Storm Contest Winning Entry #1 of 10 - the Ultimate Tattoo!

The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2008 09:29 am EST


What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest!

Within the over 3,000 entries received for the the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest, a popular theme of entry that emerged was extreme brand loyalty, or in other words, showing off your love for BlackBerry and/or CrackBerry for the whole world to see.

Enter the tattoo. Nothing screams more loyalty than a BlackBerry for Life! 187 CrackBerry Addicts said they would be willing to get a tattoo of the BlackBerry or CrackBerry logo (a few even said they'd get one of the device) for a FREE BlackBerry Storm. Of all these entries, it was T.J. from Toledo, Ohio, who's descriptive and over the top submission has now earned him a free BlackBerry Storm:

I will get a lifesize tattoo of a Blackberry Storm with the CB logo. And below the Storm, I will get iPhones Suck tattooed (which could put me in harms way because my tattoo artist is a DIE HARD iPhone/Apple user. He has 3 Macs at the shop!!) Remember, A tattoo IS FOREVER, fighting a bear is only 

As if this awesome tattoo wasn't enough, you just gotta love how T.J. threw in the extra twist of having Apple Fanboy, Brian Krabach of Revelation Tattoos, be the one to do up the tattoo. You can almost see the tears in Brian's eyes. :-)

Congrats T.J.!! You're a deserving winner and that is one Kick A$$ tattoo! CrackBerry Addict for life!!! You earned the bragging rights! You can watch T.J.'s video "evidence" above and check out the photo gallery after the jump! And you'll want to keep it locked to we'll be posting all ten winning entries as they come in!

The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

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Storm Contest Winning Entry #1 of 10 - the Ultimate Tattoo!


1. Thanks to all who have congratulated me. You have proven that there are indeed some mature members on

2. The tattoo did not cost me a dime. I work at the shop.

3. To all of you critics, quit wasting your time typing your ridicule and mockery.

4. The tattoo looks the way it does because-
A) It is BRAND NEW and the skin is PISSED !!
B) Because of the location, it distorts depending on how
I have my leg positioned.

So to conclude, go ahead and make whatever comment you want. You are free to do so, but I am way above giving a F**K about what ANYONE thinks of me or what I do.


Well said T.J.

Seriously guys, over 180 people submitted to this contest that they would get a Tattoo for a free BlackBerry Storm. Singling out T.J. doesn't make any sense. If we didn't have a Tattoo winner people would be posting comments to the opposite effect.

And of the tattoo entries, T.J.'s was top notch! He said what he was willing to do for a BlackBerry Storm and did it!

Remember that golden rule - if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say thing at all. It's not that hard. Our standard forum rules apply to the blogs as well, so be mature and keep it clean. Our goal is to have a friendly community of BlackBerry Addicts here... we all share that common love for the CrackBerry!

Remember, still NINE more winners to come! Hoping the negative nancies won't be making anymore appearances on the comments in the days ahead.

Congrats again T.J.! CrackBerry Addict for life!!

- Kevin

Are you kidding me??? He works at the effing shop???

Way to go Kevin, pick someone who works at a tattoo shop, to get a tattoo...that feat truly defines the contest.

Hell, he was probably going to do it anyway...what a tool!

Oh please!! The fact that he works at a tatoo shop doesn't mean anything! He was smart, original and he WON, get over it!

I had submitted the same idea, with the blackberry and crackberry logo. I also said I would decal my car with it. But have to be honest the tattoo did not come out that nice, maybe add some color in there. Hope the storm launches here before the turn of the year. They are still selling locked 8800's for more then 800$+ so trust me any Indian guy deserves a free storm :)congrats again eagerly awaiting the remaining 9.

So in the year 2013, in what most would describe as being a post-Blackberry landscape... how do you feel about having a phone which most regard as being the phone that put Blackberry into a tailspin permanently etched on your body? Any regrets?

.....Just Do That??

That is crazy!!!

I would so rather pay $1,000 even for a phone, than get a tattoo of one on my leg, lol.

That said, he got off cheap on this one. It should have been in full color :)

I wonder what the cover up tattoo will be after he gets his phone.

So unless that was Free or WAY guess is he's pretty close to two-year price...and he doesn't have the phone yet...and he has an "awesome" tattoo...

I can't wait to see what the other idiots did...

419 in the house i am from the glass city and that is how we represent. TJ you get mad points for that tat.But as for me i will be paying for my. But foreal give it up for that man!

Well maybe not, but why a tat of a device? Devices come and go and the latest ones will always be cooler, remember when people were drooling over the 7100. Now that one is fugly.

