Storm Contest: 3 More Cracked Out Winning Entries!

What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest Winners!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Nov 2008 01:32 pm EST

Three More Winning Entries in our
What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest!

With the Vodafone & Verizon BlackBerry Storm both now out on the market (though not widely available just yet), it's time to start wrapping up our What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest! I fell behind on getting more contest winners posted during the week, so I'm making up for it here with a TRIPLE HEADER. After the jump you'll see more examples of extreme brand loyalty and old phones kick'n the bucket, as well as some crackedout pastry skills :-)

We have one more winning entry yet to come early this week, which we are going to tie to something special to bring the contest to an end on a positive note. You'll want to stay tuned for that! And once the last entry is posted you will have a chance to vote on your favorite contest entries, with the top winner getting some bonus prizes! All summed up it will be nine contest entries (the pudding entry had two winners) and eleven BlackBerry smartphones given away! I know it was supposed to be 10, but I felt so bad for Kevin Vlk's brother (the camera man in the CrackBerry Gump entry who ran 10 miles in dress shoes chasing after his brother) that I made sure he got a Storm on launch day too! You can check out the latest winning entries after the jump!



* Read First * A Note on Recycling Old Phones

Today's winning entries all feature some sort of old cell phone destruction. The first winning entry, "Treo Bomb" was actually selected as a winner specifically for this reason - following up on our So Long Palm entry, this was one hella cool way to get rid of an old phone. The other two winning entries today through it in as a "bonus twist"... they wanted their entries to stand apart from the thousands submitted.

While we all know it should be a CRIME to destroy an old BlackBerry, it reality there are much better uses for old cell phones than getting a laugh from it's demise. If you have an old cell phone and want to get rid of it, there are a number of charities that will take your old phone as donation, such as You can hit up Google to find many more. So while a few old phones were destroyed in the running of this contest, it wasn't a waste, as their destruction has brought the community awareness that there are useful things you can do with your own phone!

Winning Entry: Killing An Old Phone - TREO BOMB!!!!

Every judge on the panel wanted to see Brett's What Would You Do happen... heck, who wouldn't want to see anything dropped out of a B-52 Bomber first hand:

I have used Palm products for years but when I was made the commander of a B-52 flying squadron, they gave me a BlackBerry. My first thought after getting used to it was "How did I ever get by without one?" I am a total convert now. It has never reseted itself nor have I had to do it, it never locks up, and the battery usage is spectacular compared to the Palm. Over all it is night and day. I never want to go back to Palm. So to usher in a new era of BlackBerry usage for me, and in hopes of getting a new BlackBerry Storm or Bold (can't decide which!) I would gladly drop my Treo 680 out of a B-52 bomber. 

Check out the video above! It took Brett the better part of a two days just to get permission to carry out the video above. That effort alone seems deserving a new BlackBerry (remember, this is asking permission in an area where there is no shortage of firearms around!). In the video you can tell Brett is a little torn between going with a Storm or the Bold. Already an AT&T customer, he ended up going with the Bold (even though it was a Storm contest, we gave all winners the option of getting any BlackBerry they wish). Congrats Brett!


Winning Entry: Extreme Loyalty - FIVE CRACKBERRY TATTOOS!! 

With nearly 200 people submitting as their contest entry that they would get a BlackBerry or CrackBerry tattoo, you didn't think we'd only pick one winner from this category of entries did you?! Of course not! But how do you match T.J.'s life-sized BlackBerry Storm tattoo? That's easy... you get FIVE CrackBerry tattoos! Shannon of Syracuse even spiced her entry up further with a little SideKick destruction:

I would get FIVE tattoos of the CrackBerry logo (or that say all on different parts of my body and then i would ALSO light my sidekick 3 (basically my life) on fire... or drive over it with a car! ; ) 

Shannon, you are CRAZY!!! But in a good great way! The CB logo actually makes for a pretty cute tattoo. If you turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise, it kinda looks like a smiling, happy Frog!

As a T-Mobile subscriber, Shannon opted to get an unlocked BlackBerry Bold instead of the Storm, so we hooked her up that and she has been loving it! Congrats Shannon, enjoy your new Bold! Well deserved!!!


