BlackBerry Storm 2 To Launch In Next 6 Months?

By Adam Zeis on 28 May 2009 01:46 pm EDT

November Storm 2?

Rumors, rumors everywhere. Last week the word all over was that the Storm 2 would (hopefully) launch by the end of June (or maybe July). Wishing it to be true but his gut telling him otherwise, to that end Kevin announced CrackBerry's Storm 2 contest. In yesterday's podcast where we caught up on a bunch of devices and release rumors, we concluded it could easily be another six months before Storm 2 would hit. It just wouldn't make sense for Verizon to release it much less than a year earlier than Storm 1. And it looks like that speculation is a bit more official. As it turns out, Reuters has reported that Lowell McAdam of Verizon stated in a webcast today:

"Over the next six months or so you will see devices like Palm Pre and a second generation Storm," on the Verizon Wireless network.

Still, nothing is set in stone, and over the next six months does it mean it could be sooner than later... but we will see what pans out. Hopefully sooner. And I guess it sounds like Verizon may be offering up the Palm Pre at some point as well. I wonder what will be the bigger seller in 2010 for Big Red.. Storm 2 or a VZW Palm Pre? 

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BlackBerry Storm 2 To Launch In Next 6 Months?


My storm has been more headaches than it's worth. In 6 months time we'll see how polished the Pre is on Sprint before it rolls over to Verizon.

"Over the next six months or so you will see devices like Palm Pre and a second generation Storm," on the Verizon Wireless network." key word here guys "Over the next six months" so really it could still be in two months.

Yeah.. very true. Fingers are still crossed for an earlier release. If it hit in July and was running smooth I'd be blown away impressed.

Come on Kevin...does RIM have a recent track record of ANY device launch "running smooth"? Ok, granted, the 8900 seems pretty solid, but that's about it of late! :(

My gut feeling is that it will be released in november. They just wont hype it as much because we all know what happens when something is hyped up...never turns out good as we imagined.

I was really hoping that in August I would have the wonderful, yet dreadful, decision of choosing between the Tour and the Storm2. I'll be up for renewal then. There's no way I can keep my 8830 until November! It's a dinosaur. Ugh!

Hey its cool pushing it back, it just means more time to get my stuff together in time for release. but hopefully it won't be too long lol

i would take the palm pre in a one on one battle right now based off hype. 6months is enough time to see if this thing is the real deal than ciya storm1. Although i must say i am equally intrigued by the storm 2 also.

I had a nice talk with my Verizon Rep the other day, who said he has talked to the BlackBerry Rep about this device.
Based on the information I was given, I would conclude that the Storm 2 will be released in November.

When I asked about a June release date, I was informed that November would be the main target. The reason for a November release date is to give Storm 1 users an early upgrade just like they did with the original device.

Once again this is just word of mouth, but they have never gave me false information about release dates thus far.

I like my Storm (running .148) just fine, but unless RIM makes some serious improvements to the hardware and the software, I would have to seriously consider a Pre over a Storm 2...

My guess would be an end of Novermber release. I think Verizon would like to use it for their holiday promotions.

I just got the OK to get the Storm. Should I wait? My boss is an iPhone guy so it has taken me months to get him to say yes. I currently have the Pearl. What to do?

Jeez, you'd think they'd bother fixing all the problems with the toys they've got out there...constant snowy screen, frozen clock hands of death, alarm function working sporadically...this has been the worst phone I've ever tried. I'm canceling my Verizon contract and going with an iPhone on AT&T.

palm pre? Oooh, this could get really fun. I didn't know the pre would be on Verizon. It's gonna be a good holiday.

I just hope Verizon offers some kind of Upgrade for us sad Storm 1 Users! I cant see them makin us shell out $500 because they knew the Storm 1 was not great!!

as much as I loved the storm..and i am currently using my trusty curve....when in the blue hell is the Tour coming. Thats where I'll bet my money on!!

