Storm Contest Winning Entry #2 of 10 - So Long Palm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Nov 2008 09:54 am EST

What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest!

We debuted our first of ten winners yesterday in the what What Would Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest with an example of extreme brand loyalty. T.J.'s BlackBerry Storm tattoo set the bar high for just how far CrackBerry Nation is willing to go to get their hands on a FREE BlackBerry (plus win some bragging rights!). Today's winning entry is from another popular theme of ideas we saw emerge from the over 3,000 contestants who entered... breaking old phones!

To make way for your new BlackBerry Storm, over 200 of you submitted creative ways to get rid of or destroy your current smartphone. I gotta say, the judging team had real mixed feelings on this notion, especially when it came to all of the entries which had a BlackBerry 8700, 8800, Pearl or Curve meeting a not-so friendly end. The consensus was that old BlackBerrys should never be destroyed, even if you are getting a new one. It's much better to pass your old BlackBerry onto a relative, friend or co-worker... give them a 'taste' and get them hooked on the CrackBerry. On the other hand, the thought of destroying a non-BlackBerry smartphone to make way for a new BlackBerry (and welcome in a new member of the BlackBerry Community!) could be a lot of fun.

That brings us to Michael (mad-dog74) of West Virginia's clever So Long Palm entry:

I want a Storm SO bad (and am convinced that I would LOVE a BlackBerry) that I would cut my Treo in half with a reciprocating saw. Then I would drill a hole in each half, zip tie them together, with a tag that says "No Longer Needed by this CrackBerry Addict". I would then mail it to PALM's corporate office. I'll even submit the tracking number so delivery can be proved. I want a Storm so bad that I actually dreamed about it last night!

Talk about making a statement! All of our judges had Michael's entry on their list of favorites. How could you not?! And Michael is definitely a deserving winner - watch the video above and check out the photos after the jump. He took this task seriously. Just a small note of caution: If you're a Palm loyalist, you best not watch this video. Oh, and I do have the tracking # and have been watching the shipment... it should be hitting Palm's office within the next 48 hours!

Congrats Michael! We have eight more winning submissions to come in the days ahead. Keep in mind we didn't rank the top ten winners beyond being in the top ten - so these are hitting the web in no particular order. Once they've all been posted we're gonna let you guys vote on your favorite, and will put together an extra-special prize for the community top pick! Enjoy the show!!!!

So Long Palm!!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!

So Long Palm!


UPDATE: Somebody from Palm Took Headquarters took Delivery!!

Palm Takes Delivery!
To see the look on Palm's face when they opened this box!!

Reader comments

Storm Contest Winning Entry #2 of 10 - So Long Palm!


There are plenty of donation sites for old phones... especially cell phone for soldiers... it seems such a waste on Veteran's Day to destroy a perfectly good phone that could have gone to one of the brave men and women guarding our freedoms.

My GOD !! There are way too many A$$H*LES on this forum !! If the tattoo guy wanted to get a tattoo, that was his decision and he should not have to endure all of the S*1TTY things people have said on here !! If this guy wanted to saw his Palm in half, he should also be able to do so without worry of ridicule. All of you little internet punks need to STFU !! It's VERY easy to hide behind a screen and talk S*1T !! Most of you are probably little nerds with no life rotting away in your parents basements.

Didnt the veterans go to war so that we could have the right to do what we want with our phones? Trust me, no one "gives away" a 700wx. That bad boy would have been on craigslist before it ever reached a donation bin.

I showed this clip to my friend who has a palm treo 700p and he told me that he would have broken his treo into pieces and ate it for a free blackberry storm.

Now that would have been sweet, im sure he would have won too !

I hope you took out the battery before you cut through it.
Was shipping insurance obtained as well? LOL!

A classy trick and well thought out concept... and quite frankly better than a tattoo on you back of your leg.

Ahhh, God Bless America... the difference between Red States and Blue States.


Dangerous things this guy did in his video:

- Touched the blade of his recip saw to his palm.
- He did *not* securely fasten that Palm in the vice. It was clearly moving.
- He didn't wear safety goggles when sawing or drilling.
- When drilling, he has his fingers way too close to the bit.

I get he was trying to be clever but he seriously could have hurt himself. Also, mailing all that crap to Palm Computing or 3Com or whoever was obnoxious.

Why can't you just be happy for someone who did something clever?

