Storm Rotation Wizard Lets You Control Display Rotation

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 May 2009 08:14 am

Storm Rotation Wizard

Storm owner? Do you find your Storm's display rotates from portrait to landscape or vice-versa when you don't want it to? If so, you'll want to check out Storm Rotation Wizard from Mobireport (developers of Pimp my Pearl and Berry Locator).

For $2.99, this utility allows you to lock the Storm's display in portrait or landscape, or you can choose to leave it on auto-rotate (the way the device is by default). It's simple and it works. The file size is tiny (3k) so it won't crush your memory and it won't drain your battery. Of course this is functionality that should have been built into the Storm's OS for free, but we won't go there. Another new app, StopTilt, offers similar screen control functionality, but lists for $9.95. 

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I would like a function that automatically locks the phone in portrait immediately when the phone rings.


This app should be free! No...wait...this should be an option within the storm's garbage operating system. It is ridiculous that you take the phone out of your pocket or pick it up and have to re-orientate the screen...who was the jackass who thought that using the aceclorometer 100% of the time was a good idea?


This one is probably better than the one I bought yesterday (StopTilt I think it's called?), so now I'll have to buy this one too!


so it says this works for locking a screen for apps, but does it also work just for the home screen? and can you lock it for the homescreen, but leave it optional for apps? any ideas or reviews?


When you are in an app that lets you access the Setup Screen Orientation just simply set the orientation for that app. This does not work for all apps.


There is now a new menu entry in the main system menu, "Setup Screen Orientation". Choose your orientation and it will be locked to the new one.


StopTilt is also only 2.99 until i believe May 18th. Stop Tilt seems to have more options such as allowing you to individually set which apps autorotate. Storm Rotation Wizard only seems to have a global enable/disable autorotation option. Both are welcome additions though.Just my 10 cents......


I just loaded Storm Rotation Wizard onto my storm (OS ver .132) and it works great. The rotate feature is NOT global, thankfully, and it totally lets you decide which apps you want to control the rotation on. Every time you open an app, just hit the menu button and specify whether you want that app to auto-rotate or not!...! Simple and efficient.


Looks like i goofed........Storm Rotation Wizard DOES allow customizing apps for the desired orientation....looks like my 10 cents isn't worth 1 cents!


I've been using the leaked updates for a couple of months now, but I remember a darker time when I felt stuck (and frustrated) with .75. This would have been HUGE for that, and I would have picked it up in a heartbeat. Now, however, with the quicker response in the accelerometer, I don't think it's for me.

Carbine Guy132

Of course this couldn't be on app world and I can't just put the price on my bill. It would be even better if RIM would just put this in as standard. Stupid that they didn't.


I've been saying this since I started using the Storms operating system:

give me the option to lock the orientation, and use a convenience key to change orientation on the fly. STOP using the accelerometer 100% of the time, especially when a call is coming in.


I believe I was one of the first to mention a desire for an option like this in the forums a few months ago. GLAD TO SEE IT HERE! Definitely hoppin on the download!


So what happens when this is say turned on to Landscape only and you go to the phone dialing screen (isnt that locked to portrait?) does it stay in landscape? go to portrait anyways? or get all confused and f**k up?


Been waiting for something like this!! This made my morning lol...


Is there a way to assign one of the convenience button so that the screen will tilt when I press it? Or do I have to go in the settings and change it if I want to tilt it. Because I know I use some app 80% of the time in portrait, but what about that other 20%?!


this is ridiculous to me too. i cannot stand the accelerometer of the phone. it's constantly switching to landscape and then sticks there and i have to give it a 180 in the other landscape mode before i can put it back to portrait.

F*cking GARBAGE! this should be an option in the OS and we shouldnt have to pay for it.


Thank you. The one feature I have wanted since day one. I only use the phone in horizontal when using the browser, sometimes.


Seems not to lock the screen orientation once you lock the phone.


Given that this a front page article, in all fairness you should mention that StopTilt is on sale for the same price, and unlike this app has a FREE trial.


Just dl'd the trial version of StopTilt and it's really simple to set up, on the BB menu for each app you have Enable AutoRotation, just flip to the orientation you want (Port or Land) and select Enable, to disable click Disable's that easy! Since we'll prob have to wait till 5.0.100 to get this from RIM I'm kicking in my 2.99 :-)


I think this will be the first app i buy... Dam* finally!


just gave it a download, it does exactly what i want. it locks the home screen from switching and when in apps i can turn it and it still switches to landscape. the only downside of this app is after a battery pull you need to set up the lock again.


