them reading all weekend long, and hopefully beyond!

StoryMasher is a new version of the old Mad Libs we used to play as kids. You choose the story, and the game asks you for words (noun, verb, a number, etc) without letting you see the story. Once you've inputted all the words, the story populates with your words in the blank spots, resulting in silliness and lots of giggles. My kids love this game and play it over and over and over, which I don't mind because it encourages them to read and re-enforces basic skills they learned at school.

There are two versions of StoryMasher, free and paid. The free version is more of a trial, with two stories to choose from. The paid version is just $.99 and comes with 6 stories to choose from. The stories are all reusable (unlike the paper version), and every time you play the story will change up, so they are always fresh. You can save your mashed up stories and answers for sharing later. The game is laid out so that the kids can navigate around on their own, which is great if they're in the backseat and you're driving. Be prepared for lots of laughing!

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These could be used as bedtime stories for kids,They need to add some popular bed time stories in here