I mean, someone is dogging on him for not having donated the phone. Newsflash, anyone can do whatever they want with their own property. And then you come along and criticize his saftey precautions? Wow. Just wow. This is bordering on childish jealousy. You're criticizing him on safety!!!? I really don't know what to say to such a dumb comment.

To the winner: awesome concept, great execution.

I'm not really criticizing on his concept because it was pretty clever (albeit obnoxious). I've just seen people really hurt themselves by not taking the proper precautions when sawing and drilling wood, let alone consumer electronics. This guy was not too bright. What good is a Storm if you cut off your fingers or blind yourself?

Hell, I'd rather take that saw clear through my palm than having a piece of obsolete mobile technology on my leg for life!

Mailing all that irrelevant extra stuff was the funniest part. I love how seriously referred to it as the proper way to ship electronics. This guy wins hands down.

Meh....I was looking forward to real crazy things for a storm. I mean, the tattoo was pretty good, not like amazing, but pretty good. This was just lame though...Hell, he may have even used a decoy phone and still has his Palm...oh so lame...please let the next winner be something that is interesting, worth watching, and worthy of a free Storm.

Maddog74 you are a creative bad ass. That was such a creative way to send off your palm and usher in the era of Blackberry. Congrats man, you earned the Storm.

BTW, what are you using for a phone now?

First, if you notice, the battery is not even attached when I touched the saw blade to my palm. Secondly, as far as safety, I was drilling and cutting thru plastic. Sure, accidents can happen at anytime, but I did not feel in harms way at anytime. Bottom line, an accident did not happen and I WON A STORM!!! And, I did take the treo battery out first.

As far as a phone, I have already switched to Blackberry. I am using a loaner Pearl until the storm arrives.

Thanks for all the positive comments.

Congrats Mad-Dog !! Just brush off all the negative comments from all of these JEALOUS HATERS !!! I have a feeling that all 10 of us winners will endure the same crap !! In the end, we have FREE Blackberry Storms though !!!

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! I am SICK of hearing about this d*mn phone. SICK OF IT. Change the name of this site to If a person was new to berry's, they would think RIM only sold ONE phone. BB's bread and butter are Qwerty phones, NOT this gimick. It was a mistake to chase the iPhone. A BIG MISTAKE. You do not see Coke trying to match Pepsi. When you are at the top, you don't put out product that brand #5 sells. Touch screens are not the wave of the future. Cool factor aside, they are very limited in what they can do. Which is why I gave my iPhone 3G to my 2 year old. And went back to my Curve. He's impressed. Watches Wonder Pets on it. Touch screens are a pain. You HAVE to constantly keep locking and unlocking it. It is VERY easy to make mistakes. You have to be careful how you hold it, how you carry it. Have to keep wiping the screen. And since Apple is on their second version, the "WOW" factor has worn off. People will think it IS a new iPhone at first. Think what COULD have been done with the money RIM spent on this....

Oh hush. First of all, coke does try to match pepsi because it's simple marketing, you don't want to let your competitor beat you in new things they are doing. Whenever a flavor comes out at one company it comes out from another. Incase you haven't noticed, Apple has surpassed RIM in smartphone sales. You may not like touchscreens, but as you can tell by the contests and posts, a lot of people do. So instead of being rude and taking away the excitement from this guy winning one, you just looked like an ass who gives a $200 phone to a 2 year old -- which was very kind of you, not too sure of your investment, but to eaches own.

Hush?? WOW. Bet you voted for our new "President". Voice a different opinion and your told to be quite. NICE. Apple has surpassed RIM in sales this year, not total, and only because the iPhone went global. I don't like you calling me rude; I could say that calling me rude was rude. As for as me giving my iPhone to my son: 1) It cost me $400.00, not $200.00. 2) It is more of a novelty than a device to use. 3) I was speaking of MY experience with a touchscreen phone, which I guess, according to YOU I am not allowed. 4) YOU called me an ass, which IS RUDE.

Yeah coke and pepsi match eachother everytime. Vanilla, Cherry, Zero? hello? I hope you were kidding?

Plus im sick of everyone talking down on the people that won the contests. Who cares? Tattoo, killing themselves or cutting phones who cares? Your not doing it so leave them alone.

well killing yourself is a little excessive... plus you won't be able to use the phone! But yea, I agree. They are just jealous. And plus the reason why there is so much talk over this phone is because its the first blackberry touchscreen... I'm pretty sure there was a lot of hype for the iphone? And no newbie would think RIM only made one blackberry... thats just stupid.

