Another Storm Contest Winning Entry - Pudding Wrestling!!!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2008 10:12 am EST

We'll toss a slightly NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tag on this post just to cover our butts, but in reality this winning entry is one you should be showing to all of your co-workers...

Our first winner in the What Would You do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest portrayed extreme brand loyalty via a BlackBerry Storm tattoo and our second winner creatively destroyed his old phone to make way for the Storm by Sawing his Palm Treo in half. Our next two winners come from the Howard Stern/Paris Hilton-inspired category we like to call Now That's HOT!

Two winners you ask? Yeah, that's right. Priscilla and Lauren's entry caught us judges by surprise:

This is kind of a joint entry because me and my friend both want a BlackBerry Storm. So we agreed we would pudding wrestle in the middle of Time Square, NYC.

I re-read through the contest rules (which I wrote) and no where did I say you couldn't submit a joint entry! Very clever girls, very clever. I also did a quick search to see if Pudding Wrestling in Time Square for a Free BlackBerry Storm was illegal, and my results turned up negative (though to be honest I didn't search all that hard and gave up looking after 47 seconds).

I asked Priscilla how they arrived at the idea and here's what she had to say:

We both really love our BlackBerrys and we made all our friends get them because we love the BBM feature. Then when I went on CrackBerry I saw the contest and thought it looked awesome, so of course I called my other half and asked what crazy idea she could think of. We wanted to do something that shows our wild side but also how much we love BlackBerrys,, and of course NYC =) 

Mission accomplished. Not only did you both show off your wild sides and love for NY, BB, and CB, but you've also each won a BlackBerry Storm! Well deserved!

Priscilla and Lauren wanted to give a shout out and thanks to Devin at Illegit NYC, a local New York designer, for supplying their Pudding Wrestling clothes (maybe we should get Devin working on some designer CrackBerry gear for the next time we do this!). You can check out a bunch of photos from the event after the jump and view all of the winning entries (6 more videos to come...then we'll let you vote one which ones are the best!) on our Storm Contest page! Keep the blog post comments CLEAN folks!

Pudding Wrestling in Time Square for a BlackBerry Storm

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm!

Reader comments

Another Storm Contest Winning Entry - Pudding Wrestling!!!


I would have walked one or two blocks naked with a CB logo painted on my butt(Crack Butt) on a sunny afternoon at times square for a storm. Who wants me to do it? I might get arrested, but its all good.

Wow Wow Wow Wow :O Hot Hot Hot Hot

As you Americans say...AWESOME !!...well done ladies thats cheered up my afternoon big style :)

Hot pudding wrestling blackberry addicts.

Why can't we have women like this in Kentucky :(

Hot girls get away with ANYTHING! Put two fat guys in the tub they'll be handcuffed in a few minutes. Nice job!

I can't believe that this was only #3 and 4........ Like all referee's and judges...............yous guys must had flashbacks to catholic schools!!!! By far this would have been a tie for 1st place between those lovely ladies from my view..... sorry still on oxygen and slo-mo replays!!!!
Good jobs girls! gotta read the posts - not just watch the vids! :)

The top ten are all winners.. no ranking order to them. They're simply appearing on the site in the order people complete them and I get the videos up.

At the end, once all the vids are up, then we'll run a poll on the site and the community can vote for their favorites!

To describe the hotness of this...
This cannot be topped! This is it.. Cancel the contest, give em all to these girls... me like!

First off - congrats on the STORMS.

Now you gripe and complain about the first 2 males did but show you some porn and ya'll are all over it. Hmm.

What the hell were the judges thinking?!?!
That entry should have been number one!! Kudos for the 2 gorgeous ladies for coming up with that HOT idea :)
ok, I now have a hankering for some snack packs ;P

Arrrg.. how many times do I have to post this?! :)

The top ten are all winners.. no ranking order to them. They're simply appearing on the site in the order people complete their to dos and I get the videos up.

