Stop Turning! Locks Your Storm Screen Orientation - 50 Free Copies

By ObiGeorge on 20 Nov 2009 01:16 pm EST
Stop Turning!

Sick of your Storm's screen rotating when you don't want it to? Would you just like to keep it in landscape or portrait mode? Well Epic Applications has the solution for you. Stop Turning! does just what its name implies - it stops your screen from rotating when you don't want it to. Simply hit the menu key and select Stop Turning! to lock your device's screen into its current orientation. I have found this application to be extremely useful when I put my Storm down to read an email, and the screen keeps jumping between orientations. Stop Turning! supports OS 4.7 and 5.0 on the Storm and Storm2. Its on sale in the Crackberry App Store for $1.49 till November 22nd.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of Stop Turning! to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Stop Turning! Locks Your Storm Screen Orientation - 50 Free Copies



those late nights you can't sleep, pull out your bb and browse away. .... but you can't stop the screen from turning!!!:

this would come in handy quite often

i would love this app as im so tired of it switching right when im in the middle of something and i move it to far and it changes. Thanks!

for certain apps that you want to keep one way or the other no matter how you hold the storm.

And I wouldn't mind having it.

Will this work on 3rd party apps?
I use Stop Tilt and it only works with OS apps.
Also Stop Tilt survives a Battery Pull, this app doesn't appear to.

this would be perfect. once I learned that suretype was way better than the querty my life has been all better

stoptilt not only persists your orientation settings through resets (which this app does not), but it also has a free trial (which this app does not). If you didn't make the first 50 comments, I would strongly recommend trying out stoptilt first.

stoptilt was the first app to do this, and has been copied by about 5 or 6 others. None of the other apps persist your settings through resets, but I'm pretty sure there are 1 or 2 that are completely free. If you are unwilling to spend any money at all, I would look into the free ones (if they are still around). Honestly, though, if I didn't have stoptilt I probably would have thrown my phone through a window by now.

There are times when I want to throw my storm against the wall because it has a mind of it's own when switching from landscape to portrait. I would love this application.

this was the first problem i blogged about regarding my storm2! i hate how it keeps turning when im laying down and trying to read an email!

A chance to eliminate the single most annoying thing with my Storm? What a great app! Would love to have this one!

go go go go go !!!!!!!

This is an awesome app, a must need for all storm owners, thanks for giving us such a nice app!!!

this is the best idea ever for the storm! love my storm and since i have had it this is the one thing i wish came pre installed on it!

Hey, when i owned the Storm, damn thing would rotate scree while lying in bed. Couldn't find a solution to locking the screen steady, finally...good app! Should be built in though.

wow this would be awesome to have, as a new Storm user that is one of my pet peeves. Thanks to crackberry for all the information and help, what a great site.

i could so use this especially when i am laying down in my bed and trying to use my phone and its being a pain in my a$$.

Hook it up! I can't stand that OS 5 doesn't have the option to disable orientation. Oh well...hopefully CB hooks me up! Thanks!

I hate when I'm trying to type an email or text in bed, I can't do it from my side, other wise the phone rotates to landscape! With this, now I could type away in portrait with no worries!!!

i would love this for when i check email while laying down and the screen keeps switching on me.

Glad something like this exsists, it's so annoying when my storm starts changing the orientation on its own, hopefully I can win a copy.

I badly need this for my S2 as I love to text and watch movies while lying in bed and it's so annoying it keeps on changing! Please make me a winner!

would love it! but i'm broke after paying roaming fees in Brazil, so can't afford anything for phones right now.... hook me up!

I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED THISSSSSSSSSSS !!! i get so frustrated when my screen flips when i dont want it to lol ..omg pick me pleaseeeeee forever in your debt
xoxoxo lol

Does it stay on even after a battery pull? If so I woyld love a copy even if I didn't win I'd buy it if it stays on all the time