StoreDot's Nanodot bio-organic nanochrystals will charge you phone in 30 seconds flat… in 2016

By Daniel Rubino on 7 Apr 2014 10:11 am EDT

We use smartphones nearly every minute of every day, and that can be an issue, specifically for batteries. If there’s one area in tech that we haven’t seen any innovation – not for lack of trying – it’s batteries. Sure they’ve grown in size and chipsets have become more power efficient, but for the most part, charging is still charging in 2014.

Now, an Israeli firm named StoreDot has demonstrated their new Nanodot technology, which is described as ‘bio-organic peptide molecules that change the rules of mobile device capabilities’. The take away from the tech is that you can charge your smartphone in 30 seconds. The technology was demonstrated in a video with the Samsung Galaxy S4. And although it’s still years off (late 2016), and it’s a bit bulky (the size of a laptop charger), we’re sure that if and when this technology lands in our stores, things will change for the better.

The news was announced Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv, and it certainly looks promising, as that video doesn’t lie. StoreDot also reportedly has a parallel effort in place to reduce the size of the contraption, and it’s expected to cost twice as much as a standard charger today. That seems fair though for what could be a remarkable piece of engineering, so long as it’s not just vaporware. Regardless, someday, someone has to reinvent the battery and today, we may be that much closer.

Source: StoreDot; Via: Wall Street Journal

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StoreDot's Nanodot bio-organic nanochrystals will charge you phone in 30 seconds flat… in 2016


Same....I'm still skeptical when it comes to these huge advances with little to no previous information regarding their advancement.

I'm not saying it's not possible, just need to have it in my hands and see it with my own eyes.

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Agreed. Can't count how many articles I've read about promising new battery tech, none of which have come to fruition.

And is this StoreDot thing just a charger, or new battery too? And if it only charges our existing batteries that quickly, is that actually good for the battery itself?

Questions, questions... and in 2016 we'll probably have forgotten all about this promising tech. :)

Lol I just made a similar comment! But didn't put iPhone cuz the wall huggers know who they are... too funny!

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There won't be any wall huggers left if all it takes is 30 seconds. ;) great for when you are about to leave the house though and your phone is almost dead or needs a top up. Plug phone in, grab keys, wallet, etc. Put shoes on and unplug phone, done.

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As my Z10 doesn't last nearly as long as most of the people that I know with iPhones.... I guess some of us BlackBerry owners are "wall huggers" too.

I've seen a number of prototypes for improving battery life. The problems have been either scale, life cycle or cost. Even at twice the cost, it wold be worth it...

Why do you suspect racial bias behind it, if someone doesn't trust some new technology?

May God bless the people in the Middle East and give them Peace, Eirene, Shalom.... whatever language...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I can't tell you how many companies and university research labs have made similar promises. Yes they can make it work in the lab but then it takes 10+ years to figure out a way to manufacture the technology. You won't mind if I don't hold my breath while waiting will you?

Yes, and that's because batteries are more chemistry than typical tech, and materials science evolves at a different pace. But, there are two approaches to the problem of battery life: either throw more power at the problem or get more efficient with what you have.

In the new mobile-first world, hardware companies need to balance goals around higher specs with goals around getting the same specs in a smaller, cooler, and more power-efficient package. Otherwise, you're just kicking the can down the road and will face some other limitation or threshold, such as heat.

BlackBerry needs to be involved with the development of a thinner but long lasting battery - perhaps Graphene.

Faster charging is great but long lasting battery without the bulk is the dream.

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This^ buy Graphene stocks, there's a couple companies in Canada that are manufacturing the sheets used for making Lithium ion graphene batteries, and supercapacitors.
Still a few years away though.


Seriously. Doesn't anybody do a spot check on any article before its published? I know it's the Wall Street Journal, but it would be nice to be a little bit more professional, you know, like what Kevin wrote about the other day.

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Before I owned a Z30, that would have sounded great. Now it would be a want not a need. Would be great for Z10 owners who tire of swapping batteries. Great to see though.

Do you have any idea what happens to a standard (lithium-polymer) phone battery if you dump that kind of current into it? It's lifespan will be measured in minutes.

I'm quite skeptical on this. Charging a battery quickly is just one part of the equation. How well it stores that energy is the other part that's the problem without degrading the life of the cell.

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Wouldn't that be nice! Lol I get the whole work day out of my z10. Every update seems to make it a bit better. And I always have a battery on charge in the charging bundle. So one battery is about to die.. I just pull it out and swap in a fresh 100% charged one.. this does however take longer than 30 seconds.. but I'm glad to see innovation in the world of batteries.

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Nice, who cares about size if it can do that? I would wait a while after it comes out to see what effect it has on the phone battery after maybe 6 months or more to see if I would buy it.


Congratulations on the first article, Daniel Rubino! It's a good one! Wish you all the best in your endeavours

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The wall huggers are probably eagerly awaiting that!

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First Company bring a smartphone on the market which can mine Bitcoins also has a winner sure ! Battery no issue, yay

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Looks promising. Though the video was released on March 31st. I hope it wasn't an April Fool's Day prank.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I'm pretty sure it was a an April Fool's Day prank. Oh man "bio-organic peptide molecules" what a nonsense word. Peptides are always "organic", it's protein. They have a protein battery? Why not fat, it contains more energy than protein, LOL.

Hm, " charge you phone". I'm german but isn't it " your phone" in english?

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My question would be... is it a stock battery? or do you have to replace your current li-ion with a special one? And how long would it last?

