Storm 2 Arriving October 21st To A Verizon Store Near You?!?

By Bla1ze on 13 Oct 2009 09:06 pm EDT
More Storm Release Information

Throughout the day Storm 2 information has been spreading like wildfire, launch at this point as we all know is just around the corner. All reports and rumors have the device arriving October 21st for Verizon customers and posted in the forums is more information (confirmation?) that just makes that date even more relevant. Shown above is the launch date and other information from within the Verizon internal emails, so again it's pouring Storm 2 news upon us.

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Storm 2 Arriving October 21st To A Verizon Store Near You?!?


Patiently waiting for official Verizon memorandum detailing discount that will be offered to current Storm owners wanting to upgrade.....Come know you want to Big Red!

there wont be anything special or different offered to existing Storm 1 owners. You're either eligible to upgrade or not eligible, doesn't matter what your previous phone is/was.

Thank you! I don't know why there are so many folks that believe they are entitled to a discounted Storm2 because they bought a Storm. If you are holding your breath waiting for this, it's been nice knowing you...

So, are you entitled to a discounted 2010 vehicle because you bought a 2009 when the 2010's were in production?

You are entitled to a new Storm2 with normal discounted pricing for your NE2 or yearly contract, or you're entitled to a new Storm2 at full retail price if you can't wait. Bottom line and simple...

I want one myself to replace my current Storm, but I will be waiting until 1/10 when my current contract is up and I can get it at discounted pricing.

First off let me say I am no liberal so I don't believe in entitlement. Most things often confused as "rights" are actually privileges.

With that said, the reason I feel "entitled" to a "storm 2" at the new contract price is because of the failure of the storm 1. I have had phones across the spectrum and have grown accustomed to having issues with smart phones. Even the legendary i-phone has its flaws, however, the storm has been the most unreliable phone I have ever owned, by a long shot. I have had 4. All brand new. Add that to my girlfriend's 2, 1 new and 1 refurb. So to say it is an isolated or exceptional incident is false. They have varied in their level of crappiness but all have had major issues. The storm was basically dumped on users as a paid for guinea pig session. It took forever to roll out an even descent software update. My phone magically loses original OS apps. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't. I no longer have the notepad or any of the original pre-installed games. Yadda Yadda Yadda. The storm, IMO, was a prototype that was NOT ready to be released. We all paid our dues and thoroughly tested the phone for them. We DESERVE the contract price for the frustration it has put us through.

Fortunately I am a big customer so I get the price anyways. This is a matter of principle for me. The Storm 2 is nothing spectacular IMO. It is what the storm 1 should have been. If Verizon had a descent smart phone selection you can bet I wouldn't be getting a storm.

I don't expect them to give a discount what so ever. I would love for them to but I doubt they care that much nor want to lose any money at all, and I don't blame them.

Your analogy is ridiculous. If you purchased a new 2009 car that broke down every 30 minutes, could not get above 30mph, the airbags did not deploy, and has a tremendous fail rate (that employees laugh about), you damn well would expect a little compensation. Do you agree?

No, because the S1 is more akin to the Model A than a 2009 Toyota Corolla. Cars at the turn of the twentieth century were unreliable, slow, cumbersome, and unsafe chiefly because it was a new technology and unrefined.

Better get used to this now. This is what being an early adopter is all about: when you take the gamble on a device and the stars align perfectly then everything turns out just fine, and you're the cool kid on the block with the sweet phone before everyone else; when the stars don't align and things don't go well you chalk it up to experience and move on.

Verizon/RIM owe you nothing. The real question here is: do you want to continue being an early adopter?

RIM has been building excellent smart phones since 2002, and when we choose to buy one in 2008, it's seen as a risk?

Although I don't think us Storm 1 users will get any such discount, it would be prudent for Verizon to at least consider it. We had to deal with an abysmal phone for months before it became somewhat less embarrassing to use (with leaked updates) - unfortunately the perception of it never changed.

I have already decided on my next phone, and it's not the Storm 2. I may even switch off Verizon if the HTC HD2 appears on anything but AT&T. It's sad to see companies that try and help out their customers be the exception. Verizon really let us down on this one.

