Story Maker: Formula 1 Mercedes-Benz W 196 meets the 2011 W 02

By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2013 09:38 am EDT

If you couldn't tell, I'm all about Formula 1 now. Ever since BlackBerry teamed up with Mercedes AMG Petronas I've been following along and even got to experience a victory watching my first race as an F1 fan. I've learned a lot in the last few weeks and have been reading up quite a bit so I can try to be a well informed F1 fan. 

Some of what I've been checking out is the history of F1, so I was ecstatic today when @MercedesAMGF1 started showing off some awesome photos of the 1954 Mercedes-Benz W 196 car from 1954! Among the comparison shots between the old W 196 and the 2011 W 02, the team even posted up a sweet video of the two cars that was made with Story Maker on the Q10!

I'm deep into my F1 fanboyness so seeing a cool video done up with Story Maker totally made my day. Check it out in the gallery above along with some still images of the cars. 

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Story Maker: Formula 1 Mercedes-Benz W 196 meets the 2011 W 02


Sir Stirling Moss was one great driver. His career spanned some of the most dangerous times in racing, much like the incredible A.J. Foyt here in the USA. Great to see the cars side by side. What a thrill for Hamilton.

Hey Adam, are you making the trip to Montreal next weekend for the race? Every F1 fan should attend at least one race in their lifetime. Friday is the best day to go as there are less people & it's the cheapest ticket of the 3 days. Get a general admission ticket and walk around as much of the track as you are allowed. The hairpin at the east end of the track is the best place to take pictures & if you're there for the first practice maybe Nico & Lewis will wave at you!!!!

Really wish I could! Unfortunately my daughter's birthday party is Sunday and my wife tells me that's more important :) 

How about have the party then take the family to the race after all the other kids and parents Leave. Two birds, one stone.

I'm glad to see Mercedes and BlackBerry doing well, but you picked the wrong era to get into F1. It is nothing like it used to be.

I really don't think there is a wrong era to get into it. I first started watching in the mid-nineties (Villeneuve), and at that time I was told it was the wrong time to get into it, that the great racing era was over.
Then along comes Micheal Shumacher and beats nearly every F1 record set. Funny thing is I was never a really big Schumacher fan until he tried his unsuccessful return in 2010. I miss the V-10's big time, and will probably miss the sound of the 8's now as well once they change over to the V-6 Turbos for 2014.

The era is ever changing, but the racing is always great! (Pirelli compounds really to suck though)


I got into F1 when Senna was still racing so I guess I was spoiled. I didn't like Shumacher's tactics, but you could not deny his talent.

I have been a fan since the late '60's. Can't say i've ever had a favorite driver although I have mainly been a Ferrari fan. I was at the Montreal GP in 1996, the year before Jaques won the title. Unfortunately he crashed out of that race fairly early. Don'T think I like the racing as much now as it seems somewhat contrived with the tires and DRS, but I still watch all the races.

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