BlackBerry Storm 2 Makes Another Video Appearance - A Quick Look At The Hardware!

By Bla1ze on 22 Aug 2009 09:35 pm EDT

* Update: It's likely there's still more to this Storm 2 screen discussion than easily meets the eye. Be sure to check out this forum thread which sum up some of the thoughts/ideas going on. *

The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) has made another appearance thanks to our buddy Salomondrin. This time around we get a good look at the hardware put into comparison with the Storm 9530. Also included in this video is Sal's take/explanation of what we recently speculated about in the CrackBerry Podcast, Peizo technology. Though in the podcast it was more of a theory to potentially explain the whole display doesn't move when powered off but moves when powered on thing, Salomondrin takes the time to show us exactly how he thinks it may be implemented into the Storm 2's screen as well shows us just how much better the method of input appears to be this time around. Check it out! Big thanks to Salomondrin and of course, let us know what ya think in the comments about this screen technology the Storm 2 is potentially making use of. It's still all rumor until RIM makes it officially known as to how it all works and what the display's capabilities are, but the Storm 2 hardware definitely is looking like a solid step forward over the original 9530/9500. 

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BlackBerry Storm 2 Makes Another Video Appearance - A Quick Look At The Hardware!


from listening to the podcast i didn't really understand the pizo technology, but the sponge demonstration made it "click" for me (sorry, that was terrible).

Wow, this phone seems so nice. Great review. I wish it was longer and showed the software on the phone.

Sal, buddy, pal. This may be my only chance for a new phone. Would you be so kind as to sell it to me? Just pm me with the info. I just got my old storm so I am stuck with it for 2 years.

I know deep in your heart you would want me to have this phone so I can be 1/100th as cool as you.

I can't wait for the pm


This phone is going to be sweet.

If your line is the primary line on the account you can upgrade your phone after a year.

I like this new screen technology:P hope this will come to Québec someday!! loll Anyone knows if it's plan to be on Telus?!

Yup it's on his way to us :)
I work there and there's no technological info on it except the "coming soon" and that it's going to be a revolution like the Tour...

(sry for double post, coudln't find the reply button ;_;)

Explain to me how the Tour was a 'revolution' as opposed to a minor upgrade achieved by combining some good features from other BB models into a boring, otherwise commonplace new BB model.

WHen you compare the Tour to the 8830, it was a big leap forward. After all, the Tour was the 8830 replacement.

I am soooo in hopes I can type better on the S2 than I can on the S1. At least tis gives me something to look forward to when it comes out. Thanks for the review. Love the sponge. It might be hokey but it got the point across. I loved the post it notes too. Great job.

well that was a pretty good description of the new screen.. i didnt really understand what the real difference was.. or the reason for the change. i'll have to give the new one a shot..

Storm 2 supports double clicking. Meaning if you were to click down on the screen with one thumb, you can click the screen again with the other thumb (and again with fingers if you wanted too). You cannot do this on the Storm 1.

Storm 2 does not have a single button in the middle of the screen like the Storm 1. It also does not have the defect where clicking corners were impossible (w/o the business card trick).

This will introduce a lot of innovative games that I'm sure game developers found to be impossible in Storm 1.

What Sal was demonstrating (and referring to as double-clicking) is not truly double-clicking; it's better referred to as multi-touch capability. Double-clicking, after all, is clicking twice in rapid succession on the same target. This is clicking twice in rapid succession on different targets, and having the device correctly recognize each of the two clicks. This is wicked cool, and should have just the positive effect on increasing typing speed that Sal talked about.

Thanks for the video Salomondrin. Loved the explanation. Now the waiting begins for the 9520 on AT&T...

Thanks Salomondrin! I'm glad RIM is continuing to innovate and introduce Piezo Technology into the Storm 2.

I'm so glad double clicks (with both thumbs) work in the Storm 2. That is one of the biggest headaches you overcome in the Storm 1.

Great example of the new technology using the sponge!

but what about the OS? What should make me want to stick with berry and wait for this to come to ATT rather than switch to the iPhone? I know everyone is excited about the screen, but the screen is useless if the hardware is too

All the commenters here whinging about the dearth of OS coverage in this video might want to view the other videos that Sal has posted in the past (, and other news on the topic previously posted as well.

As far as why you should wait for the 9520 to come to AT&T rather than switch to the iPhone, my opinion is that anyone who doesn't have a clear reason to want a BB would probably be happier with an iPhone. And if, as in your case, one prefers AT&T over Verizon, then it would seem a no-brainer to me: get the iPhone.