I read in the article that the tattoo artist is an apple guy, then I saw him wearing the iphone shirt. I think he did that on purpose, like for mental support or something so the iphone won't feel betrayed lol.

SCREEN GAP! hahahaha Seriuosly though...well deserved...very unique and should give a fair amount laughs on the street when someone see's him walking by

The power of CRACKberry sums it up.
I never thought one would actually go and do it, just for a free phone. Guess it really is tough economic times, though I wonder if the tattoo cost money.

Good Sh** TJ!!! You totally deserve a Storm bro! When you get it make sure to go to the tat shop and show the artist what he's missing out on!

All I have to say is "WOW." I can't believe somebody would actually spend more money on something like this just to get a free phone. This tattoo probably cost more money that what the actually phone is going to sell for. This is some serious loyalty to RIM/Crackberry.

I'm not trying to be a horsesa$$, but the tattoo does look pretty crappy. I'd have just forked over the money for the couldn't have been that much cheaper.

To each his own, but I think this looks wicked! That is the nature of tattoos though. Some people love them and others hate them. Just like everything in life. I submitted a tattoo entry in the contest. I wish I would have been a bit more detailed like this guy. Totally has bragging rights.

He likes apple, why would you want a "artist" to tattoo something he plays with more that his carreer.. CONGTRATS DUDE YOU HAVE A CRAP-TTOO.......

LEARN HOW TO SPELL BEFORE YOU TRY AND FLAME SOMEONE YOU UNEDUCATED TROGLODYTE !!!! What are you 4 ? Oh wait, I don't want to offend 4 year olds with better grammar than you. On top of that, your post doesn't even make sense !!

art work, for real. Good idea, like mine, but bad art.. The lines work is sloppy and the shade is alomst aiight.. But, its all good. Would rather grab a Dare anyways... After been compairing the iphone, dare, instinct, and storm.. For coming out later and having more time to do some really nice feature other than a touch screen. The Storm is dead last.. in all. and Brian dont you worry man iphone is killin it through and through. Making up for things that should have been released in the first place ie: bluetooth, video confrencing. Imma grab one. Even some BB TMo Techs brag about the iPhone.. lmao.. wow., good luck Crapberry

I too submited a Tattoo idea, both the BB logo and the CB logo, so I would at first be like, snap, why did his idea get picked and NOT MINE.... but then realized, its a matter of choice.

I was submission, 136, so again surprised I wasnt choosen, but I AM NOT GOING TO SLAM this one, its great, and hope he is happy with the storm, and the Tattoo!

I have a Google Tattoo, XP tattoo, and a Office 2k7 tattoo.... ALL DONE FOR ME!! Not for the companies I choose to "support".

Get real Cad.... you loved the idea, you choose it yourself.... BUT THIS was FOR BB fans, not people just looking for a way to be cool, get something free and bragging rights, its for true HARDCORE BB adicts... you... are not.....

Been BB's since the 957's!! so its more than addiction its a lifestyle!! ;)


The idea of the contest was to do something crazy for a Storm and this guy did it. He seems to have a lot of tattoos to begin with so I doubt he minds much especially since he is a CB users :)

Its not a crayon drawing. Its permanant, for life. Unless its going to be a cover up. I would be schedualing a cover up right afetr i recieved the phone.. lol

And for that, I apologize. It was out of my hands though. There were a couple of idiots hanging out while their friend was getting tattooed expressing their feelings about the election. They were imbeciles.

Yeah... I'm nowhere near winning this one. Too bad the tattoo will outlast the blackberry by... let's see: remaining lifespan of the winner minus 1 to 2 years of storm usage = ouch!

i think the tat looks great! congratulations on winning. I did how ever think that it would be something wild and crazy not something simple like a tat that would win it. oh well congrats man!
and like the others what did you pay?

i think the tat looks great! congratulations on winning. I did how ever think that it would be something wild and crazy not something simple like a tat that would win it. oh well congrats man!
and like the others what did you pay?

Have we really gotten to the point where people disrespect their body's so much they have to use the as live billboards to get attention?


Maybe you should focus on your poor grammar and English before you start throwing stones at other people. It's HIS body, this didn't hurt you at all, so frak off! If you don't like it, don't look at the thread!

If you look closely, the outline at the bottom of the phone isn't even straight....sorry but had to throw that in too.

I think my non-winning idea was much better, but as with all other the contests I've entered on here...I've come up empty.

I can't wait to see what other brilliant ideas were chosen...

man this guy is a douche...i rather pay $300 than get such a regrettable tat..what a dumbass! oh by the way the tat should look for a new artist..

