Co-Founder of Apple Steve Wozniak Uses A BlackBerry?!

By Bla1ze on 27 Apr 2009 09:10 am EDT
Steve Wozniak Uses BlackBerry?

Lifehacker posted an article recently where they interviewed Steve Wozniak, the shall we say ecentric Co-Founder of Apple, asking him how he gets through his day. What tools does he use? What applications are a must for the Woz? Reasonable questions for a busy man.

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly for some?), aside from the assumed/mandatory iPhone usage Steve Wozniak is also a BlackBerry user. No details were given as to what type of device the Woz is using, but the fact he uses a BlackBerry alone is quite an interesting fact considering his stature within Apple and the technology world as a whole. Be sure to read more about Steve on his Wikipedia page - it has a lot of good links and information about the man behind a lot of today's technology. Maybe RIM should try and poach Steve to work for them... I'm sure he would bring lots to the table if that were the case :-)

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Co-Founder of Apple Steve Wozniak Uses A BlackBerry?!


I wonder if it is because he just does not like the iPhone (which would be unusual for a co-founder of the company) or if he just doesn't like ATT service?

Whaaa! Read? This concept is foreign to many CrackBerry users. They see a headline and think they are now an expert. Especially since every forum there is has false information and "reliable" information which is so far from the truth because they don't read.

1. He has an Iphone AND a Blackberry.
2. He says he doesn't use either for emailing/"messaging" (unless "detained")
3. Why does he need a blackberry then?

If we pulled over The Woz, then we have WON!! LOL

Very kewlio to see this write up, Im not a Mac enthusiast but Wozniak has ALWAYS been a HERO!!

After Kathy Griffith, the Dancing With the Stars" fiasco, I've lost respect for the guy. If true, he deserves the Blackberry. Thank goodness he has nothing to do with Apple since the Apple II.

So not only is he a bad dancer but he has poor taste in handsets, too. It looks like he was originally holding a fudge brownie, but it was changed to a fudge BlackBerry. Who cares what this Steve uses, he's no longer with Apple and he can stay away if he's got nothing better to do but dance.

I don't know, The pic seems a little "Doctored" to me. Even though the pic may be shady, i wouldn't be surprised if Steve Jobs used both an iphone and a BlackBerry.

Seriously? How many comments can people produce regarding photshop. Of course it's photoshopped, it's not like it's trying to be hidden...that's the point of the picture! LOL!!

People that clearly dont read the entire post before posting dumb !#% comments like this should not be allowed to post anymore. Bla1ze i dont see how you guys can put up with this every day with everything you guys post.

I think this is a PhotoShop, just kidding! Fortunately I did read the post or I wouldn't even know who Steve Wozniak was. Seriously. If he's the guy that thought it would be cool for Apple to make everything in white (until recently and still mostly white!), then I'm glad he's not there anymore.

WOZ's wiki page makes Jobs sound like a greedy Bas*ard.

"In 1980, Apple went public and made Jobs and Wozniak multimillionaires. However, Jobs refused to allow some members of Apple to receive stock options, so Wozniak decided to share some of his options with the rest of the team by either giving it away for free or at a heavily discounted price." - Wiki