The Storm before the Storm before the Storm before the Torch before the Storm (but not that Storm)

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Apr 2013 01:30 am EDT


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The Storm before the Storm before the Storm before the Torch before the Storm (but not that Storm)


Kevin, may have please have your white Bold please. I've a first generation Torch(circa Summer 2010), and it is literally a crackberry. Screen's cracked all over, the call and hangup buttons are missing, the finish is almost non existent, and it's banged up all around. I can email the pictures, or tweet them to the Crackberry Twitter account. Thanks in advance.

the torch which blows away apple and andorid before the storm has announced which has a huge curve on the market where no company has made this bold and even bolder than before
z10 and Q10 will dominate

Hey, I think Samsung stopped paying people to troll :P No need for negativity, friends. If you have a difference of opinion, just state it. This forum is for healthy discussions.

The only truth that hurts is your phone doesn't truly multi task and your on here insulting us to compensate for it.... or something else your lacking ;)

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This guy is actually probably correct. For anyone to think that Blackberry phones will dominate the market anytime soon is probably more than a bit of wishful thinking. Hell, how long did it take Apple to turn things around, probably 20 years? Although, I do think Blackberry is in a much better position with better technologies then in Apple's darker days.

So he's not that off the mark. Here's what I don't get, why come on a site that supports a product you obviously don't care about to talk sh**? I personally despise Apple products, although my daughter has an iPhone. It's the programmer in me. Used to work in near proximity to graphic designers and we had the ongoing PC vs. Mac argument daily. I also don't much care for Android products (although I do envy some of their apps) and by the way the wife has an S3. So the last thing I have the time or desire to do is visit one of the many fan sites out their for those products to read about them and then post snarky comments. You are either a closet Blackberry fan, bi-polar or just have too much time on your hands.

Before you call me a blind fanboy or something to that effect, read my posts and you will see that I do not blindly follow, nor am I 100% satisfied with my Z10 and BB10, but I am enjoying the hell out of it and am very excited by the bright prospects for its future.

Rock on BB10!

I think he probably meant to encourage you to add some value to the conversation. No one disagrees that BB has less than 10% of the US market. I think we all wish it will grow but that's up to the end user. Nevertheless, I always say "build it and they will come."

I thnk we can all add value to the conversations by keeping it real, I'm not emotionally invested in any smartphone platform so I don't feel the need to distort facts (i.e. "dominate"). I guess my problem is that I keep forgetting that this is a BB forum, and I keep approaching it from a more objective perspective. It's just that other forums are boring.

Of course, we welcome you to participate. I think you are being singled out because it appeared you were being confrontational. No harm done.

I hope you find what you're looking for in a phone. As my moniker implies, I'm firmly in the BlackBerry camp for many, many reasons besides owning one. I don't despise Apple, Google, or Samsung. I think each of them has added some value to the industry, and everyone has benefited from that.

BlackBerry has a new and exciting platform, and I personally think it makes significant advancement in the user interface making it simple for folks to get stuff done. The platform itself is very powerful and robust. Don't forget this is a first generation platform, but it is getting off the ground with some very cool features (easily accessible message hub, powerful multitasking) a decent set of built-in tools (especially that awesome browser!) plus 100,000 apps to begin with. They've added 30,000 apps in 2 months.

It is exciting here at BlackBerry, so I hope perhaps you too will join in on the excitement.

ok, maybe "dominate" is not a good choice of word. but in tech world, think how Microsoft dominated the PC over Apple in the 80's so when I say " Apple will dominate the tech world" is somewhat wishful thinking in the 90's but not true in the early 2000. I see promising results with the BB10 and hardware is somewhat par with Androids and Apple, ok the safest way to say it as " Blackberry will gain a market share, "dominated" by Apple and Android LOL"

remember when people made those jokes about there being "too much fruit" in the cellphone market? (when it was just blackberry and apple. Then Android came and shoved sugary sweets down our throats. Fruit is healthier :)

Wow you guys are so passionate! (except Alex) LOVE that, keep up guys. BBRY ftw \=D/

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Hey Kevin I lost my z 10 and now I am using my 9000 find it funny your back to a bold. I don't know what to do should I just buy an other z10 or should I wait for the Q10 you think there going to be a sale or something


It's still based in waterloo..they just went to the U.S for a couple of months to promote the launch of the Z10 and the Q10...kevin just said they will be in N.Y until the middle of may.

