StormSlider - iPhone Style Lock/Unlock for Blackberry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2009 01:00 pm EDT

Storm SliderFirst off yes, I do like having an iPhone feature on my Blackberry. Secondly, no - my next step is not to use a theme with iPhone icons. That being said, check out StormSlider. This application is a must buy in my opinion. It adds awesome functionality to the native lock function on the Storm, allowing you to swipe to unlock the screen. I was using the original free version and had some gripes with the limits of the application, but with the new premium version I am fully satisifed. The options are simple, allowing you to start the application with the phone, lock the screen during calls and even use a password. It will automatically lock when the screen dims. This saves a ton of time locking the screen and will even free up a convenience key for some.  StormSlider is available right now for only $1.00 (regularly priced at $2.99). Head over to the on your berry's browser and enter coupon code 1dollarslider at checkout.

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Hey can someone please make a app to let me download itunes and then maybe we can get apps from the apple store next.

Go buy an iphone already


The slide lock is actually a good idea. It doesn't make the Storm an iPhone at all. But if one device has something that's a good idea, why not use it? RIM boasts the best push technology in the world, and Apple is continually developing the iPhone to catch their push service up. Should someone look at their iPhone knowing that and just say "Go buy a BB Storm already" if the iPhone is what they like? Of course not. It's the preference of the consumer. If you don't like this, don't buy it, but don't be a tool either.


I never understand all the tension between brands. I personally have a Storm and like it. I had an iPod touch and liked it as well. Both great devices, both have strengths and weaknesses. But why the bitterness. Pick your fav, and enjoy it.
Maybe people are a bit insecure....??


iPhone fanboys are just as bad as Blackberry fanboys. Neither of them have the mental capacity to be subjective. Their lack of knowledge and education of all the other phones on the market, except what they like or own, keeps them in an ignorant blinded world. Like what you like, but speak from experience and knowledge, not from your ass.


It's not the wanting to have an iphone, its wanting to have a lock that WORKS.

The default lock is garbage on this phone, it will constantly unlock itself.

StormSlider is a great app and well worth the money.


Nice and a good price. Oh and to the first poster STFU


The original lock on this phone is garbage, for a dollar I will try this out.


anyone having problems with it?


No everything works just fine man, make sure your entering the code correctly.


My install does not operate with the lock button. It does lock when I place it in the leather pouch though.


For a dollar I may try this out but even though the lock on the storm sucks this doesnt look like an app worth $2.99 I mean 99 cents or free seems better for this, just my opinion.


Please add an option to lock it portrait mode only. Other than that, it works beautifully.



Adam Zeis

What I meant by "integrates" was that the app will function when you use the lock button on the Storm. When you press the button to lock the phone, after the screen dims it will activate and override the native lock.


I just tried again. the storm regular lock button , does not activate the storm lock... I AM SO SAD!!!!!!


I just tried again. the storm regular lock button , does not activate the storm lock... I AM SO SAD!!!!!!


Have you adjusted your application permissions? Check by going to options>Advanced Options>Applications>search and click StormSlider (Your Version)>Blackberry Button>Edit Permissions.

It seems like they have been upgrading it alot lately. i'm currently running StormSlider version 3.6.3


you can get this for free on i love my storm dot com


It does kind of flake in landscape.


Anyone put a 4 digit password on it? I did and the keypad that pops up does not work...hoping a battery pull fixes it, if not this is a real screw up.


The keypad doesn't "respond" visually, nor does it need the click to work. Simply touch the numbers in the appropriate order. If you mess up once, it will go back to slide screen. It took me a few tries to figure this out as well. It works, just doesn't "look" like it does.

Great app, especially for .99!


This app does not work on my Storm! I have PatternLock and that app is WAYYYYYY better! Hate this iPhone-like app. Not even any sound and it won't lock my device. Does not work and I want my $1 back! Everyone get PatternLock you will be much happier with it. I paid 99 cents for it I think it went up though but still worth it.


found an issue. when you have an alarm set, the sound of the alarm doesnt work. it will prompt the snooze or dismiss notice, but no sound. try it, let me know


PatternLock is far better. Get this iPhone wanabe crap off the page and give the pub where it's do!

PatternLock is AMAZING!!!


Check the new version of Pattern Lock! Works with the default lock button!! This is so much better that some I-phrack look-a-like... posers..


It makes the lock function take even longer than before. I locked the button and it bugged out my screen until I turned it to portrait mode. It was flashing and stuck in landscape mode even though I was in portrait. I had to turn it to landscape to get it to unlock. For a dollar I guess you get what you pay for.


It does intergrate into the factory lock button it just doesn't look like it until you try to unlock it. push one of the bottom buttons or click your screen and the slide to unlock pops least on mine it does...I definately need to check on the alarm settings...can't afford to be late for work because of something stupid like that....