But what about the Niagra?
I thought that was going to be the new sweetheart of the Verizon Blackberry family.

If the storm 2 is released in June of 2009, it will be a big surprise because I believe it will be around Christmas Time


Considering the fact that there are no commercials for the Storm 2 yet, I had a feeling that it wouldn't be released anytime soon. I saw commercials for at least 1 month before the Storm was released last November.

I sure hope they compensate storm 1 owners; I've had mine for less than two months now. I left my Instinct with Sprint for this phone and it has been a "so-so" experience. Random cut-offs is the main gripe I have with the phone, other than that it has been cool. I like the features and all of the potential this smartphone has; but it be actin' dumb a whole lot, lol! We'll see.........

I guess that makes my decission for me. I was waiting for the Tour to come out to own my first Blackberry and then all the talk of the Storm 2 started and for awhile it sounded like it would be released about the same time as the Tour. I really love the big screen of the Storm but I don't want to wait till the end of the year for what may be a big improvement and may not. I read all I can here on Crackberry and everything makes the Tour sound like the next greatest Blackberry (well untill the next BB release of course) Looks like I'll be getting the Tour mid July!

im shocked that everyones overlooked of it mentioning the Pre... i wouldve thought people wouldve noticed it

I think the Storm 2 will dominate the Pre. Personally, I don't even see what the big deal is about that Pre anyways (perhaps I'm just biased since I LOVE my Berries :P). But, what I DO find amusing about this, is Sprint has gone out of their way to push this Pre... and it's not even going to be a Sprint exclusive.

I can believe a Nov (pre-Christmas) release - makes more sense then June...and who knows maybe / hopefully we'll have a few leaked versions of OS5 for Storm 1 before that!

With all the problems I have had with my storm I dont know if I see myself getting one without some kind of insentive from Verizon. They are basically saying we made a sh_tty product, thanks for shelling out all that money but now you need to shell out more. FU Verizon.

I hope this isn't true!!! Concentrate on fixing the bugs on the current BB Storm. I have yet to see an OFFICIAL Firmware update and now this freaking BB Storm 2 launch!! RIM is p#!$ing me off!! All I've seen is fellow BB Storm users updating with UN-OFFICIAL firmware. Kudos to those developers/programmers who are trying to make the storm better but RIM, COME ON!! FIX THE DARN BUGS ON MY STORM!!!! STOP IGNORING OUR REQUESTS AND LEAVING US HANGING with this flawed phone!!ARGH!!!!

I think the Blackberry Tour was meant for maybe Students going into College or graduating college. They couldn't target a June Date for Fathers Day and Graduation but they might be able to get it in mid July for them grads. It seems likely, they couldn't entering the Fathers Day GRaduation Sales. The Storm 2 I guess will be in November for us Storm 1's. I kinda want a Pre-Christmas Sale. The phone was released around Thanksgiving so I want a December sale. Cuz then I'll get my 1 year upgrade.

Here's my prediction (mark my words):

Verizon will do the same thing with the Storm 2 as it did with the Storm 1. They will build up hype and create "shortages" of inventory so people go crazy for them as they did with the Storm 1. The reason? To sucker millions of idiots (like myself) into buying the piece of junk, this in turn creates a nice little 4th quarter profit for Verizion and RIM and a nice little Annual report to it's investors. In the end the only thing that matters is money.

As far as how the Storm 2 will be? Here is my prediction:

Absolute crap. People don't understand this but RIM doesn't have the capability (or the personnel) to produce phones that meet the current bar which was raised by the introduction of the iphone (jesus phone). THE STORM 2 WILL BE NOTHING MORE THAN A STORM 1 WITH A FEW EXTRA TRINKETS. Lets face it, the Storm's OS sucks and so does the hardware. No amount of firmware updates can make the Storm work. The essence of the design is crap.