(Let the how-dare-you-suggest-that-the-Storm-is-not-superior-to-the-iPhone-in-every-way flames begin!)

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm giddy and full of joy hearing that the 9520 will be going to ATT. I had an iphone3G and couldn't stand it! Switched to the BOLD. I've been loving it since it came out in Nov. If you want to get things done...BLACKBERRY. If you want to look "hip" and want a UI that a 5 year old can figure out how to use, buy an iphone.

I was thinking about the Onyx...but I'll wait out for the Storm 2! LET THE BIG DOG EAT!

P.S. everyone bitched and moaned about threaded SMS and BBM...well, we already know about BBM 5.0 and the rumor of SMS being threaded as well has been confirmed. That's all I really bitched about before. I could CARE LESS about this whole "the UI needs to be more 'intuitive'" discussion. I don't need it to be flashy, I just need $hit to get done and that's what the berry does...GET 'ER DONE.

Yup it's coming to TELUS, working there and we have some info on it, not much more than : ITS AN AWESOME PHONE COMING SOON.

All that's needed now on the storm 2 is flash and skyfire and its the death of the iphone in my eyes for good..

very-very nice review, that piezo tech is sick!! hopefully storm 2 will available soon :)

Its truly amazing (at least so it seems right now) what they've done to reinvent the screen but I still don't know. Like I said, it looks wonderful and like tmp3150 said, it should really show a lot of people how much their storm sucks (lol good one) but until I see how it performs, and what new features OS 5.0 brings, I can't pull the trigger on this phone. Why not a higher megapixel camera, why no better video recording capabilities. How bout a faster processor. Full specs haven't been released but's to hoping :)

i love seeing storm 2 videos and this video explained a lot. if the storm 2 comes with a good OS, it can really damage the iphone market. Of course until crApple releases the iphone 3gMS next week. (the MS stands for More Speed)

Looks a lot better than the Storm 1 which isn't saying much. I'm not getting his comparison with the iPhone though. I type quite fast with the iPhone especially in widescreen mode. I don't have the issue with dragging by mistake or whatever it is he is talking about. Part of the reason is that the letters pop up very quickly on the onscreen keyboard so you can see what you are typing. On both Storms you have no feedback other than the goofy blue glow underneath your fingers which gives you no feedback. Although the video was really interesting he sure didn't show much of the phone and as much time as he spent talking about the screen and typing its odd that he didn't show any typing. Anyway I expect this Storm will be a really nice improvement and will sell well. More importantly they won't be getting half of them returned like the current Storm. I certainly don't think it will have much impact on the iPhone and RIM better hope that Verizon doesn't get the iPhone any time soon.

Thats because, Storm 2 is expected to launch with new OS. No point in showing it with old OS and getting flamed...?? just a guess on my part.

where did you hear that? piezo technology in musical instruments has been around for longer than me, and as a musician i have Never heard anybody pronounce it pee-ay-zo.

I find it funny how he doesn't demonstrate to type a text message. Hmmmmm.....Looks very sleek and clean tho. Nice Aesthetics.

Love the use of the sponge to demonstrate. For you seinfeld fans I guess you could say the Storm 2 is Sponge worthy.

That does sound like a huge imptovement over storm 1. Keeps the advantages of surepress but eliminates the limitation of one click at a time that limited typing speed. Can't wait to actually have this things in my hands and try to use it, but in concept alone that is a massive improvement.

I'm just ready to order it. A lot more of my friends have a Blackberry so I don't think I'll get anything else. I'm a BB user for life. Seems like these vids are being done in steps. I know you all keep saying early software but I hope to see more vids with new improvements on the S2.

I have Storm 1. BUT know after watching this VIDEO and all that crazy info abt the new tech..... cant wait for the STORM 2.. i will be the 1st one again to get the storm 2. on Eastern Shore MD.... hurry up verizon

I'm am now officially buying this as soon as its out !!! its too perfect now... they really listened to the users on this one... bravo RIM, bravo.

It sounds like we're losing "World Phone" capability here. One of the great things about S1 is that you can run it on either CDMA or GSM networks, and it seems as if the tradeoff for WiFi was to remove another radio. Hence, a CDMA version and a GSM version.

Other than that, the S2 looks like a real winner and a definite improvement. I love my S1, though!

