StopTilt For BlackBerry Storm 50% Off!

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jun 2009 04:29 pm EDT

If you're tired of your Storm changing from landscape to portrait mode on its own whim, this app is for you.  StopTilt allows you to easily disable the rotation on your device by adding a simple menu item.  If you have a pesky application or game that is constantly switching your display, or you just prefer to have it stick one way or the other, then StopTilt is for you.  The app places a simple "Disable Roation" item on your homescreen menu and that's it.  The price tag is a bit high at $9.95, but you can get it OTA now from for 50% using the coupon code crackberry50off. The coupon code will only work in our mobile app store when visiting the link below from your device browser.  

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Reader comments

StopTilt For BlackBerry Storm 50% Off!


even after the discount, still seems high for the functionality. what people will pay for certain features...

This app does not work while listening to music. It works once you set it during the current song but once the next song starts playing it's back to auto-rotation. This was the whole reason why I bought it. A waste of $4.97.

i find it ludicrous that people have to pay 5-10 bucks just for an app that stops tilting. that's one thing i hate about our BBs, apps are soooo pricey even for basic functionality. very sad.

you guys have to waste money for an app to stop the autorotation on your storms........snicker. snicker. Buhahaahahahaha.

I hate to be negative, but BB dev's are continuing to stunt the market. StopTilt sounds great and I wish I had it. If it was $1, I'd buy it right now. I would email my gf the link and CC my mother who both own 9530's. Tomorrow I'd tell one of my cooworkers and on friday I'd tell my favorite Bartender up the street.

I'd be "the man", because it IS a problem and it IS worth a dollar to fix. But it isn't worth $10 and it isn't worth $5. Until you kick it to $1 we'll all just flick our wrist. If you do drop it though, give me a holler through my username, I'll spread the word.


Does it reset itself after a battery pull like all the other inexpensive ones or does it remember what you set it on?

I think the one I got was free. I guess you do get what you pay for.