Stocks - Day 17 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

Stocks - Day 17 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts
By DJ Reyes on 17 Dec 2013 04:52 am

So far, during BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts, we've have seen quite a variety of things and while games has been on the table a lot more, you can't beat that you're getting it for free. I'm certainly enjoying the collection thus far. Though I am running out of space now and some games and apps have had to be sacrificed to make space, although I can download these again in the future at no cost.

For day 17, we have Stocks for BlackBerry 10. No need to explain this one, the name says it all. It certainly looks feature rich, great for those who follow stock. Same app for everyone today. As usual, if you're not seeing today's offer, refresh BlackBerry World, manually search for it or use the link below.

You can see the full list of free downloads to date in the original post and you can hit up the forums when you come across tomorrow's free gift. 

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Finally not a game..

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Are you sure? The stock market is a game the big boys play! ;)


And you don't want to lose at this game.

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jojo beaconsfield

That's funny. I think the Stock quotes are no different from free apps which delay the price by 20 minutes.


Only on TSX quotes. NASDAQ and Dow are live (the app tells you if it's a live quote or not). The 15 minute delay with the TSX is typical.

This is a great apps, one of the first ones I bought when I got my Z10.

CB10'n it via da Z

jojo beaconsfield

Sorry,but when I checked the details, when I downloaded it says, Stock data may be delayed up to 20 Minutes Go to the MarketWatch(WSJ) site and even TSX is only delayed 3 or 4 minutes,which is not typical.Good app though.

jojo beaconsfield

Sorry again ,I just checked and the quotes are in fact delayed 15 Min.My bad.


I don't think you can get real-time unless you, personally, sign some kind of agreement with the exchanges. I remember reading something like that when signing up for a brokerage account.


Cheese with that whine? You actually make me sick

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I got this yesterday. No Galaga :(



And tomorrow's deal will be. A great game. It's called.

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I bought this app several months ago and it's been very useful! Highly recommend it.


I don't understand all "not another game comments" - so far 6 have been apps, 3 videos and 8 games. Seems reasonable to me.

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For dome of us it's been 11 games and 6 apps that's nearly a 2:1 ratio. So I think it'd fair to say not another game.

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I prefer to say "why not another game?"

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As the old saying goes, 'You don't look a gift horse in the mouth'. They're free gifts. BlackBerry didn't have to do this. Enjoy them, regardless. I'm not going to use stocks, nor a number of the games. However, they're free. I won't complain.


I'd rather the freebies be stuff I probably wouldn't already have bought. Games are more likely that. Maybe you're the opposite? Ton of games purchased and waiting on apps?



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Here's one for those of you complaining about there being no practical apps yet :P


Sounded like a great app....until I found out it does not seem to update the price of the only shares I have! IBE.MC


Search with yahoo in the app and you will find it.

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I did is listed as on my portfolio but does not update...The graph does update but not in the numbers showing the movement for day, month ect I checked on the Yahoo website and it has updated all day.

jojo beaconsfield

I found MarketWatch on the web and have a tile available on my homescreen,so I just open the phone and tap it, voila .The best part about MarketWatch is that the price is only delayed 3 to 4 minutes .This app and many others delay 20 Minutes.


We need such apps that makes my Z10 more powerful and I can show off to those on the other side

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Very nice app.Thank you Blackberry.

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What is the difference with the Bloomberg app?

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russell hunte

When you say that there was so much apps that u had to make space, how much apps is that DJ?

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I already bought this app. It is well worth it.

I especially like it's "news" feature for stocks, showing you the latest news articles on the stocks you're following. I find that its way way better than Bloomberg for news.

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Yay, now I can keep track of my BBRY stocks. Yet another reason for heavy drinking over the holidays.

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Haha!! Nice!

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Wow a stocks app!!!! ::yawn::

(no offense to those who like it and/or follow stocks. Keep ur panties on.)

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Should have waited till Friday to release it.


Again!?! C'mon BlackBerry, this isn't funny any more. Will there be any give-away's that I didn't already purchase? I've been good Santa -I swear!


Another game?......thanks BlackBerry

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I just got this app, and so far I'm impressed! Much better than the free ones.

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This is a great app. One of most used apps I have.

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What a POS app. The second stock in my portfolio was not even found (on the TSX). Not going to bother with this app if i cannot even pull in my information.

I have yet to find a decent stock app that will show all my stuff... would be nice to see dividend information as well.


This is a great app! I paid $3.00 and have been using it since it's release, worth every penny. A no brainer at a giveaway price a free. :)

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No cascades, ugh.

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Good but I need black gram free :(

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Thanks BlackBerry! Just what I wanted!! Now I can watch my BBRY stock all the time!! Very nice app.

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Day 18 - Runtastic Pro for BlackBerry 10

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Nice! A productivity app, finally. :)

Too bad I had already bought this some time back. Works well but I tend to like the Bloomberg app a little more.

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Raji Musawir

BB tour not conneting with any network from Nigeria


Anyone else seeing Day 16 again rather than Day 18?

No app accessible.

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