Storm 2 Video Shows WiFi Usage Speed Testing

By Bla1ze on 5 Oct 2009 07:50 am EDT

As we roll closer to the Storm 2 launch date a lot more videos of the device in action should be popping up. This one was posted a couple of days ago to Youtube and while it's a great video of the Storm 2 in action, it's not really a great depiction of how the browser may work over WiFi due to the fact no full sites were visited.

Only mobile versions were used in this video and with that said, we all know mobile versions tend to load faster then the regular version of any given site. So, while we're glad the CrackBerry mobile site loaded nice and fast, we like to just speed based on the real deal. Now, does anyone out there still say the Storm 2 will not arrive with WiFi? This should clear the air once and for all folks. What do ya think, will the WiFi browsing be fast on the Storm 2?

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Storm 2 Video Shows WiFi Usage Speed Testing


...that's not very good. At all. It's not impressive mobile sites are fast, they are suppose to be fast, especially with WIFI! RIM needs to up their browser, as of right now it's about a C and Apple's iPhone browser is about an A.

What is this?? My Bold is faster over a 3G connection than that POS is over WiFi...

Yea, way to show off the new Storm! I'll be right down at the shop. NOT.

My S1 running the Opera Mini beta 5 runs faster than that loading full pages. And this video had to have some of the worse screen click/squeak than any we have seen so far.

I am hoping that this is an early build of both the hardware and software...and that this guy had a weak WiFi connection.

This is RIM's cutting edge second generation phone.... And it loads pages slow as F&&k!!! It is an issue with the phone and not his wifi, as my storm one does that all the time now. Takes forever to start to load the page. At first I thought that it was Verizons service, but now I see the Storm 2 do it on wifi and I lose all hope for the storm.....

The EVDO on my Storm 9530 works just as fast as that WIFI using Opera. I'm NOT very impressed either but I'll take it regardless if its going to improve support on future apps pn the Storm phones (ie. mobile sling player). I'm sure "Sling Box" will now develop a working app for the Storm 2 since it will have WIFI. This may also mean that the current storms will be able to take advantage of the apps and watch TV on a fully blown picture.

Opera 5 Mini on my storm does not have this lag at all. RIM should just hire Opera to write a browser for them. Opera for the Desktop is great too.

I have always mute keypad tone on all my phones.
the clicking sound the Storm 2 makes its awesome lol i love it. i dont know if the storm 1 had it, but i like it. :)

I got to see a video before they took it off! It looks very fast! So will you be able to access wi-fi anywere? Or will you only be able to use it in hot spots? Sorry if that was a dumb question.

My storm 1 loads the mobile pages just as quick. Maybe you should try going to a full website because you proved absolutely nothing with this video. Good try though.

I have a storm 1 there is no comparison...Much faster...and let me know when you get a Storm 2 a month early...Then you can prove all you want

HEY WHEN ALL YOU HATERS GET A STORM 2 LET ME KNOW...I Did not Crackberry was going to use this on their homepage...This was made just to show my friends on here that the WIFI works. Sorry that it it not up to all you non STORM 2 users standards...I did prove that there is WIFI and it loads pretty quickly..Most of the time I use mobile sites anyhow. I was not able to download Opera. This was a pre released model...If I knew Crackberry was going to use it, which I am stoked that they did, I would of done everything that they asked. Again this was for a small group of friends, but thank you for using it....It is an awsome phone and very fast when used in hand..

Scott4551, I agree with you. The Storm 2 is destined to be an EXCELLENT BlackBerry device.


TO ALL THE HATERS, GO ENJOY YOUR IPHONE 3GS & POST ON APPLE'S SUPPORT FORUMS. THE IPHONE has its own unique set of technical issues, so I wouldn't log onto CrackBerry just to disparage the Storm 2.

Remember that RIM and BlackBerry are still primarily targeted toward enterprise professionals, businessmen and those who value productivity.

How about voicing support for RIM and its new Storm 2 product instead of unleashing all your negativity on this thread? RIM listened to your complaints & grievances about the original Storm and worked very hard to improve those features for the Storm 2.

This video is PRE-PRODUCTION HARDWARE! When the official 9550 Hardware is released, then you can make a real assessment.

Let's increase the peace!

Sad really, even with wifi on the Storm 2, my original Storm 3g running Opera Mini 4.2 is still faster. I timed it on Yahoo and espn and beat him time and time again. When will RIM get it right!

Anybody that has ever teathered their Storm to a computer will tell you that it ISN'T the connection that is the bottle neck. I teathered my phone a couple of times to my laptop, and it was PLENTY fast enough for all practical web surfing needs. It is in the phones browser and the browser's ability to render webpages that lags... Like the previous poster said, Opera mini works awesome even on the full webpages....

That's nice that you're showing how the web pages load over Wi-Fi..but how come you (or anyone else for that matter) don't show how the pinch and zoom feature on the Storm 2 works!?!?

This was a prereleased model and I did not want to download anything...Also I was not able to connect to a network...Also they have upgraded the hardware already so maybe it will be faster when the official model comes out..

what's with the keyboard not having individual buttons but had like 2 letters to a button?? i don't like the predictive text thing. is the storm 2 normally like this or is this an option to change?

Is this guy really on WiFi?? His WiFi logo in the top right portion of the screen looks grayed out to me. Which usually means WiFi is turned on, but not connected to a network. If that's the case, he is browsing using his EVDO connection.

Yes it was on WIFI...I did not have a sim card in and since this was the GSM version there is no EVDO....And for the other person...The 2 letter button is the SURETYPE version of the keyboard where it uses less buttons like on the Pearl. And for anyone who uses a Blackberry you know Web Browsing is not the main focus of the Blackberry. I was using the Blackberry Browser, maybe if I would of benn able to use OPERA 5.0 is would of been faster...


typical bullshit post on crackberry that doesn't show you anything new. mobile web really? oh you're on wi-fi? thats interesting cause a razr v3 could do that in about the same amount of time. I've seen a psp load a full website in about half the time. why do people keep posting these like limited features on these unreleased phones. If you want to convince people its a good phone show us something it does that our current phone can't do show us it doing something faster. blow everyones mind about the device if you can't do that then don't post a video its as simple as that.

I'm so unimpressed with the storm 2. Had the first storm and learned my lesson. This one looks like they haven't really addressed the issues from the first

If you look @ da top it looks like his Wifi is not running rite. It should be bright. My 8900 did that with the regular software that it came with from T mobile. But, since i upgraded the OS it now runs smoother. Does the Storm 2 have UMA? If it does then i would buy it in a heartbeat.

wow, a lot of hate here, before you judge the wifi speed of any device, you need to know the speed of his wifi connection. Things like the link speed to the telco, number of users on the AP, the speed of the slowest device accessing the AP, etc etc

Or you can carry on spewing hate ;)