Congrats homie... A tatoo is whatever you want it to be. I caught alot of slack because I got a giant Tat of a comic book character on my arm. I just hope it was free, unless you were gonna get a tat anyways of the storm. I would have made the CB logo the actual color. Good Shyt...

That shows some dedication to the product. All in all the cost of the tat probably did equal the amount of the phone, but seeing as the guy probably doesn't care and wanted a sweet tattoo at the same time. I don't think it really matters. Nice job bro, good touch going to an iphone enthusiast.

props to you man... but considering how much that tattoo must have cost, i would question whether it was worth it or not. tattoos range from $80-$100 an hour, and the storm is rumored to be around $200 with a 2 year contract... i'm not really sure this outweighs getting the tattoo

id have to agree with most people above,this doesnt seem like a big deal because he clearly already has tons of tattoos and spending 300 dollars on one kinda defeats the purpose of the contest

Wow, there are some serious haters on this forum. It's a friggen's not like he lopped off his right hand for the phone. It's comical how many dicks there are on the internet.

Props on the tat. I personally would never do it for a phone, but if it doesn't bother you then more power to you.

I often wonder what a dude like this. with tons of jobstopper tats etc., could possibly need with a 'smart' phone (of any brand) - other than perhaps to send/receive emails to buds re: the next kegger. I bet he could make do on his daily job with a cup and string.

do all of society a big favor and take your head out of your ass. You are a coward.

Jesus, why do people insist on feeling like this guy just slept with their wife. Its a tat.

Are a GIANT DOUCHE BAG !!! What difference does it make what he does for a living ? The Storm isn't just directed towards business men. It is going more for the mainstream audience with all the media functions. On top of that, the tattoo appears to be on his leg. What office jobs let you wear shorts ? Dumb@ss. The tat is great man ! Congrats.

...there are many, many businessmen out there with tats. What I find humerous is that the guy who made that comment can't even form a proper sentence.

While I don't think I could ever do it myself, I do admire the guts of anyone who is willing to have a permanant picture of a phone on their leg!

First off... If theres something wrong with texting where the parties are at, then I know alot of sinners... Secondly, you must have a pretty boring life yourself if you can find time to go online to mouth off to people... Same with your other mouthy buddies on here.

The tattoo looks awesome man :) Congrats on the new phone, I have to wait atleast a year before I go buy another :(

OMG that is awesome! Great tat! Wow, poor Brian! Lol! T.J. you got guts, thats some serious crackberry love!

Opinions are like @$$holes, everyone's got one, and most of them stink. Nice tat Bro! That's hardcore. Who on here in an adult? Apparently, not everyone, due to the overwhelming number of totally useless comments. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Everyone can have an opinion, but to attack someone personally, because of their god given right to choose to do whatever they want to themselves, here in the land of freedom, is just STUPID!

Oh people get a life... The only reasons you would give this much shit to someone is because...

1) You have absolutely no life or

2) You are exremely jealous.

Why in the hell do you guys care that he got a tattoo and won? Get a life, honestly. You know, Crackberry doesn't have to host contests like this but they do, because it is fun. It is people like the people bashing the winner that make it no fun. Again, get a life haters!

I think its awesome and congrats on winning! If I saw you on the street, I would give you a high-five for the tat. People making negative comments just have nothing better to do. Miserable in their own lives, and thus, try to take you down with them. The Internet gives people "e-balls". Pretty sure none of them would say any of this stuff to your face.

PS - I dont have any tattoos, but dont care about others getting them.

Being a fellow Northern Ohio man my hat is off to you. Way to go!!! Let them hate all they want.

Hey Dave - I think it looks cool. You know, one of the things I luv about Crackberry is the folks are USUALLY so nice. They've sure helped me out, many times... even when I've had non bb questions and I'm always talking up the site. I'm a bit surprised about some of the comments. I wanted to win too...I had won my Pearl and was really hoping to win a Bold....but even tho I didn't win, I'm still a good sport and extend my congratulations to you.

I couldn't think of anything good enough to submit. I'll prolly get a storm once my TMo contract runs out this spring.

Damn TJ, you must have some serious cojones to get a tattoo on something that you will not be using your whole life!
Well deserved, but seriously... I think this is really crazy ;)

The outline of the tattoo looks awesome. Hope you like your new Storm. I wonder what the other winners will be like.

He should have got it on the forearm. He's gonna have to be a contortionist to answer the damn thing when it rings.

I wonder if there is some wrinkly old pensioner out there rockin a "Commodore 64" tat?