The issue isn't charging, the issue is how long it lasts. I don't care if it takes 7 hours to charge my phone, but if it'll last me a whole week that's fine with me.

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Battery / Charging technology like this gets me SUPER excited. Always On, Always Connected is the way I like to live.... just need the JUICE to go 24/7/365.

This sure would change the car industry ....... wishful thinking IMO thou. I am having a hard time understanding how this could work...seems almost to unreal

My concern would be the impact to the over all life of the battery. How long until the battery stops lasting as long as normal on a full charge? How long until the battery becomes no good? With their developments, are these even a concern?

I like the idea of a faster charge but, as someone else already stated, a longer lasting battery without the bulk would be ideal. I wouldn't be concerned about a battery taking a couple of hours to fully charge, knowing it would last a couple of days despite heavy usage.

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April Fool :(

No Smartphones with asic chips for Bitcoin mining anytime soon?

That would be so awesome hehehe

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I can see coffee shops having these next to the next to the cash register. When it's your turn you lay down your phone on a charge pad pay for your coffee and pick up a charged phone. Starbucks I claim royalties.

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That is awesome! Imagine Blackberry was the only company that could produce and sell it to the market... sigh Blackberry would be at the top again... long live Blackberry. love my Q10!

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About 2-3 times a year I hear of new battery technology breakthrough, we never see it though.

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I'm VERY suspicious of these folks.

1. They claim to have discovered the first bio-organic nanocrystal - but they don't appear to hold a single patent for the isolation process, refinement, or ANYTHING, as far as I can tell. If I discovered something groundbreaking, I'd have that patented worldwide in yesterday.

2. They have a "products" section on their website. Right now, they might be a tech company that is researching and nanotechnology, but they have nothing to sell, and therefore no products - yet this section exists. Rather than actually describing products, this section pretty much speculates - since no hard data is given - on the many potential applications for their unpatented, first-in-the-world discovery.

3. The video. This shows a charge level going up - a reflection of voltage, not actual capacity. No indication of the actual storage capacity of the battery. A very small lithium cell on a charger could do the exact same thing in similar time. Assuming it's legit, the scale is troubling - a capacitor bank of capacity equal to the stock battery plus power converter would be much smaller. To be usable in the real world, they need to achieve ~95% size reduction, assuming capacity is already where it needs to be.

If you're trying to show a technology's potential, packaging an AC receptacle and power converter onto your prototype is dumb, dumb, dumb. Why not have that separate to show the ACTUAL size of the storage cell?

Finally, you might have noticed they plug a male cord end INTO the phone. That means the bare prongs were live - super ghetto! The kind of cord used to power a PC is what you use, because there is zero risk of shock to the user. Basic, common sense stuff.

To summarize, I call BS - any company capable of discovering, isolating, and manipulating bio-organic nanocrystals would hopefully have their shit together enough to make a decent prototype and follow basic safety practices.

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There is nothing wrong with using male prongs. We use those all the time in the lab. You would need a high voltage for it to be dangerous. As you said, the charge level is a reflection of voltage and as you said a very small lithium cell on the charger could do the same. Heck, a super capacity could work. (See my later post further down)

"Sure they’ve grown in size"...[batteries]

I guess the author means the opposite here?...

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the mAH of batteries have increased I would say. The Bold 9900 battery was 1230mAH, Z10 1800mAH, Q10 2100mAH.

The only phones that I know of, that the battery can last for several days, we're Nokia's basic phones, back in the day, when having an iPhone or a BlackBerry was a luxury, not a necessity. Wouldn't it be nice to have a smartphone that has a battery-life of at least 3 days? LOL!

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That would be awesome if I could charge BLACKBERRY Q10(not in picture) in lighting fast time(30 seconds). Its a shame its for a SAMSUNG (picture) phone.

As someone who knows a bit about batteries, I do not believe this.
To charge the 2.1AH battery of the Q10 in 30 seconds would need a current of 240A - we are talking thick cable and bolted connections.
30 minutes possibly. But new factories will most likely be needed, a lot of investment for a low cost item. The technology might work by 2017, but it might take up to 10 years to become mainstream. New charging circuits will be needed, higher current charging cable, a transition to a new USB socket.
When ADSL appeared people thought it would roll out overnight. In fact it took over 10 years to become near universal. Technology changes are only fast during major wars.

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Did you consider the heat dissipation in a phone-size battery taking 240 Amps? Life should become distinctly exciting about 3 seconds into the 30 second charge time :(

Many people struggle with battery life. I don't. First, the Q10 rocks with battery life. Second, I keep a charging bundle at home, another on my desk at work, and an extra battery in my briefcase. I'm never without power thanks to Blackberry.

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By that time, blackberry will already have a phone that lasts 2-3 days. Wouldn't be necessary...

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Here's the funny part.
I can already do the exact same thing with a super capacitor. And yes, it will look exactly like that since the energy density of a super capacitor is lower than a lithium ion battery by about 20x-50x. Considering the contraption that he has on that phone is probably about 20x the size of the battery in my phone. Yeah. I can do that, it would just look like a ridiculously large block phone..

This would be REALLY awesome... although I have to say, I rarely have to charge my Z30 during the day anyway.

Holy shit... I likely won't need an extra battery in that case... Or better yet, I'll be able to charge my extra batteries in 30 seconds! :D also... How long would that contraption last? Years? Decades? When will those molecules wear out? Questions questions... :D