You still have a world phone here

The CDMA version runs just like the last storm (network wise). I haven't had a chance to play with a 9520, but I'm sure its a world phone too

Most mid-level and better GSM version phones over the last 2 years are world phones. The CDMA ones need GSM to qualify ;)

You are absolutely right! The only reason I did not buy the original Storm, is because when I went to the phone shop I used a dummy one and I thought the corner screen would became a issue and I would not be able to multi-type.

Thank you very much for show it to us. Your video definitely helped me make my mind. I cannot wait to buy a Storm 2 :)

Thank you. Great video!

Thank you FTC, and hello AT&T. We now have the advanctage. For us Storm 1 buyers. If we dont get a deal for early trade up we can terminate go to AT&T bring our phone numbers with us and get the Storm 2 for what ever they are offering.

And I just might do it....... CAN YOU HEAR ME ..... VERIZON

Has there been any news that indicates that AT&T will get the 9520 at the same time as or before VZW gets the 9550? Seems to me that it would be entirely possible that VZW would get some months of exclusivity before AT&T gets theirs.

Read an artical that the FTC is watching the "exclusitivity" contracts in the mobile industry. As well as pricing and usuage charges.

Another S2 vid and i am still wondering about the camera lag on this model. Maybe because this version still has the same OS many of us already have and there's really no difference? Thanks for the videos...

This looks great and I'm sure the the OS bugs will be worked out with the Storm 2. If 5.0 and some of the hybrids that exist for the 9530 are any indication...we are headed in the right direction.

It is interesting that there will be two different versions of the Storm 2. One for AT&T and one for Verizon. Does that mean that the Storm 2 in any given form (9520 or 9550) will not be a dual mode/World phone like the 9530 that can switch between the two? Not that it matters *unless your traveling abroad from a CDMA network to GSM* but thought it might be a good question.

Additionally, the fact that there are two versions respectively for each carrier really makes me think about my loyalty to Verizon and their lack of support for the Storm 1...maybe AT&T will be more intising? Maybe Verizon will offer some sort of incentive for current Storm users? Who knows...doubt it...but it'd be nice.

Not a huge touch screen fan, but I did drool over the Storm 2 a little! AND it's coming to AT&T! And here I was all ready to upgrade to the Bold from my 8310. Now I'm waiting for Onyx and quite possibly Storm 2. There's nothing worse than giving a woman too many choices! *SIGH*

Kuddo's to Sal on the demo! LOVED the sponge & post-its!

interesting explanation of the new scree tech.. thanks. Big question, will either the GSM or CDMA world edition carry the 3g bands from tmobile, for those of us that need to unlock it?
I used to work for VZW, the corner problem is a defect, and if you have it you should have it warranteed. I have had one since febuary with zero screen probs anywhere, and ive seen them come out of the box bad... prob 1 in 5 dont feel right... so if you buy the storm 1 at the store, go make sure u feel on the screen before they start the long activation process.

I thought that the XX20 indicated a model would be for T-mobile? Has this changed? I would love to have this and not have to change carriers.

But I just checked on AT&T and they're selling 8320s. Apparently the xx20 just indicates that its a GSM model. It would be great if Tmo carries it. :)

Sounds promising... but so didnt all the hype around the Storm 1. Im happy with my Storm 1, not going to rush into the new technology again this time. Im a little gun shy after the dissapointment over how the Storm was supposed to be.

sure this technology would work... if the glass were as malleable as the plastic in your sponge analogy. but it's not; the screen is still a solid piece. i don't see how you can press, say, the 't' key and the 'h' key "at the same time" and get the desired result. am i missing something?

If you watch the Wiki in the background while he is talking, you'll see how the technology works. It isn't that the glass bends like the sponge, it is the material under the glass that measures the location and pressure applied. So, not only do you get the surface position recognition (like the iPhone and Storm 1), you get pressure sensitivity!

I really have to say that thus far I am very impressed with what RIM has done with the nex-gen Storm.
Overall I was decently pleased with the Storm 1, especially following the most recent OS update(.148).
My only real complaints on the phone were the texting time, the lag time between landscape and portrait and in the general navigation between menus, and the almost unforgivable shortage in battery life.
That being said: I'm anxious to have the opportunity to FEEL the difference in the touch screen. I would love to be able to text on the phone as quickly as I could with my AT&T Blackberry Curve, which (as embarrassing as it is)I lost in a night club in Nashville.
I'm also very pleased with the on-board memory they've improved on and the addition of the WiFi.
Judging by the few videos I've seen on the device, it seems to navigate considerably smoother/quicker even with the old OS I've read the phone was running.
Thank you Salomondrin!!! Keep up the good work!

