Storm Contest Winning Entry: BlackBerry Storm Quilt!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Nov 2008 03:13 pm EST

Here it is folks, the final winning entry in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest! With all of the top ten winning entries now posted, tomorrow we're going to give CrackBerry Nation the chance to vote for their favorite, with the three entries tallying up the most votes each receiving a special bonus prize (and bragging rights of course!).

Our last winning entry falls into the category of cracked-out arts and crafts. Every single member of the judging panel put Heather's contest submission on their shortlist:

I will make a king sized quilt that looks like a BlackBerry Storm. Oh, and I'll send it to you! So you can cuddle up with the BlackBerry Storm whenever you want. 

Hello! Cha Ching! A handmade one-of-a-kind BlackBerry Storm quilt? YES PLEASE. Watch the video above to see Heather's masterpiece take shape and you can see lots of photos after the jump. Luckily, the timing of this contest worked out well for Heather as she had a week-long break from school, which instead of studying or spending time with her fiancé she puts towards winning her free BlackBerry Storm! Hardcore! Congrats Heather, Job Well Done!

YOUR CHANCE TO OWN THE BLACKBERRY STORM QUILT: All of the judges loved Heather's entry, but dang nabbit, we all wanted to keep the quilt for ourselves! So after some thoughtful discussion, we arrived at the win - win - win solution.... we're going to put the BlackBerry Storm quilt up on eBay and auction it off to the highest bidder and give 100% of the proceeds to charity! 

Yup, that's right! As I type this post, the BlackBerry Storm quilt is sitting beside me, neatly packed in a box and ready to be shipped to the CrackBerry Addict who wants it the most. You can check out the eBay auction here. With the holiday season just around the corner we thought it would be fitting to give the proceeds to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Be sure to bid high as the money is going to a great cause!!


One of a Kind BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

BlackBerry Storm Quilt

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Storm Contest Winning Entry: BlackBerry Storm Quilt!


Now that is easily a "winning entry" with no one being able to claim the end result did not jive with the text description of the entry. Good job and I hope the quilt sells for a lot of money. Nicely done Heather!

hey, I'm trying to check the auction on ebay and I don't see it so I guess it's not posted? I'd be interested in putting up a bid for it if I can locate it on Ebay. Heather, how much to make me one? :)

Auction will go live later this evening. I'll update this post with the link and do a new blog post once it's live on ebay.

Stay tuned!

Kevin is going to post the link to ebay soon so keep checking back. Thank you all so much for the nice comments!

that was by far the best entry... that was sooo much work. Kudos to her and i can see why it was easily picked across the board from the judging panel.

I have to say, this is definitely the best entry for the contest, hands down. A lot of work and effort went into this, and defintely makes it work being a winner!

I have to agree with Xopher on this considering the last three entries were IMHO were lame ducks and plausible!

Congrats from a fellow winner. I may just have to bid as we have lots of snow right snow... My wife would really love me being cuddled up by a storm while playing with my storm. :-) Creative entry and nice job!

That is a great entry and I'm glad you won. You know you've done something when the haters hate. Great job you deserve it. I will be bidding as soon as I see the link. :)

I know many people who create beautiful handmade quilts. This is a very unique and awesomely made quilt. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time and effort you put into this project.Great Job Heather!!
I hope I win this quilt.

CONGRATS!! to you for winning the new Blackberry Storm and for having such an AWSOME fiance putting up with your insanity of creating this beautiful quilt. I personally think Kevin and the crackberry team is AWSOME for choosing the Toys for Tots charity (as I was in the Marine Corp). Heather you are an amazing person with enormous talent. LOVE YOUR un-named FIANCE. LOL

I just tried to bid!! I have a registered paypal acct. HELP!!! i sent a message to seller as well.

This seller has set buyer requirements for this item and only sells to buyers who meet those requirements.

You are unable to bid on or buy this item because:

You either don't have a PayPal account or your PayPal account is not linked to your eBay account. Register with PayPal | Already have a PayPal account?

You are registered in a country to which the seller doesn't ship.

Note: If you are still interested in bidding on or buying this item, you may contact the seller and ask that they exempt you from any buyer requirements.

Had a little hiccup on the settings. You can bid from anywhere in the world now as long as you have paypal tied to your account.

It does says US Shipping Only (can't edit the post once created), but don't worry, we WILL SHIP anywhere in the world free of charge.

Just pushed the bid up a bit.

Bid against me, folks, or this quilt will seriously end up the hands of a Windows Mobile user! :p

I especially like the shotgun next to the bed in the background, is that to keep the evil doers at bay.

Yay, Heather, I finally know someone that won something. See you at work next week. had just been cleaned and hadn't been put away yet. oops!

Thank you all so much for the amazing comments. I've been keeping close tabs on the auction - can't wait to see how it ends!

Loved the quilt your idea was creative original and the ebay thing is a cool idea also. I wonder how much the highest bid will be you could make another and sell it for 200 and buy you a storm. Congrats and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

I am going to do my best to win this quilt as it might be the only storm I get ! lol

My kids have given up their allowance for the rest of the year to go to this quilt. All three were excited that other kids will benefit from winning the quilt.

i like it ... i'm thinking it may go up to 1,000 $
and if so that would be a really good thing for charity

You are an amazing talent, as her aunt, I tried to encourage her through this amazing journey. Your creativity is unbelieveable. I hope you win first!! Can't wait till your next project!! I'm thinking making wall hangings for all those who don't win the quilt!! ( a little smaller project)


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