Bold/Storm/8900 Hybrid Device is Coming!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2008 09:22 am EDT

BlackBerry Magnum
(another, slightly more "official" image after the jump)

Another Update: Rogers 2009 BB Linup - Clarifies the Magnum/Pluto Stuff >>

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Update 2: Here's what I was waiting for...update from BG: "A little more info for you - we're now hearing it will be called the BlackBerry 9900 and it's currently codenamed Pluto up in Waterloo. We're also told to expect a Q3 / Q4 2009 release, you know, delays aside."

Update 1:  OK... it's Friday. My BRAIN HURTS. The boys and girls in Waterloo are working too hard it seems on new BB device models, cause it's getting way too unwieldy to keep track of. Apologies on any confusion. Looks like the 9220 we reported on back in August is not the same device BGR posted on this morning. As suggested previously by Stop-N-Go previously, there will be a 3Ged up mini-Bold/Javelin-like type phone (the Magnum codename should fit the bill for that baby), but that's different than the device posted today. I'm sure BGR will follow up soon with the device model/codename on this new one (updated: codenamed Pluto). And as mentioned earlier, we've heard other codenames floating around like Onyx, Jupiter and Collosal that may at some point meet the blogosphere with specs and pics (and I'm sure there's other names out there too, or like the Storm/Thunder, apparently two names for the same device). Will update this when we see more details. In the meantime, I'll leave the 'stache on the pic above cause it looks soo good (and it was a Magnum P.I. like 'stache, not a turd!). Sorry folks.. always just doing the best we can here. Not 5pm yet, but I need a drink! **

Too Much fun for a Friday! So BGR busted out some news this morning about a new device coming out of Waterloo (likely to be announced at WES in May 2009). And as I was about to post y'all the codename for this new device it looks like BBNews beat me to the punch. But that's ok folks... what's cool here are the details!!

Remember we dropped word of the BlackBerry 9220 a while back (mentioned by the ever-trusty Stop-N-Go in the CB forums)? The device everyone is talking about today is the one we mentioned back on August 18th. The codename is "Magnum" (awesome!) and you can think of it as the BlackBerry Bold / Curve 8900 / and Storm jammed into one. Smaller, Faster & Touch!

GSM device... it'll feature the 3G stylings of the Bold, a tighter former factor (more akin to the Curve 8900, yet different... sort of a pancake (flatter), tighter Bold), and last but not least, a physical keyboard and a touchschreen! Start saving your pennies... looks like you'll be spending a lot of $$$ on BlackBerry smartphones in the next 12 months. Now how are we ever going to top our What Would You Do For a BlackBerry Storm? Contest come May?!

BlackBerry Magnum photo posted at BGR:

BlackBerry Magnum

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Bold/Storm/8900 Hybrid Device is Coming!!!


Blimey RIM aren't hanging about these days, device after device...just can't keep up with them. Looks like we'll have to change devices every 6 months now.

P.S - You need a moustache on your picture ;)

The 'stache was a great addition. Good idea CGSCOT. ;)

THIS is the device I've really been waiting for, and though I'm anxious to get my hands on the Storm and 8900 devices, I have no plans to buy any of them. The Magnum? Oh yes, it will be mine...


Now I'm debating whether to wait for the Magnum, or get the bb 8900 once it comes out then switch for the Magnum next year? Anyone know when bb 8900 will hit Rogers? (I ain't getting the Bold, the kbd is not for me.)

Always buy the latest and greatest you can today, and figure it out when the next one comes along.

Guess what? By the time the Magnum becomes available, rumors will be getting leaked about the NEXT latest and greatest.

That's my take anyways...

Seeing the blurry pic of the Magnum/Pluto, I ain't picking it up next year due to kbd. I'll pick up the BB 8900 whenever it fricking hits Rogers!~ More news on the 8900 please, especially the release date!!

See, now RIM is thinking. I've loved the Treo 650 and 700p, and though I only had a 800w for 30 days, it was still nice to have BOTH options. I love having the touch screen and the keyboard all in one.

This will be interesting because Palm is supposed to be putting something else out next year too, and that's when the new OS is going to happen. So now it will be a Palm/Blackberry fight. Nice :)

Ok, so there might be a physical keyboard on the Magnumn AND a touchscreen? I guess a Clickthrough one... Might be usefull for navigating and selecting options...Like the trackball I guess...

Would be great if the keyboard was as awesome as it is on the Bold... and I love the size of the next Curve 8900...

It will have 2 slide out keyboards. One resembling a full keyboard complete with the F1 through F12 keys and Esc. It will also have a rollerball in each corner of the screen as well as several on the bottom so when you are in a board meeting you can roll it from one end of that 28 ft table to the other to show your co-worker the screen as an alternative to sending an email. It will also come with a 22.7 megapixel camera complete with Xenox flash with rear sync option and full Photoshop for editing. The Magnums video camera will make Hollywood movies look like home videos. The screen will be the next big thing and of course brought to you by non other than RIM. It will be the Think-Through Screen. You won't have to touch a thing, just think and it will do whatever you are thinking. The 8.25 in screen will be 2160 resolution and blow even the best HD picture off the face of the earth. I know what you're thinking, THAT'S TOO BIG !!! Well RIM has got ya covered !! Just click the 4 corner rollerballs and think MAGNUM TRANSFORM and it transforms itself to a 1in x 2in x 0.25in pocket sized unit. Keychain accessory sold seperately.

