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Stop overpaying at the pump with GasBuddy for BlackBerry 10

GasBuddy for BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 21 Mar 2013 03:35 am EDT

Already popular on the BlackBerry platform, the developers at GasBuddy have been hard at work bringing their app to BlackBerry 10, and they are happy to announce that it's now available! GasBuddy has the most complete database of gas prices for the USA and Canada. Open GasBuddy and it will locate gas stations near you and show you all of the information about a station including gas prices, address, directions, features, phone numbers and photos.

Not only is GasBuddy a great tool, it also provides the opportunity to help out your neighbors by reporting the cost of gas you see around you. You can send in the current prices, and when you do you're entered to win a free gas card worth $250. The app is also BBM connected, so you can share those low prices with your contacts and help them save some money as well. You can download GasBuddy for free at the link below, and start saving money today!

More information/download GasBuddy

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)

RP Singh

Sounds good!

Posted via CB10


Right in time for US launch, good job GasBuddy!


BB10 just keeps getting better and better! With the US launch upon us I've been looking to see what existing apps on my old Curve will be available for my new device (still liking that Q10, but the Z10 looks pretty solid too). Check one more off the list...


It's a cool app I have that on my iPhone now, can't wait to use it on may blackberry z10 Friday


Looks great

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10


Wow... I wish there was such an app for UAE BB10 users though!!!

Posted via CB10


I find this app kind of useless. Gas prices in Toronto do not vary all that much. The farther you go, the more gas you waste. Want to save money? Go to the nearest gas station.


It might not be that useful if you never leave Toronto. I don't know about that, but I often drive between Ottawa Gatineau and Oshawa Whitby and it saves me a lot - sometimes up to 10 cents a litre.

Also, gas prices often vary widely between Québec and Ontario and it's often worth a 10-minute drive since I'm close to the border. It's also great information if I'm going to the U.S.

This is the one app I can't do without.


It's great for commuters. They can see what gas prices are like along their route and stop at the cheapest one.

Greg Woitzik

Downloaded, but doesn't connect to the server. Not working for me. Too bad.

Posted via CB10


Getting the same error. Can't connect.

Posted via CB10


Great news! I use this a lot on my 9930. Can't wait for the Z10 to be released on Verizon!


Downloaded and works great

Posted via CB10


Can't connect to server

Posted via CB10


Yay yay yay!! Been waiting for this one. So awesome!


Can't connect to server...deleted

Posted via CB10


Won't connect to server either. Deleted for now until it gets fixed.
Actually, the app won't even delete properly. Shows installed when I go back to BlackBerry World and will not re-install. Have reset my Z10 several times and then the app shows up again and then won't connect. Very strange!!


Booker1953 - GB deleted ok for me (after having same server error). I had issue with Google Talk which still is in my Hub even though I deleted it (and pulled battery) .

Posted via CB10


Ditto. Tried the fix posted by dev, rebooted phone, no joy. Will wait til the problem is fixed.

Posted via CB10


Was surprised last night when this app appeared when I searched it. Happy!

Posted via CB10


Hope it works better than the BBOS version. Was always having problems with it on my Curve.


Hurray! Love this app on my Torch. :)


I installed this today, and currently, it does not work for me. Always get a "cannot connect to server" error. From the forum postings, it seems a lot of people are having this issue. Did the article author try using this app?

Michelle Haag

Of course I did, you can see it on my Z10 in the picture, and those gas stations are in my neighborhood, lol.


I just downloaded it but it keeps saying it can't connect to the server? Anyone else having this problem?


I have been waiting for this app, I used it constantly on my BB9900....thanks devs!!


Woohoo I've been waiting for this. Soo happy now. I used this like crazy on my torch 9860. Bb10 ftw

Posted from My Z10 via CB10


I too had the "cannot connect to server" error.

Deleted until fixed.


Love this app on my 9810! Very happy to see I can put it on my Z10 tomorrow!!


Cannot connect to server. Disappointing, I love this app.

I'm on the Z10, tried a full reset, used different networks, and still nothing.


Posted via CB10


Love this app especially cause I drive a diesel car.


Wow, can't believe how bad some of these hypes apps are when. They arrive here. Can't connect to server either. Whatsapp with its issus. Discouraging.

Posted via CB10


Awesome app...use it regularly!

Posted via CB10 with my Z10


Just deleted it. Doesnt work. Not ready for prime time.

Posted via CB10


SERVER FIX. Hello all. There is a bug with the server connection issue. They know this and are working on it. In the mean time there is a small fix. There is another thread in CB forums from last night with a reply from the Dev. And it works. Check it out the app is sweet and it works. Don't give up on it. Just a small bug.

Posted via CB 10. Boom ;)


Had the same issue, saw the Dev note, did what was suggested and it works great. Used it today no problem.

Posted via CB 10. Boom ;)


Great App! Those of us who aren't typical Toronto navel-gazers and actually venture north of Steeles save lots of money with this app. For my trip south to Toronto next week, I can see that Gravenhurst is 10 cents a lire cheaper, so by filling up there on the way down and on the way back, I will save @ $15 on one trip alone.

Posted via CB10


Hey CrackBerry readers,

We have a bug fix release on the way that fixes the "Cannot connect to server" error (unless you actually don't have internet access).



Working now, thanks for fixing RileyGB.


AND it finds cheap gas for me?? I just have to have it!!


This is one of the apps I have been missing. Glad it's back.


RileyGB/GasBuddy..thanks a bunch for this app. I find its working flawlessly and it's buttery smooth. And most importantly thanks for helping us save some money!

Posted via CB10


Been waiting for this. I loved this app!


Does this work in the UK folk?

Posted via CB10


It only lists stations in the US and Canada so it wouldn't be useful in the UK.

Pascal Calarco

This is one of the apps I have been waiting for to land on BB10 -- great!

black hole

Works fantastic as it used to on my 9860..

Posted via CB10


Awesome! I was waiting for this


Now if only my bike had a miniature gas powered motor... :D