If you want a lock application, go with PatternLock!


Nice little app, seems to work OK. However, if you use a scheduled locking program (such as AutoStandby), it won't lock the device with StormSlider; instead it will use the native locking mechanism.

Maybe in future versions a scheduled locking option will be available?


along with the alarm issue, i forgot to mention the massive memory leak


I dropped 27.3MB in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I don't get that big of a drop in a day without this app.


That's crazy man.

I haven't experienced the same issue. Yes, resources are being used, but I cannot say it dropped 27 mb... You sure it's not another app?


How do you get to the options? I don't see where I can choose to lock while on the phone or set a password.


i like pattern lock better. and you can use the lock key on the top of your storm with that app


I'd buy that for a dollar (crowd cheers and claps!!!)


My Aerize alerts don't show on the screen when it's locked. This is no good to me, I'm afraid.


Is it possible to use the lock function in place of pressing the built in lock? Meaning rather than waiting for the screen to dim?


my free version work ok, sometimes it wont slide or gets stuck so I haft to reboot. Wonder if the premium version will fix it


my free version work ok, sometimes it wont slide or gets stuck so I haft to reboot. Wonder if the premium version will fix it


...that they went there! Get an iPhone if you want all those 'crappy' features.



I usually pay the whole bill on my credit card as I like the airmiles. I then ask everyone for their share. This would sure make it easy!


I'm working on it religiously guys. I wont stop working on it until the app is working 100% perfectly for everyone. As always it comes with lifetime upgrades.


I'm on a BES and my company locks our phones by requiring us to use the native password feature. Every time I want to unlock my phone I have to enter in my password. I installed this program and here is what ends up happening.

1. When the screen dims the StormSlider activates.
2. After 20 minutes the native Blackberry lock engages.
3. To unlock I click the native unlock button and have to enter my password.
4. After the phone has unlocked the StormSlider appears
5. I swipe to unlock the slider app
6. I can finally start using my phone again.

Is there any way this program can integrate into the native password feature so that a) the swipe screen doesn't disappear when the native lock kicks in after 20 minutes and b) it enters the password automatically upon Swiping?


Tafasa's PatternLock has the ability to use the built in lock button, auto enable on timeout and reset. If you compare the 2 programs, PatternLock would win out hands down.

Anyone can slide their finger across the screen, but can you guess the sliding pattern to unlock the phone?


He's still updating this, they are both from Mobi as well. I'm sure we will be able to use the built-in lock button on this application eventually as well. Also you can enable a password and yes I know pattern lock has the password option as well but how much security do you really need? Besides its not that hard to look as someones pattern as they enter it or even after they've entered it, the delay is kind of crazy lol. I have both though and like to alternate.


Its not a bad program for a buck..

Edit: Found is a cool ap, I am sure it will only get better from here.


I'm just wondering if you can enable the lock somehow rather than having to wait for the screen to dim.


Would be nice to use the default lock key to activate the stormslider.


I like this app and I think it looks great. However, I have to open the application manually every time I want to lock my phone if I intend use StormSlider to wake it. Just locking my phone by clicking either the left convenience key or the top left lock button doesn't prompt SotrmSlider to run automatically. I wait for the screen to dim after I've locked it and when I wake the phone back up, no StormSlider. It just unlocks when I push either button and returns me to my home screen. I do like this a lot though. FYI, 9530 running .122, if the designer's interested.


I'm on a BES and my company locks our phones by requiring us to use the native password feature. Every time I want to unlock my phone I have to enter in my password. I installed this program and here is what ends up happening.

1. When the screen dims the StormSlider activates.
2. After 20 minutes the native Blackberry lock engages.
3. To unlock I click the native unlock button and have to enter my password.
4. After the phone has unlocked the StormSlider appears
5. I swipe to unlock the slider app
6. I can finally start using my phone again.

Is there any way this program can integrate into the native password feature so that a) the swipe screen doesn't disappear when the native lock kicks in after 20 minutes and b) it enters the password automatically upon Swiping?


It was a buck, let him keep working on it.


I think DMG did a great job with this one. He is still getting out a few of the bugs, but it works great! Plus at a can you beat that!? I'm getting kind of tired of listening to people whine about everything with the Storm including apps... Doesn't anyone remember that this is a first gen device?!?! Patience is key...otherwise get something else.


talk lock is better and FREE


talklock had its own set of problems that resulted in a replacement phone for me. No thanks. I trust what DMG produces.


sucked. It was not responsive in a smooth manner, and was glitchy at best.


talklock is no longer free and only available via BB App World


It just seems like it'd be a hassle to check out through the mobile browser. Wish the $1 deal was available for purchase from using a PC Browser with the activation code emailed.


i really thought this was integrated into the lock button on the storm.

one feature that would be nice for future versions though

Choose your background pic for the lock! :) would be pretty wild


I just updated and it nuked my storm. awesome, thanks.