At the end, once all the vids are up, then we'll run a poll on the site and the community can vote for their favorites!

It was so much fun doing this contest, me and lauren had a great time and are so glad we did it! shout out to NYPD for not arresting us! hahah, it was very messy (and delicious) but so worth it!! Thanks for picking us! And to the couple people hattttinnnnn, you pudding wrestle in 40 degree weather in cold chocolate pudding with people hailing cabs right next to you and then we will talk ;)

Congrats from a fellow winner... One hot idea! I am glad you won with your entry, and definately glad I won with mine. Had there been a twist and we had to swap ideas, comments of me pudding wrestling would not have been positive :-) Enjoy your STORMS.

I'd give them my Pearl if I could have watched THAT in person!!

I wonder what time they did this... Times Square was very empty!

First off I suddenly have a craving for pudding and second what else on this wonderful site would lead to more wrestling, perhaps a Jawbone headset or some nice new cases???

I wish you girls had let me know about this, I would have come down from my apt to have seen that in person :)

well making all the pudding took a while so by the time we finished and got there it was 3am monday morning. lol

Wrestling in cold pudding at 3:00am in the morning? In November - in Times Square?
Oh, why are the pretty ones always insane?!
(kidding!) :)

I think a bunch of kittens just died. (obscure?)

Nicely done, Girls - this entry had me laughing & smiling through the whole video. Can't go wrong with chocolate either. Mmm- chocolate....

Yeah, wish I'd received some advanced notice - I would have driven to NYC to do some personal cheering for you ladies - Ah, but we'll always have the video evidence to look back fondly on, won't we?
Good, good submission - can't wait to see what the other contestants sent in!

Rating: 2 thumbs up & a couple cosmopolitans.

I'm sorry but that was tasteless and degrading. wow! I can't believe that entry won. I thought it would be great ideas. tat really cool the palm super cool. but this? I can't imagine what is after this stippers? tisk... tisk.. not good CB sorry!

how is rolling around with your friend tasteless? and degrading to whom? don't hate because we got blackberry storms and you didnt! =P and i like pudding. lmao

I'm definitely not saying that it's degrading, but it certainly wasn't "winning." Just an excuse to show off and not put forth much effort. These girls are smarter than they look; 2 girls rolling around in something = an automatic win when guys are in charge. Unfortunately.


Congratulation to the girls for winning, but Kevin.. really???

Either you only received 12 entries... or next competition I am going to pay a young gorgeous hooker $20 and win every competition from here on in.....
NEW Javelin
NEW Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker for BlackBerry Curve
NEW BlackBerry Skin Case for Bold 9000
NEW BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9000
NEW Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery for BlackBerry Curve
NEW Bluetooth Music Gateway
NEW BlueTrek Tattoo Bluetooth Headset
NEW Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
NEW Stuffbak Mini Pack (2 labels)
NEW Smartphone Experts Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Now that you set the precedent ... I will win every competition .. actually ... to make it fair... you should just send me whatever the offer is??


Wow, that was sweet. Its one thing to destroy your old phone, but quite another to go out to a vary public place and pudding wrestle at the middle of the night in November. I cant wait to see the other winners now, this just made my day.

congrats ladies, but what you guys did was really slutty, i guess for the next contest I'll throw on some booty shorts and head on outside and dance, what about a strip pole too? THat will get me all the damn blackberry phone, smh. And I'm not hating so don't come with that, just doesn't seem to make sense, only men find this attractive, horny men that don't get laid. lololol; this will be embarrassing to both of you in a couple of years, and you'll regret it cus something better than the storm probably will come out in the next two years. Enjoy the phone lol

Pretty sure its every man in the world that finds this a "little" bit attractive. Anyways, congrats on the win, Ill be in NY this weekend for parties and such (staying in Times Square), maybe you girls wanna hang out...haha.

