Storm Unlock - A Free Device Security Application

By Bla1ze on 3 Feb 2010 06:36 am EST
Storm Unlock- A Free Device Security Application

BlackBerry Storm owners this one is for you. Storm Unlock from MMMOOO is a lock / unlock solution for your device. Rather then making use of a password, you can simply create a pattern for locking and unlocking your Storm. Storm Unlock is now available as a free OTA installation. A nice, simple app for free. Can't beat that.

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Storm Unlock - A Free Device Security Application


Downloaded and installed. It works as advertised, but make sure to take your time tracing the pattern. It will miss some dots if you go to fast. It would be nice to have a time option, instead of just when the backlight turns off, but for a freebie, it serves its purpose.

Seems like drawing the same pattern over and over would leave a pretty clear oily streak on the screen surface. Any current owners of pattern-unlocking apps experience this? Or do I have a hygiene issue? :O

I have PatternLock and also wondered about that. About the only time that someone would be able to figure out the pattern is if I unlocked it and then put it down without doing anything else. In that case, they *might* be able to see it. Otherwise, I push and swipe enough after unlocking the phone to make the pattern unnoticeable.

Patternlock is great and the paid version has all the features I need. If you want more options try it.

does it ever lock automatically? or do i have to click the icon each time i want to lock it? even the lock button will pull up the program.

i notice all the bloggers are apprehensive in reporting it as a copy of the android's unlock feature.

The unlock does not super seed the password you must use if you are on the BES, for me at least...others

pattern lock doesn't keep your screen from moving when the phone is "locked" (unless they've changed it recently)... this one does. Depsite having less features, it works like it's supposed to. Instead of pattern lock selling us a 9500 app for 9550 phones...

Curious if anyone else is experiencing this... When I am on a phone call I notice 'Storm Unlock' activates. In some cases I have been unable to disconnect the call without swiping the unlock pattern. On one occasion the call was still active counting minutes. If this continues I will be uninstalling.

I normally use the PW feature for this, I deactivated it and noticed that when the phone should be "locked" and I received a message (text, IM, or BBM not an email) and I hit any button. it will still unlock the phone.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Looks great... but just wondering if there are any differences or advantages of using this over patternlock lite (free version also)? Only difference I can see is that this is black and blue as apposed to full colour like patternlock?

I liked it at first....but when I got home and plugged it in and put my phone in bedside mode, it doesn't allow for the clock to stay active. It immediately went into the Storm Unlock pad. I swiped my password and when I clicked on the clock icon it imediately went back to the password pad. It did this repeatedly to the point where I just deleted it and went back to my device password settings.

i just downloaded this is app hoping it would be more fun than just pressing the old lock button. well it is/was more fun than pressing the old lock button until i forgot the sequence i used to lock the screen. so now here i am freaking out because i cant get back in my beloved blackberry storm. i did everything from turning off and restarting it to pulling the battery out and starting it. nothing worked. suddenly i remembered that its just an app. so i held the blackberry button waited til the list of all the running apps came up and choose the homescreen. boom. thats how easy it is to get back in the phone without knowing the sequence of this app.
its fun because its a different way of locking your phone. but it doesnt really lock your phone after all.