Really?? When is Pepsi coming out with their Coke?? My point is that myself (and I'm sure alot of other people) come to this site for Berry news and it seems like all that is here lately is Storm this, and Storm that. endless posts of people using pre-release phones and all the guessing abour release dates is getting very old.

if you don't like what they are posting, stop checking the site! losing one diva of a reader like you isn't going to trouble the CB team much, i'm sure.

also, go to the fox news forums and rant and cry with the other bitter babies if you don't like how the election turned out. ..or you could just leave the country. i hear france is lovely this time of year. :]

this was pretty cool... but i would have much rather seen an iPhone get zipped in half... but beggars cant be choosy.

"Sure, accidents can happen at anytime, but I did not feel in harms way at anytime."

When you're complacent and don't think It's dangerous is when you're most likely to get hurt.

Congrats on your Storm, though!

Is it just me, or does maddog Michael look a bit like RIM's CEO Mike Lazaridus? Mike L has grey hair of course... but I swear maddog could be his younger brother. Crazy good video!

Very nice I just hope CB send you your ne replacement Storm, I demolished my 8707 to enter a BGR comp and won but never recieved my Prize Bold :(

Congratulations man! I would love to see the look on the person at Palm's face when they open the box and read the contents. :)

Congrats Mad-dog74 on wining a Storm :) Nice idea & video :)

Seems you can't even hold a fun competition these days without someone moaning about it, we don't pay to be on here so wining a BB is really cool...Kevin & his team don't have to bother but they do,to make things funny, exciting, cool & a nice forum to visit so everyone please just calm down & enjoy the winners ideas / videos :)

I cannot believe the stuff people are posting under this. Go to a forum and cry about the other stuff. Hell, start your own thread (everyone else does).

Hats off to you MadDog. this was great!! I would love to see the face on the Palm employee that opens it. Shit, you never know, your package may end up in the Development Dept's breakroom as a reminder.

Note note;@Mike L- I think he kinda looks like Jimmy Kimmel.

my favorite part is "I don't have any bubble wrap or packing peanuts so I'm just gonna use about 500 crackberry logo's" haha priceless.

This saddens me. I submitted almost this exact same idea, except replace the saw with a hammer and the Palm with an iPhone.

I even planned to mail the pieces to Steve Jobs.

Where's my love?

OMG.. this would SOOOOO be worth it, I think we should all pitch in a dollar toward you doing this!! There's enough of us to cover teh cost and then some!

First was a Tattoo !

Second was a saw in 1/2 trick !!

I don't think I am going to be that interested in 3 to 10.

WHAT I AM REALLY ENJOYING ... IS READING THE POSTS ON JUST HOW STUPID... dull, dumb, brainless, witless, unintelligent, dense, simpleminded, simple, slow-learning, backward, weak-minded, doltish, rattle-brained, empty-headed, muddle-headed, dimwitted, duncelike, obtuse, oafish, idiotic, halfwitted, imbecile, imbecilic, moronic, cretinous, senseless, meaningless, silly, nonsensical, pointless, irrelevant, inept, inconsequential, preposterous, meaningless, purposeless, asinine and lastly .... Absurd some of these comments are.

Please feel free to append any synonyms or antonyms I may have excluded.

Ohh.. I am really enjoying the posts... It is amazing that BB are designed to be used for typing ... and yet most posts are really not that intelligent (should I include more words)

I dont think some of these moronic people caught on. If you can think of more words, be my guest!

but really, I don't think you need to.

wow Berry Pickin... stop drinkin that hatorade and join the club. If you're upset that this site is all about the storm then stop checking it. This site is called and a potentially revolutionary phone is coming out from Blackberry that has the potential to be better than the iPhone which just overtook Blackberry in sales so why wouldn't this site be excited about it? Judging by the pattern of new phones coming out now, touchscreens are the future at least for now until we switch to something else crazy. And most of the problems you've mentioned the storm has a solution for.. the clickable screen reduces mistakes, you can hold it pretty much anyway you want since the landscape mode works both ways, and as far as wiping the screen... from what i've read the fingerprints are kept to a minimum on this phone.
And lastly
"Think what COULD have been done with the money RIM spent on this...."
in case you haven't noticed... RIM is a phone manufacturing company hence they spend all their money on manufacturing phones... unless you have a better idea for them

