Stickers for BBM gets updated with more animated and static emoticons

By James Richardson on 26 Nov 2013 03:21 am

We took at look at Stickers for BBM some time ago and for us BBM addicts it's a great fun application for sending emoticons to our friends. The app (from the same developer as InstaVenue) has just been updated and has now increased the amount of emoticons available - hence why I thought it was worthy of a quick video to show it in action. 

Initially there was 12 animated sets and 12 static. That has now been boosted to 24 animated and 18 static - a sweet improvement. Although Stickers for BBM is free to download you will be limited in terms of the emoticons you will have access to. So it's in-app purchases that you'll need to check out, but if you're a big BBM'er (if that's that a word) then it will be money well worth spending. 

An added bonus is that the app is so easy to use - 

  • Tap on the Sticker you like.
  • Press "Send Sticker".
  • Choose a BBM contact.
  • Type some text. (OPTIONAL) 
  • Press "Enter".

Give it a shot and let us know what you think? Or let us know if your Android or iPhone friends are jealous! 

More information/Download Stickers for BBM



Anyone?got it

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It's okay for a fun apps,

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I wish stickers were built in and we would be able to use it in group chats and channels.

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Are you people still children? Honestly these juvenile antics diminish any hope of regaining ground amongst the core user base.

I'm teaching a course and some students submit assignments written in "text-speak". I grade those assignments as 'F' and don't allow supplemental privilege. The students are warned when each assignments is handed-out / released.

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Dang... who pissed in your cornflakes?

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People who say words like "dang" within the English language.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!


Nanner Nanner poo poo too you... who you calling childish?

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the man is fond of literacy and legitimate writing proficiency. since when are grammar and proper spelling and sentence structure important for writing? since forever.

I was upset to hearing recent years that public schools have discontinued teaching handwriting.

qwerty4ever has the right idea. stickers are fun and can add levity to a text-based conversation but they're certainly juvenile and should have no place in a "meant-for-business" device.

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to hear in* /shakes fist at typo.

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Bet you two are a hit at parties...

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God I love the BlackBerry community.

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Your comment reeks of the frequently misguided "tools not toys" sentiment found in these threads. You can't possibly be oblivious to the hundreds of non business related applications used on BlackBerry devices. If you intended to indicate BBM is a business "app" you would be equally obtuse to suggest that all BBM conversations are business related.  I doubt the goal of restricting BBM to business use, was a driving force behind BBMX.  Btw, Several large corporations disable BBM (and the ability to initiate texting) because they're not essential for business.

Are you being obtuse?


The students are warned when each assignment is handed-out / released.

There ya go. Lol. FTFY


>> each assignments is handed-out

I hope you're not teaching a proof reading course you sanctimonious prick.


Ah yes - it's always wise to proof read the "writing proficiency" based rant!


for someone that profuses that they hate text speak, your own name is done in text speak. so do you hate it or not? should read querty for ever


The basic subject of any written document should be stated in the first sentence of the first paragraph. I think all of you who responded to qwerty missed that in your responses. Grade: F.

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That's not convenient to BlackBerry users! I want is official bbm emojo or sticker! I don't want open the sticker app and press send to the contact. Can u directly add it into the bbm there?

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Any chance of having the option to add stickers to a group chat?

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Downloading it right now thanks for the update

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There is no update in blackberry world.

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I checked as well, no updates. Has anyone else sent a animated sticker to someone on a Droid or Apple and it only show up as a static sticker?

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Fulano De Tal

I requested a refund. The animated stickers don't work on the other platforms. All my contacts have either IOS or Android. If that's the case for you, don't waste your money

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Went you send it to someone with droid they save the sticker and une it when they send back BBM!!!

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It asks me to PAY for the animated ones. deleted.


I really wish I could share the stickers with ANY app

Bacon Munchers


What about giving out REAL BlackBerry stickers!?


It doesn't integrate within BBM? So when in a convo I have to leave, open the sticker app, send it then go back to BBM To continue the conversation? What a pile of crap. Never mind the animated ones aren't free in my download.

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Would like to see it added to the emoticons list and not a separate app you have to go to.

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