Works fine for me. Just wished it superseded the native password lock feature. But, it doesn't. If my company didn't force me to use the blackberry password though, I'd think this app was GREAT!




This application sucks. If you keep your phone on the charging/usb pod thing, it is nice to see the clock feature. If you have this application, it locks your phone as soon as the screen dims, so it's impossible to see your clock. If you unlock it again, you will see your clock until it dims again. This is stupid, wish I didn't waste a dollar on it.


You can turn it off if it's plugged in and charging. This will allow your clock to stay on while in a dock. Just go check out Options>StormSlider Options> Application Options. Second item.


I just received an e-mail saying there is an upgrade for this and I did it which then made my phone useless it doesnt work now at all I can even access the screen and if it sits idle the screen will go black and never come back and not even a battery pull can fix it so my storm is officially useless. Anyone know how to fix this???


I applied the update and it fubard my BB. I used DM and was able to remove the application and reboot the phone. Installed the application from scratch and it works fine.


Me too! I got the email notice of an updated application, I installed it, and it messed up my Storm. I had to uninstall it via the desktop manager.

Watch out!


Ahh Desktop Manager which I cant use since I have a mac Ill have to wait till I go to work tomorrow.

joedirt2217 far, even after the two updates which seems to have fixed the massive memory leak. Would be an even better app if when using this app with a password for screen lock, a password wasn't required to unlock the screen during a call.


Hey everyone, those of you who are having problems just upgrade to 3.6.1

It's a lot more stable and most of the bugs have been worked out. I'm still working on it though and wont stop until I've added all the requests and fixed all the bugs.

I thought I had all the bugs worked out of it when I lunched it. I would never release buggy software if I know it's buggy.


seems to work like described, just have trouble unlocking. when sliding to unlock would have to make repeated attempts to slide the lock over....a little glitch but no big. also would be nice to be able to reactivate during a phone call for when after you enter pin code for voicemail, dont want to face button mute while listening to a message.


I have 3.6.1 I love this app, although the one thing I don't like about it is that is bypasses me alarm...anyway to fix this?


I'm working on that right now


Sweet, once that is resolved, it will be a solid application.


Little disappointed that after I had paid for the item, I received an email saying that there was an update for it, but it is going to cost me. Can't figure it out.


Another flaw is that when the backlight times out and the the slider locks, the ring tones dont work.


its a cool interface and everything. but mine always says low memory mode and also i dont know if i have an email/missed call/text message.


i dont have a windows comp so i cant use desktop manager and i really need the alarm to can i delete this so i can use my alarm again?


go into options then advance optionsthen applications go the storm slider push the bb button hit delete. i think it tell you to restart too.


hey tflex are you the same person as tflex20 in phone arena??


Would of been nice to use the coupon but when I purchased it did not charge me $1.00 but charged me $2.99. I put the coupon code in but was not given the discount. Not happy
Feel ripped off


I really can't believe what I am seeing. I bought a Blackberry because I didn't want an iPhone, why the hell would I want to transform it into one? Anyone who buys this should have their Crackberry account revoked and forever shunned by the Blackberry community.


I cant belive it but it has happened, 2 updates in a day to take care of the needs of the posters on this forum.

I think this app is great and works very well. I am happy to see that the voices of the users are heard and have been taken care of right away.

Keep up the good work.

storm lover........

I paid a buck for this and watched the video to help with gettin it to work. first of all i didnt get a button to activate this. i also dont have 3 options. next, i didnt even put a 4 digit password in and when it actived on dimming a keypad came up and wouldnt unlock because i never put a password in.

this program has only cause me to do multiple battery pulls.

not even worth a buck...where can i get my refund...


this is a great app. wtf are you people complaining about it is 1 dollar are you seriously complaining about the price of a gumball out of a machine. please get over it he has released two updates tody alone and I updated twice and had no problem. this is not meant to make our BB look like an iphone it just improves the crappy lock they have. KEEP IT UP DMG

storm lover....

the only reason i am complaining about a buck is because it doesnt work at all. i downloaded it and then emailed about problems so downloaded the newest verison. and still having problems.

when the storm slide activates it has a key pad. i dont have the password enable though. and since i never set up a passcode i cant get into my phone.

so for a dollar my phone is lock and noone can get in without a battery pull. not even me.

so idiot, its not the dollar its the fact that crackberry advertised this app and it doesnt even work. it just locks you out of your phone....

again where can i get my refund...


i wasnt speaking to you personally so get over it. im just saying that it costs me more to startup my truck in the morning than this app did plus with the new version it works perfectly


It is free and works perfectly. Just hit back to unlock.


with the stormslider can you put any picture on the little background thing or just that blackberry logo?


