A must for music fans - StereoTube for YouTube + MP3 Music Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 2 Nov 2012 12:15 pm EDT

Looking for the ultimate MP3 player on your BlackBerry PlayBook? StereoTube for YouTube + MP3 Music Player could well be it. The application from Andrei Avram (who also brought us Animated Weather HD + Voice that we recently featured) combines your favourite music from YouTube and also your personal MP3's that you have stored on your PlayBook into one tidy application.

Creating and adding to Playlists is as simple as peas and if you are listening to music you have found on YouTube you can also watch the video is you so desire. The best way to explain this really is to watch the above video as it is pretty straight forward but awesome. 

StereoTube will cost you $2.99 but if music is your thing this may well be the best 3 bucks you have spent on an application.

Features of the app include:

  • You can create unlimited number of playlists with unlimited songs in each of them
  • Smart search engine that finds only those videos that are relevant to you
  • Listen to audio files stored on your tablet: mp3, aac, m4a, wav and wma.
  • Put your tablet in standby and listen to mp3s! 
  • It supports using the hardware buttons: play/pause, volume up/down
  • Discover related songs every time you listen to a song
  • Search through literally millions of songs, listen for free!
  • Very easy to use and intuitive graphical interface
  • Rearrange( sort) songs in playlists
  • Shuffle, Repeat
  • You can check it out without worries, if you are not satisfied you will be refunded, and free updates for life

More information/Download StereoTube for YouTube + MP3 Music Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

A must for music fans - StereoTube for YouTube + MP3 Music Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Thanks for the awesome review, James!

Please let me know what you think about my latest app, guys.

Personally, I use it everyday, so my girlfriend and many of my friends.

I have a large TODO list of features that will get added over time and probably I will receive more good suggestions after this article. This app will receive many updates in the future with lots of unique features.

I really hope you enjoy it!

Bought this app 3 days ago and have nothing but good things to say (love it!) keep up the good work my only suggestion is the dashboard could be a little larger for us guys with big mits...

Perfect app to link to your car streaming audio while driving.. Sorry I have a LTE portable wifi hub which I link up to by wifi while in the car..

When you add songs/videos, does it save it to your PB or does it just organize what you want to stream from one to the next while on a wifi connection?

ditto - organize and DL a playlist for use while I'm on an airplane, and away from a wifi connection?

Here is some clarifications:
The app let's you search and organize YouTube videos in playlists.
Also you can listen to the mp3 files stored on your PlayBook.
You can mix the YouTube videos with mp3s when creating playlists.

Although you can listen to mp3s while the app is in standby, you cannot listen to videos when in standby.

When you don't have a WIFI connection available you can listen to mp3s, the YouTube videos from playlist will be automatically skipped.

No, it doesn't let you convert Youtube videos to mp3s because that is illegal, Google lawyers would hunt me down like a deer if I would do that :) (and of course RIM would never approve the app).

You can fast delete a song from the playlist or the previously searched text by swiping to left over the text box or over the song.

Lord have mercy of us.... When will be the day I get a really functional and need application like this one or any other need it on playbook for free. What is even more sad is just sit back and watch how cheap lawyers on the forum justifying the situation with "ah, you're just cheap, what about you working for free, that's less than my Starbuck coffee " .... Knowing being cheap isn't even the case, but why on this platform is a must paying for a cool game or a app I need because the PlayBook just doesn't give a option out of the box! This is the only platform in order to not getting bored or get functionality.. You need to go bankrupt. 2.99, .99, 4.99. You name it. The accumulation of getting what is a must have is ridiculous, all of them are for purchase, I just hope this developers some time down on the line change this attitude ( being slick ) because Im sure they don't come with the "who works for free " on. Android and ios

bear with it for a little more while, if what they said are true, that BB10 will come early 2013 and it will be easier to port android's apps to BB10, i believe there will be tons of apps available on appworld in no time ^^ (..or so i hope :p )

if i can figure out how to port apps to BB10, hell, maybe i'll port apps i think i will need/like to BB10 (as long as i won't get sued for pirating someone's apps) :p

Maybe where you live having 500 USD or not having them, it's pretty much the same. But here in Romania, earning 500 USD/month while being in college, it's good enough to keep me from "selling my soul" to a big corporation :), pay all my taxes and have a decent life.

I bet you didn't looked at this from this point of view, right?


Android has to be free as 99% of users can't or won't pay for an app because they expect them all to be free. So app developers flood you with advertisements to make click revenue as you have to click on the banner ads to stop the annoyance so you can use the app.. I don't see the issue paying a reasonable dollar value for a quality app which makes me think before I buy is it worth it or not. I would rather see the app market filled with quality apps like this one that are a buck or two maybe more if it's worth it than a crap load of crappy app's for free littered with banner ads. If you want free apps go hire a some programmers build the apps on your dime and post to the market for free and everyone is happy..... Oh if .99 or 2 bucks is going to bankrupt you maybe you should get an android phone to play it safe for the bank account...

Shut up. Sell your PlayBook and buy a garbage android tablet. I own one, they are not even close to the level of the PlayBook.

just a bump, if anyone from RIM reads this, samsung is pushing their social media campaign, at least on facebook. i see more and more friends who likes samsung fanpage because it's being sponsored. which means samsung's fanpage pops up on people's timeline more often.

the most recent sponsored post that's being liked by three of my friends just now is about samsung note II ability to "Personalize an email with your handwriting using the S Pen on the GALAXY Note II."

i haven't seen any sponsored updates from blackberry yet.

When I download a application on app world that can't open on my screen. It's appear: error loading modul, verify error