Winning Entry: Cracked Out Crafts -  The CrackBerry PieRate!

With over 3,000 entries submitted into the What Would You do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest,  we found the majority of entries fell into one of five major themes. We've covered extreme brand loyalty, wrecking old phones, that's HOTT!!, and self-induced pain (you guys are nuts)... the last category that emerged was cracked-out arts and crafts - essentially making and baking stuff, CrackBerry Addict style. Picking two winners out of each category seemed like a good way to spread the winning love around all of entries submitted - people have different definitions of crazy and over the top, and not everyone is willing to get a tattoo or get shot with 100 paintballs. We also suggested in blog posts that with so many entries being submitted, to stand out from the crowd it might make sense to combine your ideas into one.

Enter the CrackBerry PieRate. While a lot of the entries we have seen so for have been crazy... this one submitted by member vx1 is just nuts. All summed up the video above is...well.. pretty crackberried-up.. like Blair Witch meets Mr. Dress Up meets one of those weird artsy films.  The entry:

I would become a CrackBerry Super Hero - PieRate! I would bake a pie with the CB logo in the middle and ship it to the judges! I would then make up a bunch of more pies, travel into the city (Toronto) and let people throw pies at my face and have it be recorded! Then i would have to eat a whole pie! Then in true PieRate fashion, I would sacrifice my captured old phones in a ceremony to the BlackBerry Gods! 

With the judging panel all being fans of the classic pie in the face routine and being even bigger fans of eating tasty pies, the creative roll-playing PieRate caught our attention and slipped into the top ten. Congrats vx1!  


That's it! You can check out ALL of the Winning Entries on our WINNING ENTRIES page. We have one more entry left to come that you won't want to miss!

KEEP THE COMMENTS FRIENDLY AND CLEAN FOLKS!!! (It's dumb that I have to even say this, but this is a fun event - if you don't have something nice to say, skip saying it. Moderation team reserves the right to delete any anonymous or rude comments).

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Reader comments

Storm Contest: 3 More Cracked Out Winning Entries!


Hey..Sorry About that...I did mention in the blogs that there was a delay. All of the winners have carried out there to dos. Meant to get these up during the week but between being sick, the Round Robin, the Storm launch, needing to buy some new software and being out of town for a couple days I got delayed!

Only one entry left to go now. Will put it up tomorrow!

brett didnt throw his phone while in the air did he? im pretty sure he was still grounded. it wouldve been soo much kooler if he was airborne..

Yeah, that's what all the judges were envisioning.. dropped out of the bomb doors of a flying B-52. Insanely cool.

You have to remember, the judges didn't pick the winning videos. We picked the winners based off the "text" submissions, and from there the contestants carried out their to dos and captured footage, etc.

So we really had no idea what we would get handed into us. I've been overwhelmed by the effort contestants put in - could have been easy (and would still have got a free phone) for them to just snap a quick picture/capture and put in minimal effort.

In the case of Brett's, turns out it would be illegal (bouurns to drop it out of a flying 5-52). But still very cool and mission accomplished nonetheless!!

- ummmmmmmmm....really? those tattoos look like marker. As a fellow tattooed crackberry user i can say with confidence theyre fake. The tattoo machine doesnt even have a needle...look closely. Plus if the pictures were taken of fresh tattoos (which i assume they would be) the skin around the tattoo would either be irritated or the tattoo itself would be scabbing/peeling.

-the bomber....enough said

- thePIErate...has some mad baking skills??

i think you should remember that everyone's skin is different. The fact that you're accusing me of having fake tattoos is pathetic. The machine doesnt have a needle? WHAT???? its ok though...i understand your just expressing your jealousy

i decided to get the bold. I decided that if i ended up liking the storm when i tried it then i would give my dad the bold and he would buy me the storm. But i tired the storm yesterday and i hate it.

3 hours after...the skin would most defiantly have irritation. Trust me...ive had two sleeves done and have worked in a tattoo shop for the better part of 10 years. Even if peoples skin react differently there would still be irritation. Oh, and i'm not jealous, i got a free storm through my younger brothers job.

