BlackBerry Storm2 Dummy Unit Spotted at Best Buy!

By David Boyd on 21 Oct 2009 12:18 am EDT

I'm sure there have been a few of you anxiously awaiting the release of the Storm2, or maybe even an official announcement from Verizon of it's existence. Well after browsing through the forums, it looks like user LazyDanes has found evidence that the Storm2 may be here soon. 

While she was at a Best Buy store with her family, she went over to the cell phone area and found the Storm2 dummy unit on display and snapped this pic for us. Of course the salesperson did not have any info on the release date, but I'd say having dummy units arrive in stores is a good sign!

Come on Verizon, give us a release date already! Can you hear us now???

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BlackBerry Storm2 Dummy Unit Spotted at Best Buy!


The only thing that will show up in the Best Buy systems will be the full price of the phone outright in their systems.

New activation/upgrade/family plan pricing will most likely only be available when the phone comes out. The way that it works is there is a special sign that has to be made for pricing, and each phone has a special tag to indicate the pricing.

That said, the prices for the Storm 2 haven't been uploaded to the Best Buy system otherwise A)I would know B)Someone else would have already posted it even though BB is currently trying to prevent employees from leaking information.

there is just no way... o well, the day will come and pass and we will all do this again tomorrow. before we know it, it will be black-friday.... ::sigh::

i was at best buy yesterday and they looked it up for me because i wouldbt leave and they told me the 25th. guaranteed. i told her that i wasnt due fir a upgrade i woyld be paying full price and ahe told me the 25th. just a fyi.

Don't believe that , The people at the Verizon store know nothing. At this point , we know more about this phone then they do.

I can tell you, with the success of the first storm, there gonna do the samething as they did lasttime. Bring it out the friday before Thanksgiving. Which would be , Nov. 20th.

They sold so many phones, it was a good time to launch. Even thou they had bad reviews.

I remember it just like yesterday, this time last year. It's like deja vu. Vodafone is gonna get theres first, two weeks or so then it'l be in the states.

Think about it, why would they release this phone on the 25th? You havent seen any advertisements , or anything . Other then leaked information on the web.

Nov 20th . let hope im right on this one

Am I the only one that's starting to feel a little uneasy that Verizon is in a way turning their backs on BlackBerry? All this Verizon Motorola Droid stuff seems to speak to me that Verizon is seriously pushing the Droid and not really giving a crap about the S2 or it's fanbase.

Everybody knows it's here. Everybody wants a big announcement. Verizon could care less.

Even tonight on the PalmCast, Deiter said that he could see Verizon is slowly starting to distance themselves from BlackBerry.


Surely, RIM won't forget their own...if tradition holds, we should get it at least a week before anyone! (Perhaps not this time if Vodafone's got exclusive rights for a week.)

two weeks guys. i was on the phone with vzw today activatibg my new tourr and the guy said two weeks so im guessing a november release!

.....Cant imagine how many people are going to get upset today...21st has turned out to be only a demo release day...

Just talked with Verizon customer Service this morning. The fellow said he could not divulge the release date, but did say that he personally did have training on the device two weeks ago. He said that the Storm 2 will work on a platform closer to to 4G rather than 3g. Stating there was "a twist" that made it close to 4G.

This is the 1st I have heard from any customer service reps. even stating that the Storm 2 existed.

but the part about "closer to 4G than 3G" is pure crap, the only "training" that we've had for the device was a "what's new" vid that talked about the memory differences, the OS5 features, and the "enhanced surepress" nothing more....

for it to make it close to 4G they'd have had to put a LTE(4G) radio in it too so it could pick up on LTE data. all it added radio-wise is WiFi and in doing so gave the ability to talk and surf at the same time if in a hotspot.

If the date on the dummy unit is any indication, I'm predicting a May 21 2010 release date. YAAYY! ... Only 7 more months to go!

MAY 21st !!!!! I know that that is obviously way off and this guy probably has no basis for his 'facts'. But where on anything does it say May?

May 21 is on the home screen of the dummy unit photo (as best as I can decipher from the blurry shot). I'll alter my prediction slightly and say with 100% certainty that the Storm2 will have made its debut by May 21 2010. You can take that to the bank!

I work at best buy and just saw this in our warhouse. After playing with the dummy unit(lol) i don't know if I like the 4 buttons being part of the screen.

I have a buddy that does the online marketing for vzw and he was told a release date of the 28th of Oct. and hes been spot on for other phones before.

I was at VZW today getting my Storm warranty replaced... They said the Storm 2 was SUPPOSED to be released TODAY, but has been pushed back to an "Undetermined" date.