I might have been suckered once, but it wont happen again. Screw you RIM!

as much as I love my Blackberry if they don't make a lot much things native on the operating system. Cheek dialing and lack of vibe&ring, asinine that these STILL are not a part of it.

There are apps for that, you know? In fact, I purchased mine through the crackberry website. "Berry Buzz" will handle the vibrating while ringing issue all while allowing you to customize your LED colors!!

"Storm Slider" allows you to set it so that the screen/keypad locks after a certain amount of seconds into your calls! It is easily disabled by pressing the 'back' button too. They weren't that expensive either!!! Check 'em out!! Just a friendly FYI! ;-)

Hope this helps someone!

I just don't get it. You all whip yourself into a frenzy about the palm pre coming to verizon. It has barely been reviewed, vetted or torn apart. Then the same group of you will start ragging on it once you find out all of the things it doesn't do to your liking.

Well, this really throws a wrench in my almost finalized plan... I'm a Mac user and was going to update my phone to the Apple IPhone, but because I'm a long-time Verizon customer, there is logic to getting a Blackberry instead. Just got back from the store and was thinking of purchasing a Storm, but now I'm not sure.

So, not knowing anything about Storms... should I just wait for the Storm 2 to come out? And if I do, will it compare to an IPhone? Are there apps that I can download that will allow me to sync with my Mac?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Tx~

Besides the fact that I am pissed that VZW has not shown any support or willing to improve current Storm users, I really hope that they learned their lesson with the current storm and do a better job with the Storm 2. But of course, it's also RIM's responsibility too. I love the Storm, but compare to other touch screens the UI, stability of the OS, etc etc are honestly crap. RIM, get your shit together please.

I love the Storm, took the time to learn the in and out of the BB.
The things we need for the Storm are:

1. A program to close all the programs, checking one by one
is a pain.

2. A program to let you use the memory card, and not
the one gig of main memory for programs.

If there are programs out now for the Storm that does this
please let me know.


There is a program called Aerize Card loader--Given that some people have tried this program and its hasn't worked at all, but I can say that I have it and use it and it works just fine.
I have over 20 apps and it works with all of them for me.

If you try this app I recommend you trial it first!

And I have been waiting until July when my contract Eligibility upgrade starts to go to the storm. Now I will have to wait. I want to give my wife my curve at that time too. so I have been wanting to wait for the Storm 2 !! now 6 mos??? jeeze

What I would like is a solid feeling piece of equipment

apps as easy to get and use as the Iphone... There I said it yes the Iphone. I happen to think theres a lot of way cool stuff the Iphone does, one can be a diehard Berry lover and still agree that the Iphone is pretty cool... Screw all the "competition" and admit they have a cool phone!

And a SD slot that you can get to easy like on the outside so you can change up some of the music or movies you have on the fly!

Other than that I want one NOW !!!

not to b a downer, but i already knew this because a verizon rep that deals with the hospital my mother works in told her that it was coming out in novermber

Since I voted in the other "June Contest" that they wouldn't release it until November (The Storm 2 will be a good Christmas Present) I think I should win! Oh, that's right.. there isn't a contest on this one huh? ;)

Oh well, just send me a CrackBerry T-shirt for the heck of it!


Happy with my Storm and looking forward to Storm 2. I did run into someone back in February that told me that the Pre would only be exclusive to Sprint for 3 months. Guess he was right.

i am a user for 7290, i come from china P.R. i think storm 2 will launch in 6-6-2009,haha, it is a lucky day for Chinese~!

Come on RIM! Look at the Blackberry Storm, it had the capability to be the best phone out there, but it missed out on so many things, wheres the Video Calling Camera, wheres the 5 Mega-pixel camera with an LED flash, a stylus, Wi-fi, POP3 email access, Vibration feedback when the touchscreen buttons are pressed, a proper QWERTY touchscreen keyboard, Im a power user, this is meant to be a blackberry, not something released by sanyo! So much potential that I hope is used in the Storm 2