I have to say I am pretty underwhelmed by the coolness of these entries. I think it could've been a lot better, in fact, I think mine was better.

They had the potential for coolness. Some of the first winners put in overkill effort, like the running guy or paintball guy or pudding girls. These are still ok though. Somebody has to win. Tough contest with so many entries. I just wish mine would have been picked but I won't complain. Maybe next time.

Ok the b 52 bomber video was awesome but the actual effort stunk. Come on it would of been worth it to see it strapped to a bomb and dropped lol. The chick getting 5 tattoos kinda seemed fake but hey if it is true then she deserved it whatever. The guy who baked a pie seemed original and different then what we have been seeing kinda kool. At least someone will be eating one sweet pie it looked delicious! Out of all the entries so far the guy getting hit by them paintball's seemed to be the best in my opinion. Not trying to diss anyone that had one since they all seemed to deserve it in one way or another

How in the world did this COMMANDER manage it get permission to utilize government property for this???????????

1-800-Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Your telling me you guys thought it would be cool to give this guy a storm for dropping it out of an airplane cockpit????? And you dont approve me getting into an aerobatic airplane and accelerated spinning it for 10,000 feet????? What kind of jacked up judging system do you guys have here. I am honestly mad. I could through a treo from a moving car and inflict more damage. What a load of crap. "What would you do for a blackberry storm" automatically carries with it wild and outlandish stunts to win you a phone. God how extreme do you really think somebody needs to be to drop a phone from a window, wow slow down there dont get too crazy!

I agree that the video was a little weak. However, give the man a break. He is serving our country and putting his life on the line, which is something I have not done and, I'm guessing, it is not something you have done.

Go ahead and insert your foot in your mouth now....

I am not questioning or putting down his service to our country as I am a fellow military man. This has nothing to do with it. Its just an all around lame "what would you do for a storm" contest idea. yes dropping a treo from a B-52 sounds amazing, But I am thinking either taping it to a 500lb that maybe they drop on an exercise or just opening the bombay and dropping it at altitude over a non populated area. I am seriously mad that this made it into the top 10 out of thousands of seemingly amazing ideas.


My post was not a reply to your post. It was a reply to Queen4111 post! My post just happened to post under your post. Thanks for your service to the country!

FYI, my dad was a WWII Air Force veteran, and was a former German POW when his US Air Force plane got shot down...and he was a German citizen since he was born in Berlin in 1924.

Carry on!

Being a whiny little ***** makes you look like, well, a whiny little *****. I just read the entry of what the guy said he would do above. It sounded like he was saying he would drop it out the bomb doors of the B-52, which would be cool and unique. Yours sounds cool too, but whatever. You can watch spinning acrobats on tv anytime. This guy duped them a bit, but still did what he said he would do I guess. Chill pill is right.

yea and even when you look back at tattoo girl's entry...she doesnt say anything about permanent tattoos. So all this accusing really...even if they are fake she still completed what she said she was gonna do.

ahh jealousy can get the best of you sometimes lol

If the airplane and the commander were not currently involved in a mission and had permission, I don't see a problem. I'm sure in the event he would have to respond to something, he would be more than ready to pause the video and carry out his duties. Making this video probably utilized that B52 no different than if he left sunglasses or something in the cockpit and had to go back and get them. Except this time, it involved bringing a video camera and opening and closing a window. No, this does not mean the video tape will now give terrorist more knowledge of a B52 cockpit. I'm certain he didn't put hours or burn any fuel on the plane. What is there to even waste? A serviceman's happiness?

Even if the tatoos were fake she destroyed a Microsoft owned product with the DANGER so I am happy there, and that was a real phone since you can see the liquid come out of the LCD the B52 was stupid, we didn't even see the broken PALM. I can dress up in my flight suit and go to the B52 museum and do the same thing. The PIEMAN was nuts he should have gotten to Berries for being on LSD.

You have GOT to be kidding me. He won a storm for dropping his phone 10 feet from a GROUNDED plane? The jusdging system needs reworking. One guy gets his leg tattooed PERMANENTLY for the storm, and another Drops his old phone. Does that seem right?