Kevin should start reading some of the developer complaints. It looks to me like BlackBerry has some dev support problems they better jump on. Developing for BB10 may be easier but getting the app in BBW, is looking like a big problem.

Kevin, please host a Q10 launch event/meetup in NYC either on a weekend, or with 2 weeks notice so I can take it off from work to get there <3 lol. Or better yet, host it in Albany, NY!! lol. Come check out the state capital before you leave! I'll take ya on a tour!

LOL. Seriously need to get Alex to face the camera and say more. Or perhaps have a timer for each host so everyone present gets a chance to give their input.

Rene seems like a cool and approachable dude. I'm glad he's in on this "phone olympics" you guys will be having... I can see a very unbiased point of view from him (which is unlike anything that typical iOS fanboys would ever do), and much more objective than Phil (AndroidCentral) or especially Daniel (WP Central) can be.

The hype for Q10 being created by CB as probably Z10 didn't do as well as had expected.Im being very objective please don't start bombarding me with names.I love BB own one since 2002.

Seriously though, sooner or later you guys gotta have that Z and soon Q t shirt on cb store or something. Like real soon!

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I'm still at the point where I'm not sure I'll ever own another Blackberry because of how badly they treated their customers with the original Storm. I don't think Thorsten is going to send me a new model to replace the one I suffered with for almost a year and a half.

However, I want Blackberry to do well, because none of us want a marketplace where only Google and Apple have compelling phones. I'm not sure that Blackberry will ever get back to their Halcyon days where they accounted for the only real smartphone in the marketplace, but I am sure that they can move the marketplace when they put the effort in.

I really wish Blackberry could go back in time and put the type of effort they've made with their current line of phones and ecosystem back when they released the original Storm. They've been humbled, for good reason, and the company has put some really good ideas into the new model and OS.

Blackberry isn't going to dominate the market like they used to -- and definitely not anytime soon, but that doesn't mean they can't put a really good phone and OS on the market and move the whole marketplace forward -- and that benefits everyone.

Anyway, just the mention of the words Blackberry and Storm put me in a cranky place ... so I'm going to go and try to get as comfortable as Kevin appeared to be in this video. ;-)

Yep....I've believed this for years, but don't really have any "data" that isn't anecdotal....plain and simple....the Storm DESTROYED is THE phone that pi$$ed people off royally. Hell I'll admit it....I THREW my first Storm against a cinder block wall

Mr lanonymous was trying to be a d*ick to make himself feel good due to his empty life and then tried to backpeddle like he is Mr reasonable. 10 % of the market would be 'dominating' in a fragmented market and a stable base to grow from. Way ahead of windows or Nokia.

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There's some posts here talking about BlackBerry regaining dominance in the market, but I don't even think that's necessary. I think BB has established, or is establishing, itself as a viable 3rd player who caters to a niche of the market. The BB loyalists value certain features and BB can continue to thrive by doing those best (communication, keyboards), while also starting to add the versatility offered by other platforms (apps, photos, entertainment media).

I think the talk of "dominance" comes from a protective fear that without significant marketplace improvement, BB will cease to be. However I don't see that as necessarily true, especially considering that BB's revenues are up even in their early stages of their "comeback" - a comeback that Thorsten and co. surely have outlined as a long-term project, not just a 12-24 month thing. It's only getting better!

Perhaps most importantly, BB is shaking things up with some innovative features and improvements on things that are rarely improved, like touchscreen keyboards. Apple and Android get much of their success off of their reputation built around apps, but how much really good innovation have they themselves offered in the last little while?

I like Blackberry, and I have for a long time. But when I don't anymore I'll get something else. But none of you will know it. For now I'm a fan of the BBMZQR10. I'll say it again and again, oh, have a nice CrackBerry weekend!

Kevin isn't it difficult to go back to OS7 after using the Z10? I have a personal Z10 and I work 9900 and I find it hard switching back and forth.

Please tell me you guys will have an email shootout! See what devices push faster. Also, in the email shoot out should be a bunch of challenges, everyone has to reply the same paragraph, add attachments or photos, copy paste text, etc... Time it all and see what device is the fastes :D

In this day and age they should all be similar push wise. Heck, my craptastic HTC Trophy running wp7 would get me my emails almost instantly.