I'm highly amused by the all the hype surrounding the release of the Storm II. It seems likely the iPhone may have some serious competition when it does come out...maybe. I've had the original Storm since day 1 and I've put up with some serious issues. The transition wasn't easy with the OS problems, and it turned out the device I purchased on day 1 was a lemon and Verizon finally replaced it, but its been an interesting ride.

There's no question the original Storm doesn't allow your figures to type as efficiently as a full keyboard/trackball device such as the Curve 8320 (my previous device) however, the adjustments I've had to make have benefited my lifestyle. I've learned to save a lot of time by typing less. It was way too easy to type every word in my head to the point that being a "crackberry abuser" fit my description. These days, my mobile communications are much more to the point and I don't rely on texting just because its so easy. Granted, that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to the Storm II's extended capabilities. What it does mean, however, is I'm glad I stuck it out with the Storm.

I had serious concerns this phone would inevitably drive me mad. I obsessed over the decision to return it within the first 30 days, and I almost did after reactivating my previous phone for the majority of a day. But, I didn't want to give up on it and return to a phone that, for the most part, had reached its limits. The Storm was new. More was to come. So, yeah, I remained loyal to it. I also whined about it a great deal for several months thereafter, but here's the thing...I couldn't go back to a trackball then when it was still most comfortable to me, and I couldn't dream of going back to one now.

At this point, my Storm is the perfect device for me. It performs most functions at the push of a button or two, and though I haven't gone App crazy, those I've purchased have made the device better. I still feel as though the iPhone has an edge with many consumers because of its precious little apps, but as a communication device I'm extraordinarily satisfied with my Storm. From what I can see based on the sneak peak videos that have been the topic of conversation, the Storm II is definitely headed in the right direction. (at least for me.)

The addition of wi-fi and mulit-touch typing should take this phone to another level in the stratosphere. Very exciting. The question for me now is, do I keep my Storm for the remainder of my contract, or cough up the extra cash (*gulp*) for the Storm II knowing that in another year (I presume) another Storm will surface that's compatible with Verizon's G4 technology that many of us can't wait for. I'm slightly concerned I'll find myself shelling out a ton of cash every 12 months for a phone...

Great post deke09. I'm pretty much in the same situation that you're in. The new features of S2 are all nice-to-have, but probably not worth the cost of upgrading if you're in the middle of a contract. Nothing that you couldn't accomplish with your S1. I'm going to wait for S3 and G4.

I am disappointed that you can't feel the keyboard. I was really hoping the keyboard was going to rise and have a texture. I hope this is a feature that may pop up with a future OS build. Even if not, I am still encouraged by the progress. Hopefully if the storm2 doesn't gain a textured keyboard it will be in the works for the storm3. I'll switch to a touchscreen device when it has keys I can feel.

Daas it make ah difference? Iz a HUUUGE difference!!

Thank you Salomondrin! I can't wait for the Storm 2!

(I've tried posting this question three times, but my keyboard is messed up and keeps navigating away from this page :( I apologize if it repeats in random half-asked questions, again I apologize)

But my question is, - any news on this comming to Rogers Network (Canada) I know telus is always first and foremost (damn them!) and MTS had jumped on the bangwagon, but I feel so rejected by being on Rogers, not even given the chance to be saddened by the fail of the Storm1, Lol.

If they are - great! can't say i'd ditch my first 8900 (awesssome phone) but maybe i'd "Lend" my mom it, and give the S2 a whirl.

If we do get it, or don't, let me know. I'm very unsavvy in terms of GSM?CDMA (I googled it, but din't understand the breakdown of the meanings?? ) because a Rogers rep told me, "No" because of the issue of that and the Iphone? but i've heared rumored Yes' too? Any solid information would be wonderful!


I usually dont comments for reviews very often, but this guy just kicked some serious @#$! I understand SOOO much better how the new phone will work. Great job sir. Probably the single best review I have seen on Crackberry.

The description of the screen was a start to explaining the technology. But he could have demonstrated its effectiveness by actually typing on the Storm 2's screen. This review did not convince me that quick typing on the Storm 2 will be possible.

Because a newer/better OS will be shown working on another vid ;)

You will see the texting, transitions, etc... at their best ;)

I just need a few days.

For me not being the type of phone user that would want
a touch only device this one seems pretty cool. Looks like
they really improved it. The guy in the video looks like
he works for RIM for as much as he knows the new Storm.

that it should still be just a verizon branded phone just so i can rub this storm in my friends faces too but that's just cuz im selfish lol i will be buying this phone outright no matter how much it costs =)

This was very informative! After viewing this for a bit I started think to replace it with my Bold. But have to know abt hardware specs to get over Bold.