Have a drink, sit back, relax, and have some fun for a change. If you really want to be a rebel then skip Church this weekend! :) It's not like they were naked and playing with "toys" in there or something...sheesh!

how can people seriously hate on these girls? I'm just sayin, it's just as good if not better than the other entries, there always has to be that guy who has some pessimistic shit to say, don't be that guy!

Thank you to everyone who has a sense of humor! to those who cannot keep their negative comments to themselves in this video we were not trying to be sexy and try to turn old horny men on, there are plenty of porn sites for that.

we were wearing shorts and teeshirts which actually cover our t&a... and were just having fun, watch the video again we are cracking up having a good time, not groping each other and moaning. it was good (not so clean) fun. thank you for people who GET IT. and congrats to everyone else who won this contest also, enjoy your new blackberry storms!

i must say though that I have been coming on this site for a long time, and after reading the comments from people on the other 2 winners and a couple here and there on our video (for the most part people were really nice and laughed and that was what it was meant for) it kind of upsets me that people cant just be good sports about it. anyway signing off. enjoy our video!

This was hilarious and anyone "offended" by it really should lighten up. Congrats on the win and great, unique idea!

Ehhhh, not Blackberry-related IMHO like #1 w/ the tattoo and #2 with sawing his Palm in half. The girls could do the same pudding wrestling trying to win concert tickets, etc.

Honestly, the Blackberry tattoo was my favorite, but I'm not even all to impressed w/ that as he had many many tattoos already! It would've been oh so much more special if it was his FIRST TATTOO...

Peace all

I was jus.... I mean that.. hmmmmm did you see the hmm the hmmm... wow.
I will never be able to go shop for pudding without getting major woodage.
I have an idea for a video, I will video tape myself licking the pudding off those two girls on that video for a BB storm... on second thought keep the storm, just send me their phone number ...

Great win ladies! You both should be proud. Attractive young ladies, now equipped with Storm power. NICE!

It is so great that you both WON and I won in a different contest (sponsored through verizon, so do you think now that we are the newest Blackberry STORM family members, that I could get your BB storm NuMbErS??? (22 M)

It is so great that you both WON and I won in a different contest (sponsored through verizon, so do you think now that we are the newest Blackberry STORM family members, that I could get your BB storm NuMbErS??? (22 M)

Wow I thought ppl had to do some really challenging stuff to win a free storm...hum guess i should have entered after all...

Would you pudding wrestle in the middle of NYC at night in the cold? I don't think so...
It wasn't about challenging stuff, it was about doing crazy, original things!!
Great work ladies and congrats!

wow u dont know me yet u know i wouldnt wrestle in pudding for a storm!! Wrong!! hell yeah i would!! im not saying what they did was bad or wrong or anything negative towards them.. i just thought it would take more to win..if i knew that would do it i def. would have done it my damn self..congrat girls on your win. im not hatting on anyone i may not get a storm for free but i still will get big deal :)

Yeah it might be a "hot" video, but I don't see what they did to win a BRAND NEW Storm. This was not a video like the other 2 winners, I think those two other winners deserve it, these two girls I don't think should of won. It was basically just wrestling in a back of a truck.

Let me preface this by saying that I think all four winners so far have been deserving. That said I don't understand why so many people believe these two girls weren't deserving while the first two winners were. I could understand saying the first winner deserved one and the other three don't but not saying Michael yesterday deserved one more than these two. I just don't get how sawing a phone in half that you would otherwise be getting rid of anyway is any more deserving than these two (Again, Michael I feel you are a deserving winner I'm just trying to make a point). Congrats to all the winners!

Congrats to you ladies. who cares what those people with negative comments has to say, you both now have a storm (or whatever you choose to have) and they don't. Good job! also, I would like to say kudo's to kevin for not posting their nicknames on the winner page. imagine how many guys would be sending messages and invites on bbm or whatever! haha...

