Steven Zipperstein selected as new Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Research In Motion

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jul 2012 10:15 am EDT

Steven Zipperstein

Steven E. Zipperstein is now serving as the newly appointed Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Research In Motion. Zipperstein joins RIM from his most recent position at Verizon, but he has also worked with other large companies in the past. He was placed at RIM by legal search firm Major, Lindsey & Africa. His role will include legal, compliance, communications and government relations. He will report directly to CEO Thorsten Heins and also be an advisor on matters such as the execution of RIM's business plans. Keep reading for the full press release.

Research in Motion Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Placed by Major, Lindsey & Africa

Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA), the world's leading legal search firm, announced today the placement of Steven E. Zipperstein as Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Research in Motion, Limited.

Hanover, MD (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA), the world's leading legal search firm, announced today the placement of Steven E. Zipperstein as Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Research in Motion, Limited. Reporting to the President & CEO, Zipperstein, as the senior-most legal executive, will oversee legal, compliance, communications and government relations functions for the company. In addition he will be a strategic business advisor to the President & CEO and other executives and members of the top leadership team, contributing actively to the evolution and execution of Research in Motion's strategic and operational business plans. The search was led by Paul Williams, Managing Partner of MLA's Chicago office and Judy Allen, Managing Partner of MLA's San Francisco and Palo Alto offices.

"RIM was seeking an exceptional lawyer who can help lead the organization at a time of rapid change in the marketplace; change that demands innovation, creativity and the ability to execute," says Paul Williams. "Steve is the ideal choice," adds Judy Allen. "He is an experienced leader who has run a large and complex legal department and spent 14 years as in-house counsel in the telecommunications industry."

Zipperstein joins Research in Motion following a distinguished career at Verizon Wireless and related companies. Initially hired as Associate General Counsel responsible for legal affairs in the western United States and Hawaii for GTE Corporation, Zipperstein was promoted to Deputy General Counsel with corporate-wide responsibility for state regulatory, litigation and compliance matters. Following the formation of Verizon Communications with the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic, he was appointed Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel with corporate-wide responsibility for litigation, compliance and international legal matters. In 2003 Zipperstein was promoted to General Counsel of Verizon Wireless, with responsibility for all legal, regulatory, government affairs, compliance and security functions.

Prior to joining Verizon, Zipperstein served as a federal prosecutor for 9 years with the United States Attorney's office in Los Angeles. He specialized in white collar crime including bank fraud, securities fraud and tax fraud. Zipperstein began his legal career in the litigation practice at Hufstedler, Miller, Carlson & Beardsley in Los Angeles.

Zipperstein holds a J.D. from the University of California, Davis Law School where he was a member of the Order of the Coif and Law Review Editor. He earned a B.A., magna cum laude, in political science from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Steven Zipperstein selected as new Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Research In Motion


Didn't RIM just hire a new Executive Chief Legal Officer a few weeks ago to replace the lady that retired? Why no mention of them? Wouldn't this guy also report directly to them?

I'm as redneck as the next guy but seriously? Can you list me true Canadian last names that didn't originate from another country? If he's one of the "best", I don't care if he can't speak English, RIM expects the best and seeks out the best people to get it done.

Canada is a diverse Nation with people from lots of different backgrounds, so RIM actually represents Canada well.

You forgot Frank Boulben (French), Vivek Bharwaj (hindu), Alec Saunders (American), Lazaridis (Greek)

While i'm sure koolrosh meant Indian, I couldn't help but spill some coffee laughing at your comment. :)

I now have a ruined shirt but it was worth it !

Isn't being Canadian about celebrating multiculturalism? Us Canadians imbrace other differences and celebrate what they bring to our great country. Just because you're not born in Canada doesn't mean that you don't have the same Canadian spirit that makes Canada great!

And what's YOUR Surname, dear? Unless you happen to be a member of a First Nation tribe, your family has a immigrant's name. Shame on you. How offensive to All Canadians.

Wishing and hoping that BB10 is released SOON...

We almost all have the names of immigrants. The Canadian First Nation came from Africa like the rest of us, they were just there first. Only a few Africans whose ancestors didn't move around much are really excluded.
My (real) surname tells anybody interested that my family immigrated into the UK - in around 1066 AD. I'm waiting to be rounded up and shipped back to Northern France, where at least the weather is better.

welcome to Blackberry.hope u are the crucial key for blackberry in the future and makes blackberry as the first popular device in this world like 2 years ago...keep going on and work hard

Doesn't the fact that he came from Verizon speak to RIMs focus on working with the telecoms? Seems like RIM is building a management team that have the right background to make this ship float! I will take this as a huge positive for RIM!

Thank you for picking up on that. I was waiting for someone to point that out.

An ex-Verizon guy as the VP means he'll have a lot of connections and possibly sway with the biggest carrier in the states....which, as everyone is keen to point out, is Rim's worst market.

This shows that Rim is looking at the big picture, and fortifying their weaknesses.

Why does everyone there look like they are over 50? Come on RIM, you need to hire the young bloods with innovative ideas. I love my BB - dont get me wrong. But I cant see how you are going to overcome the iProduct lovers. You need to shorten your development/product release time lines. Need new products every 18 months. Gone are the days of keeping your device forever.

I kept my computer, I haven't gotten rid of it, since it works fine.

I'm not getting rid of my netbook or tablet pc, or my blackberry, until they cease to work, where a replacement will take it's places.

Haven't gotten rid of the tube television, because it works fine.

There are people like me who run our devices/technology/appliances into the ground.

I think you missed a point right there. Blackberries have tended to last, which might be a problem. But it is also a marketing point for BB 10 that will play well with corporates and with people in the less developed economies. Apple's business model relies a lot on trickle down and replacement. It is vulnerable to a continued recession.