But very good video

This is the exact kind of review I was looking for, for this phone. I am without a doubt getting it now... I was gonna settle for the storm 9500 but there is no way now... Thanks man

That's freakin sweet that att is getting the storm 2, i hacked the first one and i like it, but man i will be picking that up for sure.

So it's true there will be an S2 for AT&T is it worth to ge it and replace my 9000 and my iPhone 3gs (32gig) or shall I wait for the 9700 and keep my 3gs. Does anyone and I mean amyone know when the s2 will be coming out for AT&T (rumor has it that it will be out sometime in sept for vzw buy what about AT&T??) what's up with the onxy man oh man this is a bb to have but like I said s2 will it be better or worse for me.......? I honestly think that i'll be fine with my iPhone and a 9700 :)

Texting is going to be sooooooo much easier with that "Piezo" technology. It's pretty obvious now that they put out the Storm 1 too early.

If it uses piezo technology, then is able to detect different amounts of pressure? like half a press? or 3/4 of a press?

wow that phone looks wickedly radical! I want to get it but im still on a contract for a couple more years then ill get the storm 3!!

Man, this is the best video I've seen about the new storm!! This guy really helps you understand the new specs. Thanks!! Thumbs way up!!!!!

I Had a Storm 1, and after exchanging it 3 times i would have been better off with the Sponge as my phone. That thing was a POS Switched over to the IPHONE and never going back. Good luck to all u guys waiting on this phone and the Sh*t OS it is sure to bring, but dont worry cause RIM is sure to put out an Updated OS 6mths after the phone comes out,man F**k Blackberry and everyone who is sure to hate on this post!! never again will they get my money... Apple Iphone All Day Every Day.... Let The Hate Being

No hate bud. I totally understand where you are coming from. I also bought a storm 1 and I felt exactly the same way you do, and to be honest with you, I would've never thought on getting the second one either.

For some reason, I ended up with 2 of them, and it completely changed my POV on touch screen phones.

I'm not gonna sell you on this phone, but let me know when you get to play with one and let me know our thoughts.

I'm also largely in the same boat as you; bought a Storm 1 (pre-ordered it before it was available from VZW) and hated it from day 1 due to the horrible OS and the fact that touchscreens are just way not for me. ( I stupidly believed that the surepress screen would be almost as good as a physical keyboard. I was sixteen kinds of wrong there.) I also went through several phone replacements before giving up because they all sucked. Still have the phone because (a) I'm contractually married to it and (b) need a BB for work. Oh, and (c) I'm too poor to go buying a new smartphone just because I hate the one I've got, and (d) even if an iPhone was a feasible option for me, I already mentioned that touchscreens just ain't for me.

But the new phone's hardware will be essentially identical to the old, at least from the perspective of the OS's interface with the firmware. As such, it will launch out of the gate with an OS with a year's worth of maturity, and which is already better, smarter, and faster than any OS currently available for the Storm 1.

I'm hopeful that the new Storm will be worth upgrading to from the old Storm (once my 18-month contract point hits next June), but I ain't holding my breath. My next phone will likely be whatever replaces the Tour so that I can once again return to the glories of a physical keyboard that I used to enjoy on my perfectly-proportioned and well-missed 7250.

And if you are happy with your iPhone, then I say more power to ya. It seems to me that anyone who likes the iPhone would never be happy with a Storm even if there were no problems with the OS or the hardware, so it sounds like you made the right move.

I agree with all what you said, but the whole time you were talking about the texting and click, at least you should have smsed with it so that you show what are you talking about, but all in all good job.

I'm pretty excited about this. Good review and explainations.

P.S. Did anyone else cringe at min 6:37 when it sounded like he threw the Storm 2 down?

That d-bag has the most annoying voice and speech I've ever heard. He is making the storm 2 worse just by speaking.

and the time spent...however unless RIM works out the bugs on the OS - it will be no better than the origibal storm.

These video’s all talk about the improvements made to the Storm 2 screen. I just want to know if RIM has fixed all the problems with the first Storm, or is this just another phone we have to download Quick Pull and other applications to keep it functioning properly. I just hate being a ginny pig when I am paying for the phone. When the Storm 2 becomes as dependable, as the Pearl I uses to own I will consider buying one.

Damn....Great Video.

I am sold...I am getting the sponge.

How comes you didn't type a single line on the darn phone?