Anyone for a game of tennis? Stick Tennis comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 2 Oct 2012 12:04 pm EDT

Stick Tennis is new for the BlackBerry PlayBook and what a beauty of a game it is. As free downloads go, this is an absolutely fantastic game which I have played before on Android. If you are after a realistic tennis game then Stick Tennis isn't it but it does offer great fun with nice graphics and super fast gameplay.

There are multiple opponents to play against, different types of courts and you can choose from a selection of characters to play as. If you are good at the game there are in-app purchases available (up to 32 levels), but I'm not that good at it - yet.

You control your player using screen gestures and taps. The different types of strokes you can perform are dictated by you swiping either left, right, up or down. It can get pretty fast and furious so be aware that you may get a bit frustrated - but if you ask me, that's what makes a great challenging game.

Stick Tennis offers the following features:

  • WORLD DOMINATION (Levels 1-4): Start your quest for World Domination by taking on four of the greats from yesteryear.
  • DAILY CHALLENGE: One match, one chance! A new challenge match is served up each and every day. See how you stack up in the worldwide rankings.
  • CASUAL SETS TENNIS CLUB: Improve your game at the Casual Sets Tennis Club. Enjoy a hitout with the likes of Martina Shankitova as the Prac-O-Meter helps improve your timing.

Available in-app purchases:

  • WORLD DOMINATION (All 32 levels): Can you beat them all? Do battle with 32 tennis legends - both male and female - in the ultimate quest to dominate the world.
  • THE SLAMS (first round free): Pick your favorite seed and go for glory in the USA, England, France and Australia Slams. Every match is an exhilarating do-or-die clash - do you have what it takes to become a Slam champion?

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Reader comments

Anyone for a game of tennis? Stick Tennis comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook


There's a major design flaw/glitch in the game. if you hit to the top right corner, the ai player will always miss. Figured this out in first 5 mins of gameplay. Finished all the levels in an hour. fix that flaw and maybe I will redownload it and play. But too easy now.

That's what I was thinking. LOL. I didn't see this flaw. I've beat the levels and hit to the top right corner quite often. Oh well...I must not be that smart. HA

is this the best we have for the playbook? this game looks like it belongs in the 1980s. the graphics are horrible and their are glitches in the game.

Why so critical!?!? Please tell me you made a knock down drag out app for the ages!!! One that will catapult the Playbook into existence. Otherwise, give them their just due. They could've developed for someone else all together and just left the Playbook alone! #ijs

what would you like to pc ? ps3 graphics on the tablet. get over it. it is free. it is fun to play.

DON'T Download it if you don't like it. Give the developer some slack and learn to appreciate other's hard work. Damn.

I appreciate your game reviews James. Helps keep me in the loop and stops me from spending a lot of time sifting through games.


Saw this last week/weekend. Held off as I don't do too many games - play a lot of league tennis though, and watch almost as much tennis as football.

Downloaded as a result of this video - looks pretty fast paced. Looking forward to goofing around with it, and showing it off pre and post match!

If you are lover of tennis and tennis games, this is a very very good game for the Playbook!!! The graphics are that bad (definitely better than the graphics on the Wii), the game is very addictive and it isn't as easy as some are trying to make it out to be. Does it have a few glitches here and there, sure, but so does some Xbox 360 and PS3 games, and you pay a good chunk of change to find out those glitches. This is FREE, and glitches or not, it sure will keep you captivated for quite a while. Just make sure you don't play it work, you might miss too many deadlines. :-)

Now, where do I pay for the full version and how much does it cost? Hmmmm...., that is the only glitch I haven't heard anyone complain/comment about.

ps: The game is better on the Playbook than on a 10 inch tablet, you have better grip and control of the game on a smaller tablet.

It's okay but I'm not liking that your not able to move your player. Makes going to the net not so much fun if you hit a bad shot t theirs no way to recover and keep the rally going. The daily challenges are nice though. Tomorrow will be Venus vs Serena Williams! Hope we're not the underdog.