Nice tat man, and congrats on the win.

I for one think you should have to be registered to post on forums, it cuts down on some of the little b*tches that the internet brings out.

cbs2669 needs to grow up but at least he is a registered user!

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Yea, lets get a tattoo of a phone that will be out of date and uncool 12 months from now. What a retard.

Dude, as much as I commend your fanatical dedication to BlackBerry/CrackBerry and were willing to have a Storm tattoo'd to prove it - I gotta tell ya, that has got to be one of the least-attractive pieces of body art I've ever seen.

Congratulations on winning the contest, and one of the Storms and all - and this IS only one mans opinion, so please don't hold offense- but I think if you had that lasered off your calf in 6 months, nobody would blame you.

You are a crazy CrackBerry Addict! Grats on the tat, and the phone. I hope you enjoy both very much. Thanks for being crazy enough to share the shop and the iPhone phan in the video too.
Kudos ~ You do CrackBerry proud!

Hey smart guy: When you figure out in a few years that tatooing something like, say a blackberry, on your body was the dumbest thing you ever did, come on down to my cosmetic derm practice where I will charge you around $5,000 to have it removed. I honestly didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to tatoo themself with a product, especially one that no one will know about in ten years. The cost of getting that removed you could have bought several storms. Forget that it was free to place. If I owned a tatoo parlor I would have given it to you free too. Hell, anyone stupid enough to get that would have gotten it free from me.

Wow. Spoken like a real douche bag. Did you ever think maybe he REALLY doesn't care what all of you scoffers think ? Just because it isn't something you would do or that you personally like, doesn't mean someone else shouldn't be able to do it without ridicule. Do you offer removal of head-from-ass services at your practice ? If so, you're a PERFECT candidate !! Kudos to you for getting the tattoo and winning the Storm, T.J. !!

There's way too many pissed off people on this site. I was watching the video and thinking "he totally deserves the Storm, and then some!" But I didn't mean you deserved a Storm of jealous internet geeks. I'm happy you won bro.

Furthermore, there was a comment made about you being nuts since it will be outdated in a few years. WRONG like everyone else who flamed you! People are getting tatts of things like the original Nintendo, and Obama--who will be out of office someday. It's to be able to remember and have the reminder!

After that crap comment I stopped reading. Congrats man, enjoy the Storm. Maybe I'll make it out to Revelations someday for a piece.

What hppens whe the new model comes out? mind you I do have a tat of a ZX80 on my Butt!, I hope CB are better the BGR and actually give competition winners the phones they win!!!

I was going to do something similar with a tattoo as well, but my girlfriend gave me that look lol. It's fine though I have an upgrade due in a couple of weeks so I'll just pay for it. Looks nice though.

P.S for people that says it doesn't look nice, that is not even the case, the tattoo hasn't healed yet, so you can't see the true picture of it for at least two weeks.

Tried to put in my real name Thorsten when commenting but this sophisticated piece of web software wouldn't accept it and put a red frame around the entry. Are only 'John' and 'Jim' allowed to post here? Good night and good luck America.

Not something I would have done but +2 on the creativity!

Maybe after it heals in, you can have the CB logo filled in with orange to make it really stand out.

Then, you could post updated pictures and stand back as some of these peoples' heads explode.

Happy Veterans Day to all the fellow veterans reading this out there. Hooah.

I also submitted a tattoo idea, but man, yours was WAYYYYYYY better than mine, i just suggested a BB menu button and the CB logo!!!

Much respect, and don't let all these negative nancys bother you, tats are very difficult to photograph, because of the way the skin stretches with bending your ankle, knee, and such.

Much respect, although i am JEALOUS!!!

My friends used to say they would get a modem surgerically implanted in their ear if they could. I would laugh and say "wouldn't you feel like a retard if you got a US Robotics 2400 baud modem circa 1986 in your skull, while the rest of us are buying 10 gigabit ethernet cards at Frys for $19?!?"

That kinda how I feel about tattoos. 'Permanent reminder of a temporary feeling' to quote Jimmy Buffett.

To the "subject" of the article, if you can't endure the criticism of your public personae, you have no business being in the limelight. Get out of the kitchen if you can't stand the heat. People can and do judge others, and there is nothing wrong with that. For myself, I chose not to have tattoos. To get a tattoo for a contest, you didn't prove you're hardcore, just that you're the average American raised on reality TV shows, inspiring more pity than commendation.

1- Ew to the word "tat"
2- That tattoo is TERRIBLE.
3- The storm is equally as terrible (coming from a VZW technical support agent)