MMMMMMMMMMM Cream of Crackberry pie.When I buy The Phone I wanna be the Pieguy.I have a new hero and I live a sheltered life.Wtg on realism..Pieguy,Pieguy sis boom bah.

I don't think my comment was that rude that it should have been deleted!...not creative or extreme enough to win ... plain and simple... so far the only ones that deserved it were the pudding girls (should've let me know i wouldve had you pudding wrestle at the club i work at lol), paintball guy, gumpberry and the guy with tattoo on his leg (thats nuts)

The difference is honestly obvious between these three winners and the past ones... Kinda sad since I am sure others had more creative ideas! What happend?

Plane and the tattoo were both lame. The tattoo was made slightly better by the fact that she crushed a SK3.

AND HOW THE HELL CAN YOU PICK TWO TATTOO ENTRIES! You said you have over 3000 entries, and you picked two tattoo entires? Thats just plain lazy!

Paintball or 20 mile guy gets my vote for most creative and most physically punishing.

I will have to agree with the few others on here. Paintball guy wins hands down. He actually looks like he put in effort for a contest. Not that the others had no effort at all...but his is far above the rest. i hope he gets something sweet for that over all prize.

True true my vote goes to the paintball guy. It was a toss up between him and the original tattoo dude for me. Dont we love a free and democratic society were we can express our opinions! Oh btw thankx DawnGP143 for agreeing on my first comment and Kevin hopefully the last winner will be awesome?

I don't regret getting my tattoo AT ALL, but I don't see where dropping a phone out of a grounded, non moving plane with NO aftermath footage even compares or can be called extreme ! For all we know, someone could have been standing at the bottom and caught it !! And as far as the other tattoo entry goes, I don't recall ever actually SEEING the needle move on the skin. I REALLY hate to say it, but I'm not totally convinced of the legitimacy of the ink. Also, did we see the CB logo in 5 different places ? The pie guy impressed me with the CB pie. It was sharp ;) I don't think my entry was the most extreme, but it will be the longest lasting (and it has also gotten me WORLDWIDE media attention !). I believe the paintball guy and the marathon runner were by far the most brutal and extreme. The pudding wrestling was entertaining, but that's about it. And that's my 2 cents !

Yeah your right on that one and congrats on your new fame ser you deserve it! What got me going was she said she got a bold instead? I dunno something is odd about this one

how is it odd that i got the bold instead?? i dont like the whole click to touch crap. and i submitted picutres of all 5 tattoos..

2 were on my thighs
one is on the side of my chest
(those are shown in the video)
and then two are literally under my boobs so im guessing kevin didnt feel they were appropriate.

so you got a problem with that see kevin.

like honestly people cut the jealously. I got a free phone you didnt. You can try and convince yourself that the tattoos aren't real but you're really just wasting your time.

ok yea im done giving you people any more time of my day.

Actually I damn near got my phone for free considering after my new every two, vip discount a rebate debit card and employee discount. In my honest opinion with evidence Kevin put out there it seems plausible. From no means am I jealous just honest

When I watch that tattoo video it looks like there is no needle as well as no rubber band around the needle and gun but that's just my 2 cents

im sure gettin five tattoos or even that one of the storm would cost well over $200. itd be cheaper to just get the phone from da store.

Some of the things being said sound mean but there would be something wrong if there wasn't any negative opinions

Call me a hater. I cant imagine some of the thoughtful, painful, expensive and extreme things people thought of. The guy might as well dropped the phone from the roof of his house. Cool lets put forth zero effort and show how little dedication you actually have, yet STILL manage to get picked to get a free storm. People got tattoo's on their bodys, thats changing your body for life. I would never get a tattoo to get a 250 dollar cell phone but thats exactly why they deserved to win. I dont think the B-52 guy should get a phone thats for sure.