These two apps do the same thing. However, stoptilt is better in my opinion because it is much faster to change the setting.

For storm rotation wizard, you bring up the menu, click on storm rotation wizard, choose your orientation, then click on ok for the notification and you're done

For stoptilt, you bring up the menu and click on disable autorotation, and you're done.

Because each screen has to be programmed specifically and because you have to reprogram after a reset, I'd much rather use stoptilt for the speed.

In addition, as someone else said, both of these are the same price right now - but stoptilt offers a free trial while the wizard does not.


As for a battery pull. Couldn't you just use Quick Pull App? or do you think it will cause the same problem even doing a soft reset not a physical battery pull? Dunno, has i havent downloaded stoptilt, yet. lol. hope to see an update to keep the settings as i like what i'm reading "its easier to use the the BB menu."


Quickpull will also reset your settings. To me, though, with stoptilt it's not that big of a deal to reapply the settings. It probably takes me all of 15 seconds to reapply them.


Works great. Home screen never lags. I have it set up so the screen doesn't switch to landscape, so i don't have to turn it and make it go back to portrait. $3 is well worth it even though it should have been shipped with this option.

Bizzle NYC

One downside I found is that you cannot force TwitterBerry or Facebook to landscape/portrait. The menu options are there, but nothing happens when you select them.


As of now neither of these apps control most third party ones. The developer of a third party app can input this option if they want, and as these two apps gain popularity, maybe some of the bigger guys like google will put the option in future releases.


why is it that i have to pay for an option that should come with the phone. this is a joke, did they make this phone without all the bells and whistles so you would have to spend more just to make the phone managable?


No free trial? lame.

Somewhat Anonymous

$2.99 for this? That's definitely an app that should be on the freebie list...


sounds like what i EXACTLY need but i am not paying, especially with no trial.. also i don't think i am keeping my storm when the tour comes out so no point in paying for shit i wont use in a month


and the "experts" said it couldn't be done...interesting



This app resets when you turn off the phone. After doing so, the storm rotation no longer works and you have to set up all the screens again to not rotate. What is the point of this?


Exactly!!! The settings need to remain after turning the phone off and/or doing a battery pull... I love the concept and it's what we have wanted for a long time... just poor execution on the design.

Fix this issue and it will be perfect in my opinion.


This app is Bad Ass! I was waiting for someone to create this. Thank you


Just purchased today and I'm liking this alot. This app is added to the BBmenu when you download it. Each app is customizeable to your preference. If you want a certain app to remain locked in a certain view, you just open up the app you want then select Setup Screen Orientation. If you have it set up so that your homescreen remains in portrait then all incoming calls will remain that way too. I just have my homescreen locked in portrait for now.


Can it be set to turn off the accelerometer during a call or when the phone app screen is up, but otherwise behave normally? I have no need for any other functionality.


Two dings !!

1) No free trial - c'mon !! can't believe thats not an option with this app.

2) App resets with batterypull. Everyone (ok, most everyone) knows that battery pull is good for the storm and almost required on a nightly basis. Though it might take 15 secs to reconfigure it as someone in a previous post mentioned, thats 15 sec of yet another thing to remember to do with this - no thanks ! If it was set it and forget it, would be more appealing

Kudos to the developer seeing the need and filing in the gap of what the software didn't include.

Lastly - The price is right and reasonable. Wish ALL apps, inluding themes ought to be around this price range. Makes things affordable.


tired of being taken advantage of

Thanks for stealing $2.99 from me. This app sucks and does not work as you say that it will. My phone still rotates and that stupid blue and black screen still pops up. Thanks for ripping people off. I know $2.99 is not alot of money but when you buy something you assume it will work. Last app I buy from your site.


App works for fine for me. Maybe you don't know how to use it.

But I'm sure that their whole purpose is just to rip you off. They are probably rolling is cash from their percentage cut of a 3 dollar app. Probably stand to make hundreds of dollars for their weeks of research to do what nobody else said was possible, just to maliciously steal $3 from you.


The Cram App will come in handy during finals


have to buy something to fix a flaw that should not be a problem with a new device? Doesn't make sense.


I tried this for the first time today while I was in Media playing music and it did not work. It would lock during the song that was playing, but as soon as the next song started it was back to auto. Has anyone else had this problem?