"RIM has been building excellent smart phones since 2002, and when we choose to buy one in 2008, it's seen as a risk?"

RIM has been building excellent, business-oriented full-QWERTY smartphones since 2002. When they choose to depart the beaten path in an area completely unknown to them (touchscreen device for the consumer market), yes, there's a risk. If you wanted a guaranteed "excellent smart phone" the Bold was released around the same time, if I'm not mistaken. Otherwise the S1 was always going to be a risk, and one that early adopters should have been (and mostly are) prepared to deal with.

I would be extremely surprised and disappointed if Verizon made any concessions.

I love how anytime anyone mentions any kind of "consideration" for current Storm owners, the Entitlement Police come out and bitch...where did I say anything about being entitled? Even the f'ing CEO of Verizon commented this week that the Storm 2 is "what the Storm 1 should have been". It's a little thing called taking care of your customers, not entitlement. It probably aint gonna happen, but if Verizon did offer something are you saying you wouldn't take it? It would make more since to throw a bone and lock your customers up for an additional 2 years...I'm just sayin'

Ha, I love the last sentence: “Which would you rather use: something that can be hacked in five minutes or something the F.B.I. uses?”

i purchased an imagio and got it in the mail today. 10 hours later i switch back to curve. damn its a shame that the 8330 is better than the latest and greatest winmo phone(in my opinion) definitely waiting for the S2

There's a shock....NY Times had to find a way to Barry in....If they can do such an in depth article on RIM and the Storm 2, then why couldn't they lift a finger on Van Jones or ACORN.... idiots....

I signed a 2 yr contract with Alltel 1 month before the switchover to Verizon and picked up a Curve 8330. I've had no issues with it, but I must say I want this phone real bad. Luckily, Verizon has me down as "eligible for an upgrade as of March 2009". How did that happpen? I have no idea, but I LOVE IT!!!

As someone who works for BIG RED don't hold your breath that it will be out on the 21th. The date is from Rim and does not mean VZW will release it on that date. Expect it I think at the end of the month with the Android phone to give new people some choice

This phone will NOT be out on the 21st. I too am a VZW employee and trust me, if that were the case it would already be in our internat "InfoManager" aka "OneSource" page by now and it's not. This internal memmo is likely old and thus incorrect.

The phone has the possibility of being launched on the 21st like i've mentioned in a forum earlier. It is in the INTRAnet thats where a lot of this information is coming from. It's in our equipment guide for atleast a week now maybe even 2. The same thing they did with the Tour back in the end of June going into July. They secretly put it in the equipment guide where no one knows how to find it except a select few that knows how to manipulate the equipment guide to find equipment that hasnt been launched yet.

Just like what they did with the Tour (I reported this back before the Tour was released), the space for the Storm2 is in the equipment guide. Right now, they just have the info and pic of the original Storm (because of us crackberry users that will post a pic of it as soon as its there) until it gets closer to the launch date.....It will be updated soon and the phone will be launched.

PS: Don't always believe in the equipment guide of the "Whats coming soon" page because whats coming soon has already been in the e-guide for weeks and there is newer equipment hidden within the e-guide.

People should start believing me =)

Thats not true- VZW doesnt post that stuff till the last minute. In fact most of the time the info on crackberry is news the them.

Like I said before and someone mentioned this in a forum....90% of VZW reps and workers don't know about the info either deep in the INTRAnet system or in the equipment guide. ALOT of the info that has been coming up about the Storm2 lately have been coming from the VZW system.

You know what, i'll post a pic later with the space for the Storm2 but has the info for the storm1 since you don't seem to understand........

After dealing with 3 Storm's and Verizon's lackluster customer service...this user is waiting for the Android devices to be released. Sorry, RIM, but I gave you 3 chances with the first Storm....I won't make that mistake again. Now...Come on Verizon, HTC, and Android!

I agree. Bring on Android and HTC and you've got a product that makes the Storm2 look like a Palm Pilot.

Do you really have nothing else to do with your time? Why go through posts and scold someone for repeating something? Who cares.