Nice entry... B-52 nice vidz of the bombs blowing up and stuff but dropping it out of the window and not even showing you yourself dropping it is kinda lame... I agreed with the previous post.. B-52 doesn't deserve to win.. tattoo girl... 5 tattoos are insane.. pie guy.. i want some of those crackberry pies ^^

lol at the b-52 bomber video. i was expecting something awesome but instead made me crack up.
i guess in that respect it deserves to win.

Ok I thought this contest was What would you do for a blackberry storm not bold? I couldn't help but thinking that maybe at least one of these three entries should be redone! Anyone want pie?

Well if you look back at the contest page it says win a storm or other blackberry of your choice. I mean the "click screen" isn't for everyone. I personally think the storm is a piece of crap

I bet you the people in these videos are reading all these comments and laughing. All this hating is really just making them feel a whole lot better about their free phones. HA actually all ths hate is making ME laugh

Ok SSgt. your video bombed. As someone associated with the military I am embarrassed for you that you sent that in- poor show. Tattoo chick, honestly can't tell if those tat's are real but I know when I got mine I wasn't as chill as you but everyone is different. Still, I think the running over of the phone was out of guilt for not getting real tattoos.....most of those tattoos could have been showed in your video- we saw more of the release form then we saw of the actual tattoos- boring. And like another poster said- it would have cost you more for 5 of those bad boys- or da** near close to the price of a storm. I am thinking you weren't a Storm fan from the beginnng and never intended on getting a Storm- which is your loss because mine is the sh***. The last video- I didn't even bother....after the first two I was ready for a nap. I have a brilliant idea for the next "what would you do" contest! I think the contestants should have to do the action first, submit it on video and let crackberry nation vote.....maybe THEN we'll get some real action from some true "crack(berry)" addicts and you guys won't have to weed through some many entries with FAKE promises that don't deliver. Kudo's to paintball guy and the guy who got the real tattoo-you guys have my respect.

Freedom of speech is one thing,but a reality check is another.If you want to get real check this out.
The pilot was boring "TRUE"
Tattoos "OUCH"
Paintball "again OUCH"
Pudding girls "TASTY"
Pieguy "Bunch a ppl getting together and having FUN and Laughing"
Ok wise people you figure it out which one deserves it.
If it takes you more then a second to figure it out,your off your Valium again.

if people are really gonna vote for the pudding girls over the storm tattoo guy or the paintball guy then people need to get out more. rolling in food isnt deserving of anything

my tattoo artist charged me by the hour not by how many tattoos i was getting. Those tattoos seemed like they were small and easy so it really could have only cost her 50 bucks or something

my tattoo artist charged me by the hour not by how many tattoos i was getting. Those tattoos seemed like they were small and easy so it really could have only cost her 50 bucks or something

Well i think the paint ball guy should have won two phones.
The thing on tattoos is, We all can get one.
That's not all extreme!!!!!
I think Crackberry needs better judges and they should do a follow up on some winners that do something to they body(etc) tattoos, body piercing
GEEZs i have a dozen old phones here in my house maybe i should throw it out my school bus window or truck and maybe my bedroom window. Does that mean i win a storm!!!!!!
Do you really think ppl will use they owe phone to do this..I think.......(NOT)
Anyways that's my 2 cents.
Congrads on all winners.

I have to agree. These were lame. The treo could have been tied to a brick to get at least some damage. The tattoo artist didn't even care enough to pretend he was in to giving the tats. He was more interested in the conversation.

BTW I am not jealous. I didn't enter the contest.

I think tattoo girl is gross. I'm not against the tattoos, nor am I debating the authenticity of them but why the hell would u get them in such private places if they're something ur gonna put on a website? The pic of the tats btwn ur legs is NASTY and u should be ashamed of urself. The bold only costs $600, u should have bought it and kept ur dignity. SMFH!

"the bold only cost $600" ok sorry not everyone's filthy rich and can just buy $700 phones like you! you're just a HATER!!!!

I don't need to hate... I already have a bold and I didn't have too spread my legs on the internet to get it. And I wasn't implying that $600 wasn't a lot to spend on a phone, however it is a small price to pay when the alternative is putting crackerry logos on my private parts. The storm tatt is amazing- it was in good fun and the artist did a great job. Congratulations to all of the winners!