Storm 2 Headed To Best Buy October 25th?

By Adam Zeis on 30 Sep 2009 04:00 pm EDT

* Updated Photo: Take a look below. We just had another photo sent in. A reader saw the Item # in the photo above and checked it out immediately on the system..not it appears to be returning info for just the LG Glance (all the other stuff above is gone). So not sure what the deal is here, but am holding hope the dummy device is all good and the actual 9550 isn't far behind! *

* Update: Turns out the photo above sent in on the tip line today actually was in our forums postest by shaolinfinest. Click over to this thread for all the details and discussion! *

It looks like BGR landed a photo from Best Buys inventory system showing the Storm 9550 mock-up unit due in on October 25th. We had a tipster drop us a photo of the inventory system as well, but this isn't the mockup (which is apparently class 317) but the actual hardware (class 327). We're not sure why the model at the top is labeled as "LG Glance" in the photo, but the description is indeed for the BlackBerry Storm 9550 (the dimensions and weight match those of the mockup). Looking at both these screens, it appears as if the real deal and the mockup are due to be in inventory on the 25th of October. Things can obviously always change, but still all good signs that it will be here soon.

Updated Photo - Here's whats showing up now (few hours after original post):

AT&T Best Buy Update Photo

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Storm 2 Headed To Best Buy October 25th?


Would this mean that Verizon stores would get the phone sooner? I thought that Best Buy gets new phones about a week or so after they are released. Maybe I'm mistaken...

Why would they release it on sunday i think i might have to agree with imatter i bet Verizon will have it sooner

updated! some day's this site is just tooo big. don't catch everything and the tip email didn't refer to the thread. all good now.

Keep in mind that Best Buy also released the iPhone on a Sunday as well and this was AFTER AT&T released it a week or 2 prior.

exactly. adam wrote that in the post. the bgr photo is for the mockup. above is for the real device, apparently hidden under the lg glance.

I bet the OS will be disappointing just like the storm one, and second to OG storm owners get a free up grade.

Doubt it... the real 5.0 leak is awesome on the storm 1. Just imagine what a slightly newer version will be like on a phone with a faster processor, 100+ mb of free application space, wifi, better screen, etc.

The storm 2 will be awesome.

there's a haterade cooler in the back for you. why do ppl insist on hating ? just don't comment on it if you don't like it and just go on with your stormless life...

If you look closely in the "model" field it says "LG Glance" and in description it says "erry 9550 storm"

Why would the description be different from the model? Maybe someone photoshopped this? Who knows...

hide it so a common glance in the system would not reveal the actual blackberry. See the hype here? imagine if it just flat out said bb when workers went in! Also i am pretty sure we have seen that the storm 2 is NOT COMING TO AT&T!

So if Best Buy got the iPhone two weeks after AT&T...

Then maybe the originally blogged about 10/14 date isn't so doubtful anymore >_>

I hope it's right on the money. Two weeks til go time.

hey anyone know the price for an upgrade after like 10 months on verizon ? or if their having a special offer for storm 1 users ?

yeah right !! verizon will charge you for anything. the good thing is i think you will only have to pay the promotional price after 11 months, thats if i understood them corectly

yeah right !! verizon will charge you for anything. the good thing is i think you will only have to pay the promotional price after 11 months, thats if i understood them corectly

I was wondering the same thing. This will be a disaster if they decide to quietly let this phone drop. There is potential, however they might be using a more Apple-like approach of "BAM, here it is, here is when it is available."

I totally agree with you !!!!! NOT !!!!! iPhone is great with the multimedia stuff such as apps and web browser but Blackberry phones are in a league of there own(Its definitely not the D League). If I want something like the iPhone I will purchase the iTouch (or whatever the hell its called) minus AT&T. Not only does (in my opinion) AT&T sucks compared to Verizon but the iPhone is a joke of a phone because I've had one and texting with it sucks, the phone does have glitches (I know iPhone people hate admitting it), and the list goes on.

I switched to the Storm and even with some of the downside of the storm like lagging and such I prefer it over the iPhone 3G that I onced toyed with. At Least I can text with the Storm, get my E-mail when it comes to me, send MMS ( I know the Upgrade added MMS to the iPhone recently with the capability of copy and paste LOL), and tether which I'm doing right now.

Sorry to get off topic but I'm sure the Storm 2 will be awesome and from reading about it and watching the youtube videos on it I think it will get RIM back on track with touchscreens and all the Apple iPhone lovers will be jealous that the Storm 2 is a lot better than the iPhone 3gs. Another thing I love how Apple made up that the original Storm was suppose to be the "iPhone Killer" when all that RIM was trying to do was release a touchscreen Blackberry.

AnthonyAF99 go praise your iPhone somewhere else because all we were doing was salivating over when the release for our beloved Storm 2 !!!!!

Pls stfu. Its confirmed. This isn't the Holocaust we're talking about. About the "soft screen," I believe there is an option that allows the screen to click, but when not needed you can make the screen "solid" (like the iphone). Do I believe all storm owners, including myself, get a discount? Yes. But it won't happen. Its Verizon, one of the slimiest companies in existance.
I love my storm I with the leaked .230 OS. It was a rough road getting to this point but there's finally hope for the device.
Ill stick with my storm, then get a tour or something. Not a storm 2. Only because nothing much has changed..... Nothing significant in my opinion. Throw a 5MP camera, REAL bottom buttons, full java and flash capabilities, and WiFi in this B, and ill buy 3. Not til then.

Btw..... Kimbo slice is fighting soon. Heck yes.

Something seems off by that picture. It says the masterpack is 48 yet shows the box dimensions... does not add up. Model also shows "LG Glance"

according to UPC Code and number and a check in the UPC database that is the Correct code for the Storm 2
So this looks very legit so far...

So if its supposed to be at Best Buy in 24 Days you think they would admit to it with a press release, or some annoying commercials of some kind... I'm going to say it's not gonna happen unless there is some news on it in the next couple days.. IMHO :-)

Then where is all the media? I remember prior to the storm 1 release there was ads everywhere. I know I can't deny what the photo is showing in best buys system but we haven't seen anything on TV nor in and around our cities.


edit: i agree with the guy above my post lol

I never have been one to post a comments or anything of that such, but I have recently learned of the Storm 2's arrival to the public, and i'm curious. If you look at photo 1, the upc code reads 843163050969.... and in photo 2, with a lil common sense, it so clearly reads the same. Someone is messing with you people.