The screen lock engages when its in the dock meanign if you use your storm as a desktop clock as i do instead of having a nice big clock you have the slide and the blackberry logo and a tiny clock on the top of the screen... other then that no problems that i noticed...


This is also my main complaint about this application.


Same issue for me. Had it installed until I docked it, then the clock it shows (which would have been acceptable to me) freezes and doesn't update the time. Uninstalled it until a fix is available.


I had version 3.6.2 and it crashed my phone so how do I down grade to 3.6.1 without having to buy it again? Im not paying twice cause the update sucked.


Never mind wrong version Im retarded it appears to be working fine.


WOW WOW WOW is all i can say !!!!!!


I've downloaded all the updates thusfar with no problems. Im highly impressed so many updates have come out so quickly. It's crazy. I've had no issues really other than a possible nasty memory leak but I've dealt with it as I'm sure most have. Plus you can't beat the dollar. I love it coming up automatically when the screen dims, helps me out. And for those that have issues with it, the latest version allows you to disable that.


Funny how it took PatternLock to come out, for DMG to get things right on this app. Staying with PatternLock, there isn't any security with a slide lock anyways.

Verizon Dude

This app does not work!! It will pretty much freeze your phone and you have to take the battery out to use your phone. JUNK! Does anyone know how to get my dollar back?? Email me


how do you know when there is an update made, and how do you actually go about doing that when there is one


does anyone know how to take this thing off?


The storm lock is free. There is a version that you can pay for which auto locks your storm with the slide lock, but the free version works exactly the same. What I did was put the app icon in my first two rows and turned my auto lock app off so when I want to lock my phone I just push the icon and wal lah.

locked out!

I just bought the upgrade from the free version mostly based on this article!!

I went into the options and entered my 4-digit password and hit Save. Now I slide the lock and I see a keypad, except the keypad is completely unresponsive and it won't accept my password. After a second or two it just goes back to the slider. I'm totally stuck. HELP!

Also, I noted a few spelling mistakes in the Options as well. If you're going to be selling apps, at least do a spell check to give us a bit more confidence in your attention to detail.


I tried this for about a day and deleted it. I ran it with the AppleBerry theme and it made my phone run so slowly! It was also annoying because everytime the screen dimmed the screen had to be unlocked. I thought I would like this feature, but I didn't.


My alarm clock didn't go off this morning because of this app. I checked the options to see if there was something I missed, but it doesn't appear to be. I have the latest version... I think (3.6.3) I know that you are still working out bugs, but this is a major one for me. Running on OS .113 Otherwise, I love the app. Thanks!


"I'll buy that for a dollar"


It freezes my phone when I put it on the charging dock.


its looks cool but it freezes to much thinking of removing it maybe the developer is reading and they will make a update for it


I love the idea of this program however the programmer need to do a quick fix, every since I loaded this software to my phone I find myself several times having to reset my phone.


When I installed it gave me an error message. Maybe I'm just an idiot but how do I fix this? And where do I find the app once in stalled?

**Error message: "Uncaught exeption: java.lang.Error"**

Can ANYONE help?


When I installed it gave me an error message. Maybe I'm just an idiot but how do I fix this? And where do I find the app once in stalled?

**Error message: "Uncaught exeption: java.lang.Error"**

Can ANYONE help?


I pretty much use my phone as my only alarm. Ever since dowloading this app it has not worked. The snooz or dismiss option comes up on the screen but no sound. This has been very frustrating!! I have figured out a few tricks to get around it, such as disabling the auto dim before i go to bed, but hate having to do it every night. I LOVE THE APP THOUGH and it's a great addition to my storm. Just hoping the glitch can get worked out. Keep up the good work!


i keep finding my storm freezes when i'm trying to unlock it and the only way to fix this problem is to and restart the phone.


Just bought this great app... Works perfectly... Lock screen while talking on the phone, lock screen when the screen dim and turn on when you lock the screen using the native lock button (will lock as usual but it will replace it as soon as the screen dim).

And please, stop saying we should get an iPhone juste because we love this app... Take the best of both worlds and use it to create a better phone... Both phone are great.

Be happy, use the phone you like and stop whining it's lame.



sean bulling

Great application, couldn't get it to work at first but download v4.7 (or whatever is the newest one) and it works good now so if your having trouble where it just don't slide or a keypad is in the way then UPDATE. Obviously there is problems, the lock key should automatically activate the slider and the screen doesn't lock quick enough when on calls however it does lock. (people who say it don't lock on calls should)Make sure that settings are correct, change time to 2 seconds and then actually call a mate a watch the app work.
Big thanks to the creator and please update soon. Also when there is an update where can i get it ????


Mine locks at random times while Im Using my Browser. Anyone else having any problems like this?