Stitcher Now Available For BlackBerry Storm

Stitcher Now Available For Storm
By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2009 05:58 pm EDT

We posted a little while back that Stitcher was available for the 8300 and Bold devices. We also mentioned that Stitcher was in the process of updating the application to make it compatible with the BlackBerry Storm. That time has come and you can now download the streaming audio application (which currently sits at version 1.1) directly to your Storm. You can start streaming podcasts and radio shows from a wide selection of choices including Fox news and MSNBC. Be sure to check out the latest version at the Stitcher site.

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Stitcher Now Available For BlackBerry Storm


I can't download it either. Says I can't download it to my desktop and that I have to do it with the, but that's what I'm using when I try to download it. WTF?

I downloaded this app yesterday from the OTA link without a problem. You might want to check AppWorld but as of about 6p yesterday it was not updated to the new version.

I really like this app but I really wish they would update it to add AVRCP support.

Not to sound crazy or anything, but I've typed in the link that they offer to get to the download page and upon getting there I don't see anything that says "DOWNLOAD". It only tells you to type in the address in your phones browser but that only takes me back to the original page, where nothing happens. I need help in finding out how or where to get the proper link. Or tell me if I'm missing something.

J. Boog

It says that i need to enter the address from my mobile browser, which i have been since like yesterday. It still brings up that same page.

first 2 blogs have links that were either shut down or the links didn't work....Bla1ze was havin a good time yesterday and we weren't invited....booze and crackberry's don't mix!!

if you are on a PC, go to home page of stitcher and you can send a link to your crackberry....the mobile browser link is weird...I tried 3 times and no dice on the mobile link...atleast for my 8330

What I seem to get often when choosing a station is Creating station / Please wait...buffering / Timed out, Moving on the Next feed. Some do work. However, there are plenty that do not. Perhaps, it is because I am located in Canada!

i can now listen to podcasts from Hong Kong in Cantonese!!! I can also listen to German programs. It's great!!! And did I mention NPR? :)

Some people are reporting that when they go to, it isn't taking them to a download page.

If this is happening to you, contact me and I'll help you resolve it. We've confirmed and reconfirmed that this page does recognize the Storm 9500 and Storm 9530 and take you to the download screen. We want to make sure everyone who wants Stitcher can get it, so please let me know if you are having problems.

And for those who have downloaded and are enjoying Stitcher, Thanks for listening!


Great app! Has anybody had any luck finding 'This American Life' from Chicago Public Radio and Public Radio International? Or know if it is even offered? Best show on radio..

Can't seem to download this on my storm (9530). Always seems to get stuck at the desktop download screen and can't go any further, any suggestions?

Open your browser. Hit the BB key. Select options then browser and set your browser to Blackberry. Hit BB key to save settings.Load and download Stitcher. That's all there is to it...browser emulation should be set to Blackberry. After you download Stitcher, remember to set your browser emulation back to your choice.