Store Update: BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard back in stock at ShopCrackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Aug 2012 11:36 am EDT

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard... In Stock! 

Hey PlayBook owners! I got word from our e-commerce team this morning that once again we're finally caught up on orders for the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard and have a good chunk in stock. So if you've been waiting to get your hands on this one, you know what to do. 

If you're not familiar with the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, hit up our review or watch the video below. And for more info and to purchase, just jump on over to the store. 

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BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Video

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Store Update: BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard back in stock at ShopCrackBerry!

17 Comments awesome accessory..I love mine...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Loved mine, but ever since I downloaded beta it hasn't been able to connect with playbook. I could go back to 2.0 but this beta has to many positives to give up. Hoping they come out with full version that addresses this issue unless anyone else has any suggestions. I've tried everything but a security wipe, which I'm not so sure I want to do again. If you're on 2.0 you'll definitely love the keyboard.

Can you have both the keyboard and phone thru Bridge connected at the same time? It would be awesome to be able to use Presenter plus the keyboard back and forth real fast.

The keyboard is great but the case itself is pretty bad. The case looks good but the keyboard attaches to the case via 4 little rubber band corners. The keyboard pops out easily and it won't be long before those little elastic bands pull out of shape and refuse to hold the keyboard at all.

RIM has had a run of poorly conceived accessories recently - the charging cradle for the 99xx that is impossible to use (literally) and now this - a terrific keyboard mated to a very poor case attachment system. In addition, it would have been nice if they had built in some sort of hinge so you could use it on something other than a flat surface - even the normal Playbook case folds over on itself to allow you to prop it up on your lap.

What has RIM been smoking recently?

I don't know what your issue is, but my charging dock works fine AND my blackberry hasn't fallen out or failed to work with it at all. If you have complaints with the keyboard or it's case, don't buy it, return it if you already bought it. RIM isn't smoking anything.

I had one of these when they first came out but returned it. The only problem I had with the keyboard was that the rows of keys were not staggered like you would see on a laptop keyboard. For me with large hands this made it near impossible to type with any reasonable speed. Other than that I found it to be a great quality device.


...price out a good quality clam shell case (because this case is tough and built very well), then price out a Bluetooth keyboard, and in some cases a mouse...the price isn't bad all things considered.

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE O/S 2.xx.xxxx
BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Having waited for months, I finally got this keyboard and, alas, it is a considerable disappointment: it sends the focus all over the place -- you'll be typing merrily along in, say, an email message, and will discover that halfway through the second sentence it decided instead to put the rest on the address line. At first I thought that this was user error, but even when it's employed very carefully and very deliberately it does this kind of thing. I made inquiry on the forums and there appears to be no fix. I actually wish it were a wired connection -- my sense is that it's the bluetoothiness that causes this, but that is just surmise.

Too bad -- this would make the PlayBook a far more useful business tool.

I should add: if anyone knows how to make this stop happening, I would be delighted to hear about it; I really would like to be able to use the thing.

And I agree with those who think the case design is a little poor. If it were a $6 item, I would understand. But it costs 20 times that amount.