StockIcons Displays Your Stocks on Your Homescreen

By ObiGeorge on 8 Dec 2009 09:45 am EST


StockIcons is an application that takes all your stocks and displays them as icons on your BlackBerry's homescreen. The icons show the stock symbol, current price, and the change in price for the day. Each icon is customizable, giving you options to edit stock color, price color, font, and background color. This application is compatible with most stock exchanges worldwide, and allows you to add up to 32 stocks to your watch list. These stocks are automatically updated and even give you alerts when your predetermined target price is reached. StockIcons is a great app for those who like to keep a keen eye out on their favorite stocks. You can download this app via the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99 (25% off) until December 18 for devices OS 4.2+.

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Reader comments

StockIcons Displays Your Stocks on Your Homescreen


Good idea but i'll get my 2.99 and download something free from my broker.

Even know someone needs to develop a good app for trading, but hey free is free

In all my days at the Chicago Board of Trade, I NEVER EVER heard a legitimate trader cry over $3. Your opinion doesn't count when you "trade" in a fantasy league.

there is no gfx. you select the background color, text color and font.

you can select the color to match up with the Theme.

Actually there is nothing like this. I've been waiting for something like it for a looooong time. The graphics aren't THAT bad, but hopefully they'll get updated for the cheap-asses who, let's be honest, probably wouldn't buy it anyway.