Better than the iPhone...Don't bet on it. The iPhone is light years ahead of this thing. Know why?? It is in it's second version already. And, I have an iPhone....Do you have a Storm??? So, I guess you speak of what you know nothing of. How do you know how you can carry it?? About the screen?? Are you talking about yours?? OR, about what you have been told?? I know what my iPhone does, and it is not that great, that's all. When you get one, we'll talk. You said it your self.....POTENTIAL...What you heard....YOU DON'T HAVE ONE. All this sounds like a lot of wishful thinking. None of the touch screens are that great. Not the iPhone, not the LG's, none of them. Lest you forget, the yo-yo in the video cut up his Palm....AND IT HAS A TOUCH SCREEN. Palm has been doing touch longer than Apple. People make it sound like Apple invented this. All they did was take an iPod and add a phone. That's it. And what does RIM do?? Play Johnny-come-lately and make there own. The touch phone is limited in what you can do. Since there are no hard parts (buttons) on the exterior, the screen has to be everything. It limits the iPhone, and it will limit the Storm. Why do you think RIM left the 4 hard keys on the unit?? The iPhone allows you to have 7 home screens....does the Storm?? That one screen is going to get awful crowded.

well, by that same argument, if you don't have a storm then how can you tell the iphone "[is] light years ahead of this thing?". Simply because it is in its second generation doesn't mean the storm is using technology to match the iphone's first generation phone.

also, let it not go unnoticed that YOU bought a $400 glorified ipod, not us. so at one point you did fall for this touchscreen hype, so let us have our time my man. plenty of talk about the bold on the forums, or any other berry that may interst you.

O and congratulations to Michael and all the other winners on their commitment and innovative ideas. Good job guys you're the reason millions of addicts like myself have sites such as crackberry to check every 3 seconds.

lol!! i loved it and think you deserve a storm. way to go hope it doesn't take you too long to get it. Also what phone will you use in the mean time? lol!!

What a foolish WV hillbilly. He could have made good use of the phone by donating it to someone in need in that poor state of West Virginia. By someone in need i mean a moonshine runner who may need to contact moonshine headquarters during a important moonshine run. How about selling it and giving the money to those families that live in shacks in the woods in WV. You know, the ones who they show on the Feed The Children shows, and who continue to bang out kids even though they have no means of feeding them.

2 great examples of what you could have done with that palm you thoughtless clod :)

Shame on Kevin for even thinking about accepting submissions that include senseless destruction just so this moron can get a new phone.

The shame of it all!!!!!!!!

Jealous of what?

You didnt notice the sarcasm in my post? (hence the smiley).

Anybody can slam a phone in a vice and take a saw to it. Next time cut your fingers off while you cut away at the phone and then it might be something to crow about.

Imagine.. if he did not win... hehehhehehehheheheh


think about the others... with same idea... but they did not win and now have no phone!!!!


He seems to think he has won it already. In one of his replies he stated that he is "using a loaner phone until his Storm arrives" Imagine that. Destroying your phone, then asking a friend if you can borrow there BB, because he has a good feeling that he might win this thing. He already has won, but he certainly didnt know for sure when he made this video.

He's not only thoughtless, but an arrogant clod as well. :)

If you read more about this contest, the video is made AFTER he was already chosen. The point of the video is to prove that he came through with what he said he was going to do.

When I first saw this as the winner I thought it was a little lame but then saw the photo gallery with 'Uh-Oh' on the screen of the Treo. That was hilarious!!!

this brings back memories of being a kid and blowing up all kinds of stuff, like cans, trees, the neighbors car... right? right? who's with me ...jajajaaaa. hmmmm yeah me neither I was just hmm kidding. ok then carry on, good job on the treo slicing dude. congrats.

To the people who are sick of hearing about the storm don't go into the blogs or forums duh. Tensions are very high cause people have been waiting for this phone to come out! I have never owned a blackberry and this is going to be my first and are anxious just like the rest. Congrats to the winners for there creativity, well deserved ;>. Instead of the palm being destroyed I would have loved to seen the iphone instead...

I wish it had been an iPhone, but that was cool!

