Storm Lander - Lunar Lander Game For BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2009 10:01 am EDT

Storm Lander

This isn't one of the most revolutionary games (or the prettiest), but it is still insanely fun and a great time killer. Storm Lander is based on the DOS game Lunar Lander.  The object is to guide your ship to the designated landing area on different planets and terrains.  Each level has variable terrain and gravity, and there are cool crash effects as well as two game modes.  If you're looking for a fun game to keep you busy, check out Storm Lander at for only $1.99.

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Storm Lander - Lunar Lander Game For BlackBerry Storm


I am by no means an iphone fanboy and i own a storm.

but seriously wtf. Almost all the games on the storm look like something from 1986.

I was trying out my buds iphone for the first time today w/ this insanely cool ping pong game. Everyone says the storm has the hardware to run these games , if so why is there such limited ones out?

Where are all the free games???? As I see it, Tiltris is still the only decent free game worth playing on the storm right now, and its not even in the App World!!

thanks everyone. I will have another version coming out soon, i will make sure if you purchased it you will get the update.

It appears the program does not take into account atmospheric drag in lateral movements for the planets that have a heavier atmosphere. I would expect that the velocity moving to the left or right would decrease in time depending on think the atmosphere is.

Ubertwitter is great compared to the others I tried but certanly nothing I would pay for, I guess im just not that social

I bought yesterday it since I fondly remembered playing this on my TRS80. It is a very cool game, but some bugs on different levels. The ship just crashes without touching anything on some levels. The menu also keeps popping up when you click the screen. I'd love it if the bugs were worked out. Great time waster. Good game.