In conclusion, sex sells. It's amazing how big of a difference attractive females make. It makes me wonder, would the reaction be the same if it were two males wrestling, two obese females wrestling, two attractive females fully covered (nothing that accentuated their form), etc. I have nothing wrong with this, but I can see why it's so successful. There are more heterosexual males on earth than any other permutation of gender and sexual-orientation.

what I meant, they won cus they hot, they didn't have to do much. Now cutting up your fone in half, and getting a tattoo, that's real dedication. Any bimbo can go on times square and "puddy wrestle", shame shame shame. I know guys would give girls money for that, sex does sell. For the next contest, I'll do something sensual with my phone maybe that will get me a win lmaoooo

no,no and we'd be wishing they'd be undressed more.

Kevin this is the best. I will be willing to bet this video wins. There is nothing that will top this unless we get 2 other girls in there wrestling naked in clear gelatin.

Great pick Kevin.

I completely agree. The only reason these girls won was because guys are drooling. I wonder how much of a difference it would have made, too. Maybe two males in girl bikinis would have won (lol), but I can't think of anything else.

To the guys who said they are "bimbos" and "anyone could do this" well go ahead and do it. No you didn't did you why cause it aint that easy. Takes guts to do this in a public area especially Times Square. I give them credit, it's an original idea and they deserve the storms. Dont be haters and jealous and lighten up.. get out of your basements a bit!

Curious were the pics and vids taken with a curve or bold :)

I don't know... but seems a little unfair to me that this is being compared to a CB tattoo on the body, or even parting with an old phone.

Very entertaining, but i have to agree with some other posts that this is unoriginal!!!

and i'm not hating... i mean, i watched the video twice and enjoyed it!! but still don't think this shows brand loyalty, nor is it blackberry storm winning material...

the people who wanna tell me to stop hating and/or come out of my basement can keep it to themselves.

For the next contest I'm going to hire a willing female who will redefine the function of the vibrating ringer. I will win for sure.

From what I remember reading the articles on the first two winners, there were MANY people who offered to get tattoos, and MANY people who offered to destroy an old phone.
Some people don't mind tattoos, and a life-sized BlackBerry isn't going to bother them.
I just sent in 5 phones to be passed out to battered women or recycled (depending on if the phones worked) AND kept two for family backups, so destroying an old phone (to me) wouldn't have been a big deal.
These two girls:
A. Came up with an original idea.
B. Executed the idea.

Yeah, could someone else have done it? Sure. Did anyone else? No. It's easy to copy, it's not easy to be the first.

Girls win. Game over.

Congrats girls! Oh, and be careful about who u share those PINs with.

Stop being jealous and maybe congratulate them for doing something freakin crazy. And yes it was crazy. To be in the middle of Times Square at 3am in November when it was probably 30 degrees and wrestle your friend in pudding is nuts. If you think that sawing an old phone in half from the comfort and safety of a warm garage is more deserving than this, get real.

we are not jealous, i mean have you seen the other three videos? someone ran 20 miles in bitter cold, and lastly to prove alot of people's "sex sells" point, what the hell was the last part of the video for, who the heck cares if they're going to take the pudding off, that was in there obviously they were going to win, its ridiculous, I really don't think they deserved it, there are more people who would of done at least a little bit more serious things for that phone, no wonder women are always put down, because of people like them to, putting a bad name out for the world to see, oh no

how come every time someone disagrees with something or gives an opinion they have to be jealous or hating?? no ones hating they just dont think the stunt was that challenging or deserving. its a freakin opinion ppl!!!!! jeez!

Wheres the the love. At least this girls got out there and did something did any of you that have posted negitive stuff!

I think that the guy who tatto'd the blackberry storm on his leg should get all 10 storms because these other winners dont deserve a storm. He went to the next level of dedication unlike these other losers!! whammy!

I'm a little late to the party on this but... WOW!

No disrespect to the girl in the black shirt, but the girl in the blue shirt is F%&#ING SLAMMIN'!!