Does anybody know what the cost of the storm two is gunna be??? havent seen anything about this being discussed

I'll crap myself if I can get the storm before the end of October. I got the Dare last october. Then in February, I swapped with a friend for the Storm. Enjoyed watching its progression. I wasn't due for another upgrade till April, but Verizon sent me a pamphlet saying I can upgrade before the end of October! So lets hope that it actually comes out on the 21st or before the end of October!

You dont have to upgrade immediately. You can wait till the phone comes out. I did it last year, I was eligible for an upgrade around September, and didn't upgrade until the Storm came out in Nov. and I only had to pay $50 for the phone due to all the discounts.

i wouldnt count on it slow verizon + slow RIM= phone wont be released for a no1 really cares bout the storm not storm 2...all we want is a better OS from that too much to ask

everyone is talking about how they got a flyer saying they were elegable for a upgrade sorry to burst all of your bubbles but it isnt for any fone its just free for like the cheapo crappy ones and especially not a brand new phone that came out. yes you will get some money taken off from the new fone but it wont be FREE!!

You're right it may not be free, but at least some money off is better than paying full price, isn't it?

i wanna buy one can anyone tell me are the sim free ones sold same day?? can i find them on amazon or just verizon stores?? thanks

I've gone through 4 Storms and I have given up on RIM as well. I'll wait for an iphone for VZW before I get a Storm 2. Or maybe I'll wait for the Storm 3 which should have been Storm 2 which should have been...

Not likely for 10 mos or so. Does not look like they want to play with the big red ball with all the other markets open to them, we can just see them under perform on a larger scale now. Due to the poor data speeds and 3g coverage areas. I mean i work with people down here in Florida and I ask "Are you on 3g, they say no" nuff said

Learn how to treat the device and stop breaking them... one or two maybe... but four? your fault, grow up and admit it...

Most of the 5.0 releases have covered many of my problems with the storm. it would have to be ten times better and with usable functions not on the storm. but you storm virgins should run out and get this one. just remember leaked is usually better. Yes the increased app memory is prob gonna make me switch.

My NE2 came available in August and I've waited for the Storm2. Hope to be able to compare it to the Tour, although when I compared the Storm1 to the Tour yesterday, the Tour's keys seemed mighty small to me and the Storm's large screen was impressive. The addition of WIFI makes the Storm2 a go for me. Now with the BOGO, I wish they'd give it to me for half price for buying just one!

Do original Storm owners get a discount for essentially beta testing their first failed attempt at a touch screen blackberry?

Lol. Why would they? They didn't "essentially beta test" anything. They were early adopters, and being an early adopter carries inherent risks.

S1 owners: you didn't test anything. You're simply part of a long-existing subculture of technophiles who like to have the new, cool stuff the day it comes out. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't take the attitude that just because you took a crack at a lottery ticket and lost you deserve a discounted or free lottery ticket tomorrow. It's part of the game. Lesson learned. Move on. Nothing to see here. You win some, you lose some. It's part of the game.

Do we have conformation from insiders that the next official OS upgrade (OS for the Storm 1 is the 20th? Pretty coincidental date huh? One day before the Storm 2 release.

I just wanna know how much will the storm2 will be?... Because I REALLY REALLY want it because I can tell it looks like RIM fixed all the glitches and problems with the storm1. Also looks like its gonna be better than the IPHONE so please tell me or let me know how much th storm2 will cost.

I went into a VZW retail store today acting like I wanted to buy a STORM 1 - the manager came over and told me directly "a little birdy told me the Storm 2 will be on sale on 10/21" and that I should wait.

That's all I got for ya...

Bla1ze thanks for the info...

Any idea if VZW will get another Bold or Tour style BBerry this year...?

You know ... I have been so excited about the RIM 9550 ... but if they keep dicking around about it, and teasing us, I think I will just go with the Motorola Droid... I have forsaken other companies' products for less than this. They could at least be "UP FRONT" with their customer base about availability and a CLOSE APPROXIMATION of a Release Date for Verizon! What's with all this mysterious crap?

Just got off the phone with my Verizon rep in Portland, Oregon. She confirmed what she called a "tentative" date of 10/21 that they WILL have the Storm2 in-store for purchase! :)

This is the 2nd rep in the Portland, OR market that I've confirmed this with now.

Looks like it's happening. Yeeee Haww!