Stop Mistakenly Sent Emails with Unsend Email - 50 Free Copies to be Won

By ObiGeorge on 17 Feb 2010 10:33 am EST
Unsend Email

Have you ever prematurely sent an email, forgetting information, recipients, or attachments? Unsend Email by PuguaSoft can save you from those embarrassing mistakes. Using Unsend Email is very simple. First you must select how long you would like your email to be unsent, configurable from 5-30 seconds (emails will delay sending for this selected time). After realizing you have sent the email incomplete, hit the menu button, select Unsend Email, open the unsent email to edit and correct, and send it again or save it as a draft for later. This application might not be for everyone, but i know I have found myself in situations countless times, where I really could have used this app. It is available for all devices running OS 4.2.1 and higher for $2.99

Contest: We have 50 copies of Unsend Email to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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Stop Mistakenly Sent Emails with Unsend Email - 50 Free Copies to be Won



I could use these app for all those replies i need to do to my clients (and in the middle somtimes to forget an attachment, extra info, etc.)

Thx Crackberry!

Hook a brother up, there's been a few of my emails that have had me wanting an app like this . . .

Really is a good idea. I could use something like this for SMS as well - too many "oops" in my lifetime (like sending to the wrong person!)

Good to have when I'm always in a hurry and tend to send emails to the wrong person or missing information.

This feature should be standard on all BlackBerry handsets - but at the moment, such an app is a must-have for us heavy email users!

Wow! Wish I had this last week when I mistakenly sent that draft email to my mother-in-law telling her.......I'll keep it to myself. I sure would like to GET IT BACK! App for me please.

Have you ever sent a picture/link to someone and, upon reviewing your sent email, realized that you asked them to "lick" the image instead of "Click" the image? Unsend! Unsend!


I can't tell you how useful this application can be. Especially since I always forget to attach the attachement before hitting send.

OMG I need this. You don't know how many times I replied to all with a personal message to one! I use the 2 minute delay on regular email.. Even 30 secs on the BB will save me!

My regional manager is ALWAYS sending out emails for schedules and new promotions coming to our stores. Generally, we get two emails: one that says "Here's the new promos/price points/etc." and the second comes with a subject something like "And now here's the attachment LOL <----- (what is he, 12?)

I use my BlackBerry Storm2 to send a lot of e-mails. This would be a valuable application for me.

I work for a gov't Not-for-profit. I can't afford mistakes when dealing with diplomats. Much needed program!

This is a must have for me. Quite a few times I've sent emails that I wish I could of unsend. Hope to get lucky with this one. Thanks for the chance.

WOW, need this app soon as possible as I send emails sometimes without proof reading it! This will come in handy.. Choose me!!!

I'm on my bb all day sending emails for work, and I could REALLY use this. Please select me!!!!!

Thank you

I am a guy who more often than not, hits the 'reply to all' without checking who is included and have gotten into a bunch of trouble... I WOULD LOVE THIS APP! please please pick me.

this is cool, i wish you could set it for longer than 30 seconds though, this would have saved me when my intoxicated friend replied to several of my emails with "I <3 you"

This sounds like an awesome product!
Yeah, enter me into this contest.

Oops, I didn't mean to enter! How do I unsend entry?

This app would be great for those times when I have an uncontrollable need to vent my frustrations ...and then realize I am really going to regret what I just said.

Let me see….have I ever hit the send button early? OH YEA lots of times.

I don’t need to look like a dummy by sending blank e-mails…..I can do that many other ways.

Online marketing business, FairTax agenda, personal mail…my BB is quickly becoming my link to all and so much more.

So help me please try to look like I know what I’m doing.

Seeing as there are a number of people having issues with accidentally sending to others than they wanted to, this could definitely come in handy. Sign me up

I love having this feature in Gmail, it will be nice to have it for my Curve!

PS - As a BB newbie, this would be the first app that I won from CB! Pick me please!

Email remorse, I think we have all had that at one time or another. What a wonderful idea for an app, I'm sure it will be useful to many, including myself.

Ugh! This has happened to me several times! How I wish I wasn't so quick hitting send! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this!

There have been many times where I sent an email to a friend I had meant to send to someone else. This could be very useful.

OMG my prayers have finally been answered.... You have no idea how many times i have hit send, then had to rip my phone apart to pull out the battery to keep the message from sending!!

For roul ups, blips and blunders, this is a must-have app. Choose me.

Many thanks.

Live with passion. LIFE IS SUPER FANTASTIC!!!

Ahhh this is wonderful! I use this feature on gmail and boy it had saved me from embarrassment countless times! Want it!

Can't tell you how many times I've sent a second email correcting the first. Do they have an app that can fix Facebook Status update typo's too?????

I loved this feature when they made a Google Lab for Gmail, and now it can be had on my phone?!? Simply awesome.

How many times have you sent an email to your ex, then realized 30 seconds later that it was a mistake to write what you were thinking about her. great App hope I win

This is an app everyone should have. We all have one of those days when we accidentally send something and wish we could take it back. I would LOVE LOVE to have this app!

well i could honestly say i could have used this app last week when i sent a few emails to a bunch of people by accident lol... good luck too everyone