A couple more specs

-1 Terabyte (1000gb) internal memory
-Up to a 16 tb micro sd card (when it becomes available)
-27gb of RAM

More specs to be released soon...


OMFG that was some of the funniest sh*t I've heard/read in awhile. That made my day Stressed, thank you.

One small note: you do realize that in 10 years, we'll look at those specs and say they're outdated :-)

I thought the same thing before I read any of the comments. I can see it now though. took me a while, kinda like those 3d pictures you have to stare at to see the real image.

Its one thing to come up with ideas, and designs for a phone...the trick is to actually get the damn thing released.

I agree with tha dog. I have a feeling once everyone gets used to the larger touch screen it will be hard going back to the smaller version with a physical keyboard. I for one will rock the storm ( or storm 2 and 3 ) until the come out with a full sized touch screen with a slide out key board.

I was hoping there would be a best of all worlds...and since my curve is fairly new I'm cool with waiting for the Magnum for a while!

The Magnum ad campaign.

I think Clint might be too old to pull this off though...

"I know what you're thinking. 'Did he send six emails or only five?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is the new Blackberry Magnum, the most powerful smartphone in the world, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"

i am sceptical about this one because of the timing. People planning to buy either the Storm or the Bold would wait for this instead. how many people will pony up 350 bucks every six months for a new RIM phone? not to mention the hassles of phone switching.

Sounds like someone in RIM did not think through marketing strategy or there is something more going on here.

Magnum, yeah!

I am still devoted to the physical keyboard and this could arguebly take my sights away from the Storm. I gave up on the Bold and turned to the Javelin, but the Magnum is a definite game changer. It will be interesting considering switching to Magnum, Javelin or Storm will release when my contract obligation will be over, not that I mind paying extra cost for having the device I like.

We'll see!

so i checked out the article Kevin lilnked to in the beginning of the post and BGR has an update on the bottom of their page.

UPDATE: A little more info for you - we’re now hearing it will be called the BlackBerry 9900 and it’s currently codenamed Pluto up in Waterloo. We’re also told to expect a Q3 / Q4 2009 release, you know, delays aside.

I am a current Curve 8310 user and have been waiting for a freaking Bold. Now this is nowhere in sight here in the USA and now they are going to show us something else.

Throw a physical keypad on iphone since that has been here for a while and BB is history.

And sad to say CRACKBERRY you know I will continue to wait for the Bold!

I actually saw one of these as a friend of mine was given one to give it a test drive. Very cool device from what i can see.

Please keep this under wraps (like that's possible). I got a coworker hyped on Blackberry and now he's going to get a Bold, which I wanted. But now, I want him to get that and then I'll bust out this gem. I WIN!!

I really did want the Bold, but I love my curve form-factor. I've always said that if my Curve had 3G, I would be a happier guy. Now this thing is the perfect everything. I'm cool without touchscreen, but hey, throw it in with Curve type everything else, I'm in all the way !!

Woah, woah - woah.
It's got a physical keyboard AND a touchscreen? I'm not sure I quite get it - I thought the two were completely "Either-Or"... you have people who use trackballs & keys - then you have the percentage that love a slab of glass under their fingers. Combining the two?!
That's just CRAZY, Man - it'd be like some kind of frankenstein-ish horrible hybrid, a mixing of the two that should never be together, with predictable disasterous results - like a Voyager on Crack. *shudder*

All kidding aside, it seems RIM is on a Roll to offer up something for just about everybody.
Nifty. :)

I would not have guessed that the Bold will now have a touch screen?

Can wait to see what they come out with next...

See, About time RIM has another device with touchscreen & keyboad which I really wanted!. it's still nice to have BOTH options. I love having the touch screen and the keyboard all in one like TREO STYLE.

cool :) hopefully by the time I'm up for an upgrade, this device comes out :) That is, if I am still as broke as I am today till then lol

Bold= ATT
Storm= Verizon
Magnum= TMOBILE????

i guess waiting for a 3G BB device might have its advantages!

Hey Kevin,

What is happening to When I joined this growing community, I commented that "it was like a breath of fresh air." Now I'm not so sure. The "Number 1 site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers)" has taken on a whole new meaning.

You're so much better than this.

- CB


I hate to sound like a jerk, but for all anyone knows, the FUZZY photo could EASILY be a Photoshopped product. Everyone saying they are gonna pass on the Bold or Storm, have fun with whatever you currently have for an indefinite amount of time. Hell, I could be completely off because seriously, I don't know sh*t and have no inside connections, but I'd say don't count your chickens before they hatch.

...RIM should not remove the track ball. Touch screen can enhance the user's interaction with the phone, but touch capability should not replace the track ball.

Maybe I think this because I'm an old Treo user where touch and button navigation was possible. But, it just makes better sense to have both forms of navigation at the user's finger tips, imho.

Yay!! I'm digging this! I love my curve, and I agree with BigSacAttack- if my curve had 3G, I wouldn't change. Can't wait for this!

This phone looks great, can't wait for it, but I would definitely prefer for them to keep the trackball!