Story Napa Leather Holster Case for the BlackBerry Z10

By DJ Reyes on 5 Mar 2014 11:18 am EST

For the past few years I’ve mainly opted to go with a leather holster to carry around my BlackBerry device when out and about — I just preferred that as opposed to putting it in my pocket. I realize I may be in the minority with this, especially being female, but it just feels more convenient to use it sometimes. I’ll occasionally use a case but for the most part I’ll carry my phone around in the holster (although I do find the BlackBerry Z30 a bit to big to put into a holster). When the opportunity arose to try out the Story Napa Leather Holster belt case for the BlackBerry Z10 I thought I’d give it a try and see how much it would differ to a swivel holster that I normally use.

One obvious thing noticeable when I first used it was how much more space it takes up. In some ways I didn’t want to carry on using it but I thought I’d continue to give it a try and really put it through its paces. The case itself is made of hand-crafted genuine leather. The interior has a nice velvet-like finish and is soft and slightly padded to protect your device when inside. It has a magnetic flip to keep your device safely locked inside and the belt clip on the back is wrapped in leather. On the bottom there is a little opening to help you push out the device for when you need it. This particular case is for the BlackBerry Z10 and it fits in nice and snug, not too tight that it’s too difficult to pull it out. (A Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9982 also fits in very nicely inside).

Since I am used to the vertical swivel holster, it took a while for me to get used to taking the phone out swiftly. And sometimes it just felt awkward but that could just be me. The flip just felt to big that it kept wanting to close as I would try to pull out the device. I couldn’t do it in a swift motion. It’s also heavier than I’m used to. The holster itself is heavy and inserting a device into it makes it that much bulkier. Since there is no swivel clip it also sits closer to you so it doesn’t protrude as much, which is nicer.

The design and finish of the holster is nice. Something I can’t fault. It feels very durable. It also comes in a nice box. It definitely doesn’t feel cheap. It also has the a logo embossed in the front. The velvet interior is a nice touch and will protect the screen of the phone when inside.

The Story Napa Leather Holster probably isn’t something I would continue to use personally but for those who like a horizontal case, it’s one I would recommend. I like the build and the finish. It’s robust. However, there is no sleep magnetic on this case so that may be something to consider.

The Good
  • Magnetic flip
  • Strong, leather wrapped belt clip
  • Soft velvet interior
The Bad
  • Slightly bulky
  • No sleep magnet
The Bottom Line

If you’re are looking for a horizontal belt holster, the Story Napa Leather Holster is definitely one to consider, if you don’t mind the missing sleep magnet. It’s great quality, robust and looks like it would last long. I’m probably too used to a swivel holster now making it hard for me to continue to use it but with the quality and soft interior it is a case nicely crafted.

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Story Napa Leather Holster Case for the BlackBerry Z10


Here's the official BlackBerry Z30 leather holster case

Story Leather makes custom cases for any phone. I got a holster made for my Z30, very nice. Albeit a bit bulky, but I got used to it.

Just got my Zee out of a leather case before Christmas. Was a nice case too, but now rocking a Case Mate in brushed aluminum that makes it look awesome and the screen is naked always so shows off the phone way better.

Z10 In action here!

I'm using the Incipio OVRMOLD case and holster combo. I'm actually on my second because I had to rma the last one. No sleep magnet here, but it's durable, but light weight. Plus I'm a holster guy, so it fits the bill perfectly for me. One thing I like about my particular case is it gives me the same degree of protection as an Otterbox, but without all the bulk, and for a fraction of the cost. The other positive is when there's a bridge update, I can quickly take the phone out of the case to pull my sim card (I'm on ATT ) and get the update.

So if your into holsters, there's my 2 cents worth.

I hate to say this but I'm finding the quality of the official BlackBerry holsters and cases to be sub-par these days. The leather they use feels rock hard and cheap and they feel like they're lined with cardboard. After about 6 months of use my Z10 holster looked worse than one I used with my 9700 for 3 years, it wore horribly. After about 8 months the glue holding the clip inside the holster gave way and I almost lost my phone as the clip worked its way out of the holster. After about a half an hour of retracing my steps I found my device lying in slush in the middle of a shopping mall road, fortunately, none the worse for wear after an emergency clean up and panic. The sleeve I replaced it with, as I don't think I'll be returning to BlackBerry holster anytime soon, is wearing better but it feels like the while thing is made out of cardboard and is extremely tight around my Z10 making it difficult to extract.

It's hard to believe the Z10 was once a flagship device for BlackBerry with accessories like this, I can only hope the Z30's cases are better made and finished.

I'm getting quite fed up at the fact that the majority of accessories for BlackBerry are NOT available in Canada, yet BlackBerry is Canadian!!!!!

Posted via CB10

I find the Zed and Q are too (not "to") big to comfortably holster for the most part. I have OE holsters for each but limit their use to days that I plan spending most of the time on my feet. Even the 99xx was marginal for using a holster (which I did for the duration that it was my daily driver). I wondered at first if it was a middle age spread problem but I'm 20 lbs lighter now than when I comfortably carried a 9700 on my waist. I use a flip shell case which works better on days that I am wearing a pocketed shirt. Loss of holster comfort is a small price to pay for the larger displays of the current devices, though. I loved my 9700 but feared it was ruining my remaining visual acuity.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 OS