Now my rant: What is with all the haters on this board? I come here expecting adults (I mean kids don't use Blackberry's rigt?), but I feel like I'm in the Honda boy racer forums or something. Some people need to grow up!

I still think my idea was better. I was planning on taking my Motorola Q and "putting the old girl to pasture". I was planning on having a tearful goodbye with me talking to the phone, and the phone displaying a text message in response, it was going to be a real tearjerker. Then I was going to tie the phone to a post and shoot it (although I would have worn proper safety equipment such as earphones and safety glasses). Following the shot would be me burying the phone, and saying a few words... Much more theatrical, and a better show IMO. Oh well, crackberry's loss.

I do like the extra flair of mailing it back to Palm, although it is a little ridiculous. Still, was enough to push him over the edge apparently. Congrats on the new Storm!

OK whats up with Verizon still pushing the lg dare for 199$ come on already who in there right mind would purchase this knowing the storm is on the horizon? Sorry I know this has nothing to do with forum just seems stupid... Just to think I was going to buy it then I clicked on the ad and saw the storm lol

alot of people actually. parents arent going to usually get their kids a phone that will add $60 or so to their family share plan just for that line...

... for PALM to get a ton of their phones back once the STORM hits.

I would love to have a video of PALM opening the box!

I am soooooo jealous that I did not think of something like that! You Rock and greatly deserve the Storm! I agree; it would be interesting if Palm got a load of "divided" devices in the mail.

I saw this and I cracked up laughing. Really, very far out original idea. I don't know why "I" didn't come up with that one. I sent in my idea but I truly loved yours Mad-Dog74!! You rock dude!

But, to all the complainers out there: you're just jealous that you didn't come up with something so original like that. The contest was designed for good fun and humor. My advice? SHUT IT. Don't be a sore loser. Enjoy the humor of it.

I can't imagine what the other 8 winners are doing. I'm going to keep checking back here everyday to see them all!

Crackberry, you rock!

As a veteran of US Army Special Ops in Gulf War I (and other areas of the world), I was not offended by that video.

I was, however, a little jealous that I didnt think of doing it first.

Well done, sir.

Hooah to any fellow veterans reading this.

The video is great. You deserve the free storm. You should of at least wore safety glasses though.

If I had it to do over, I would have. That was the biggest shock for me... the screen instantly shattered and all kind of real fine (powered) fragments came off the phone.

I never would have thought of anything as funny as this. I guess that's why I didn't enter the contest...

But it is too bad that we won't get to see the best part of this whole thing: the look on the face of the person at Palm who opens the box!

Oh, boy I think you might want to look a little closer...yes, the phone was actually cut in half but if you look very very very closely the phone that was cut in half was actually the dummy phones we have at bad the contest wasn't a couple weeks later because I just got a ATT FUZE yesterday and it sucks and I want to actually drop it into my ceramic kiln for an hour or so.

I think you are wrong sir. That was a real phone I assure you. Why else would I have to get a loaner phone.... and not any loaner would work, it had to be a Blackberry!

This is just childish, and flat out stupid. Palm helped the whole PDA industry get to where it is now. The Treo was revolutionary in progressing the acceptance of PDA's in the first place. As was the earlier Palm Pilot.

This whole commercialization of Blackberry's is embarrassing for the business professionals who actually depend on these tools to make a living and run large companies.

Yes BlackBerry has kicked Palm's butt recently, but let's get real. My 6 year old Treo takes videos and you can even mute the shutter sound. My Curve doesn't.

a no brainer there......trash your old phone and get a new one in his place. the tattoo guy must be gutted seeing this!

i was going to enter suggesting that i'd throw my BOLD off a bridge into the water....if i'd have known crackberry could have been bought for a treo lol

Tosss a bold off a bridge??... I dont think the judges would allow harming of a blackberry.

You know, what I have experienced this far, Blackberry is far superior to Palm.

Hey there chief. I'm hardly "gutted" seeing this. I like my new tattoo and I will like my new FREE Storm. It's really too bad you didn't throw YOURSELF off of a bridge into water. No apologies, no regrets.

great idea... mad-dog74
i really wanted to see the video but my work computer wont show it. but the idiots that are on here ranting are more entertaining then the contest... luckily for me i can still read those from my curve.

i don't sell our blackberrys to little kids so im wondering why so many of you haters are acting like big babies...

and if you have an iPhone im sure they have some lame site that would rather have you on their forums than here running your mouth

Awesome idea man. I really enjoyed watching that. I had an idea along these lines. I was going to steal my brothers iphone and smash it all up with a hammer and then secretly film his reaction when he saw it.

