Store Update: BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard back in stock at ShopCrackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2012 03:39 pm EDT

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard... In Stock!

*Update* Sorry folks, we got word from ShopCrackBerry that the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard has been discontinued by BlackBerry and is no longer available.

Good news PlayBook owners jonesing to pick up the elusive and hard to keep in stock BlackBerry Mini Keyboard. A fresh shipment of keyboards arrived today! So if you've been waiting to get your hands on this one, you know what to do. 

If you're not familiar with the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, hit up our review or watch the video below. And for more info and to purchase, just jump on over to the store. 

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Read CrackBerry's BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Review

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Video

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Store Update: BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard back in stock at ShopCrackBerry!


You're not kidding. It's definitely become the "must-have accessory" for PlayBook owners. Hard to get a hold of enough inventory to meet the demand.

As for deeply discounted prices, not likely to see that anywhere, or if you do it'll be extremely temporary and not again with that retailer. With RIM's "advanced accessories"... things like the PlayBook Mini Keyboard, Music Gateway, etc., authorized retailers really have to honor MSRP or they won't be able to get supply. Also a lot less vendors carrying the advanced accessories.  

Is the music gateway also a hot item?

They mini keyboard has a touch pad mouse too :) I love mine!!!!

Yeah, I can see some retailers shying away from BB accessories lately. I hope that will change in 2013!

Yep. Been tough getting hold of enough Music Gateways. But stay tuned... got a special *something something* coming in a few weeks on the Music Gateway ;)

@Kevin why dont u gift me one at 50 discount [that is the Max I can pay, as Im savin every penny I can for BB 10 ;) ] with free shipping here in India. :)

What would be your ideal price? I have a used-but-in-great condition one that I'd like to sell. PM me if you're interested.

I didn't find a way to contact you privately but I am interested if you guarantee that the keyboard is in perfect condition and the price is right, how do you want me to contact you? Thanks

Price is still pretty high.
Theres loads of mini keyboards for 7" bluetooth tablets for half the price

Apart from the multitouch trackpad, what else sets it apart.

Also its a bit annoying that you dont distribute to places like Amazon so that consumers from the UK for example, dont have to pay $50 in shipping alone which takes weeks from time of order.

And why are people paying more for certain names? Because people like how the symbol looks??? Its apparent you are in a lower tax bracket then me. This is what people say about the brands of cars my family owns as well. "Oh its a Mercedes GLK, you are just paying for the name/brand. A Toyota Rav 4 is more reliable why not get that"

Moron. It is clear that you don't live in the real world. People buy what they're told go buy. It's called marketing.

lol well put it this way.. if I were a drug dealer, I know which one I'd choose. And in fact, many do choose Merc and BMW vehicles because it's more gangsta :)

However, if I really wanted to go offroad and do some 'sporty' type stuff, I would be more comfortable going with the Toyota, because nothing mechanical likes being punished, no matter how it is built. Replacement parts for the Toyota will be far less expensive than on the Mercedes.

I'm sure the creature comforts, ride quality, build quality will be superior on the GLK Mercedes, in which case I would pay the premium for that, if that is what I cared about. But I would still keep it on the street. In which case I'd be better off going with a cheaper-model Merc.

The Toyota I'd be far more willing to risk in the back-roads and over rough terrain.

the difference betweens tablets and crossover SUV's is rather large, and much different considerations come into play here... the purpose for which it's being built, the quality of materials its built from, and the build quality itself. None of that really varies a whole lot when it comes to tablets.

Tablets are basically tablets.. the only real difference is the apps, or what you can do with them.

anyhow i forgot what my point even was.. somethin about apples and oranges... or purpose vs. perception vs. practicality.. the babbling took hold and I lost the plot.. hahaah

Too bad I've already ordered a 5 in 1 Bluetooth mini keyboard for my Playbook. 3 of the 5 I don't really care about. It's the keyboard and trackball that I'm looking forward to. Should be in tomorrow if my parcel tracker is right. Just $46.

The touch pad feels odd and is not very accurate. Plus we're talking about the Playbook if you haven't noticed and this is when I use it with my 40" HDTV. Get a life, braindead.

Everytime I see this beautiful thing I want one instantly. Am afraid that I currently cannot afford it and I really have to be honest.. I mean, would I really use this that much to justify buying this? I am afraid not, seeing as how I use my Playbook mostly for browsing, reading and playing media files.

Not sure I'd use it much either. That's why I haven't bit yet. Who knows maybe the Mrs will get me one for Christmas :)

I have had mine for about 4 months and absolutely love it. Sure it's a bit pricey, but heck I bought my 32 Gb PlayBook when it first came out and paid full price. Oh,'s all relative, if I worried how much my new car depreciates after I drive it off the lot, I wouldn't get much sleep.

Waste of money. If I wanted something that worked like a laptop, Id have bought one. I'll stick with the Playbooks awesome virtual keyboard.
Tablets are incredible

I bought one at Staples but returned it the same day. There are better and cheaper options out there.

Who needs this when you have the awesome remote control feature via BlackBerry Bridge! :) But yea as others have mentioned, that price is too steep. I wouldn't pay 75% of what I paid for the device itself just for a keyboard.

This thing is helping me get through grad school. I have a laptop for my dorm room but this keyboard + the PB is what I take to class for note taking - it's far lighter, smaller, I can easily dump it in my backpack and I am a big fan of the integration with my emails and calendar on my BB that my laptop lacks. It does have a lot of things you have to compromise for - you can't charge the PB and use it at the same time, it's hard to pry off to quickly turn the PB into a tablet and the BT occasionally drops on it, but all in all it's solid and well worth the $100 I spent on it when it first released.

I'd love to buy one I just cant justify buying one yet, when there are alternatives (without the touchpad) available for almost 1/4 the price.

I almost picked one of these up when they first came out. It was tempting, but I have a feeling i'll still be tripping over my fingers trying to type on it. I also loathe trackpads.

Also, the asking price is a bit rich, considering it probably didn't cost more than $20 to make, and I'm being generous there.

$75 would be far more reasonable...

Quit complaining people. If you can't afford it, don't complain. If you CAN afford it, then buy it. Don't like it? Don't bother getting it. Just use remote control if you have a blackberry to use it with. Shucks. Heck, I don't have enough to buy it and still, I don't complain about it at all. Remote control is enough for me, including three virtual keyboard. If I could afford it, I would have it already.

Hello Crackberry Members!

Official BlackBerry Playbook Keyboard Mini ACC-41616-001 Keypad Touchpad - £80 Including Delivery from The Green IT Organisation Limited.

I understand that there is very limited stock in the UK - The reason being - WE HAVE TAKEN ALL THE STOCK WHICH WAS AVAILABLE WITHIN THE UK DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL!

Stock has been running out extremely fast - and we only have limited stock remaining.
This can be purchased from our eBay store (search for ACC-41616-001) or by calling us directly on 0121 629 7777.

We are hoping for more stock to arrive within the next two weeks but we can't guarantee this will happen. Lead times have constantly been slipping from Blackberry (RIM).

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