A bit on the silly side, but worth a laugh! I feel like posting a link over at Palm forum;):D

Seriously, wtf is wrong with you people? This was supposed to be a fun competition and everyone seems to tear down and apart every idea that won. The name of the competition was "What you would do for a Storm" not "What do you think is a reasonable action to win a Storm." Some people are willing to go farther for a storm than others. THATS THE POINT! Stop crying about safety or why you think this idea wasn't deserving of a new storm.

When the first winner was posted, I was honestly expecting to see a lot of "congrats" and "nice tattoo" post. Instead, the majority of post are people trashing the winner or trashing what they did. So what if you would have done something else with the old phone (donate, sell it, etc). Don't trash people just because they did something that you wouldnt have.

So what if you think you should have won. YOU DIDNT! I'm sure every contestant in the Miss America pageant thinks they should win but they don't.You people are sucking all the fun out of this contest. Grow up...

Man, RIM did a great job at copying the iphone when they designed the Storm. Given this, I figured, I would go with the product that was available...Was not sure that I would like the keyboard on the Storm. Seems odd to me that that you have to press down on the screen. Most people who have tested the phone also seem less than thrilled with the new keyboard.

Anyhow, given the whole (I want my "real keyboard") backlash that was all over this site when the iphone was launched, I find the hype around this product amusing to sa the least.

One final comment. Apple (in two short years) has bypassed RIM to become the number 2 Smartphone maker...Can someone tell me again why there are so many Blackberry fans ou there...

I haven't seem anyone who has tested the phone say they don't like the touch screen. A few have said that it may take some getting used to, but who said they were less than thrilled with it?

Do you have an iPhone yet? We have one (3G 8 Gig model) and it's less than impressive. It's a great phone for accessing the internet and for playing music, but that's about it. On top of that it has numerous bugs (bluetooth doesn't work, syncing problems, lost contacts...). And then there's AT&T...ugh! My two year old Samsung flip phone is better in every aspect that is really important, primarily making a phone call. Apple made a hit out of the iPhone through clever marketing...something they have been very good at for a long time. People who have bought into the craze are becoming disappointed. Many will hang onto them though because they are in denial and because they have the little apple on them.

And I'm not saying the Storm will be better, because nobody knows for sure yet. I do know that it has better features and it sure looks a lot nicer than the girly iPhone.

BTW, if you don't want a touch and click screen you better get your iPhone now because I think it's safe to say the next version of the iPhone will have the same thing. Apple just introduced it on their laptops recently, so it's only a matter of time. They will also surely add features that are missing. Maybe they'll incorporate some of the reliability too that their laptops are known for.

Apple what?

I got ahead of myself...I guess you already took the plunge. Hope you have better luck than we have or a couple of my friend's have had with it!

Even if I thought/think something is lam I'll keep my comments to myself as I wasn't imaginative enough to come up with anything so congrats to all the winners who did.

Not gonna lie, it made me sad seeing that poor little guy hacked up, especially after you had "Uh-oh :-(" and "Goodbye" on it. RIP little guy.

This isn't the most original idea, but it was nicely executed. Congrats!

This whole thing is just stupid.
After wasting your time sawing the Treo in half, then spending money to send to Palm, what are you expecting to accomplish?
Do you think the CEO of Palmn is going to personally accept the package, open the box, and think, "Oh my God, BlackBerry is so much better than Treo!"
No, the low ranking counter boy will throw the box into the "NO RMA#" bin. Then in about a month, some other counter boy will open the box and quickly toss it into the trash can.

Guess what? NO BODY cares that you want a Storm!

What was I expecting to accomplish? I was expecting to win a free Blackberry Storm.... which I DID! I would really care less what Palm does with it. I hope they mail it to YOU!

I am a happy blackberry user. But this is getting out of hand. You people are morons. Its just a damn phone.

I also thought it was lame. I mean come on he sawed up a phone that probably didnt work and I'm sure he was gonna sell or toss the phone when he got his Storm anyway.

You judges have to do better

PS your captcha sux